Atlanta II: Ford teams race quotes

MARK MARTIN -- No. 6 Scotts F-150 (Finished 36th) WHAT HAPPENED? "It got away from me. These things are real sensitive when there are trucks on the outside of you and I should have known better and lifted down there. I thought I was gonna be...

MARK MARTIN -- No. 6 Scotts F-150 (Finished 36th)

WHAT HAPPENED? "It got away from me. These things are real sensitive when there are trucks on the outside of you and I should have known better and lifted down there. I thought I was gonna be able to clear David there and I didn't. I should have rolled out of the throttle and let it get away from me."

WILL YOU GET IT BACK IN THERE? "No, it was just my mistake."


TERRY COOK -- No. 10 Ford Power Stroke Diesel F-150 (Finished 2nd)

"Almost but not quite. Man, I think we just needed one more lap. Mike was strong all race long and our truck took a little bit to get running. On the last stop we made some great adjustments and it wouldn't go on the short runs. We kept having caution after caution and I was getting worried about it. I told those guys, 'If we get a little bit longer to run to the end under the green, we'll be alright,' and, sure enough, we got it. I just can't say enough about the Ford Power Stroke Diesel by International Truck. The guys made awesome calls all race long and prepared a great truck. We rolled off the trailer fast. This is the same truck that won at Kansas. We weren't originally planning on taking it back to Texas, but it's going back to Texas now. This thing is a fast race truck and we're very proud of the effort here today and can't be any happier right now."

ANY CLOSE CALLS? "Too many to care to answer. I almost was completely sideways one time off turn two and really, really loose at the end of a run. I told Dennis Conner, the crew chief, 'Let's tighten it up and we'll be alright at the end of the run,' and we made a track bar and a couple of air-pressure adjustments that really helped us get to the end of the race."

WAS MIKE THE STRONGEST TRUCK? "He was definitely the strongest truck, I think, at the end of the race. We had the strongest truck but just ran out of laps. I honestly think with one more lap we could have had him, or at least got up alongside him. I can't say I would have passed him, but if we got up alongside of him and maybe rubbed fenders a little bit, we could have had some fun racing."


RICK CRAWFORD -- No. 14 Circle Bar Ford F-150 (Finished 5th)

"Me and Terry Cook need to probably meet more before the race starts with the minister here, brother Jim told us a message before the race and I think it worked because he ran second and I ran fifth. We had two bold moves today by this Ford camp and this F-Series pickup does a good job. I'm happy to finish in the top five with this Circle Bar Motel and RV Park Ford F-150."

WHAT WAS THE KEY TO YOUR DAY? "Kevin Starling and everybody on the team tried to give this truck today what it was looking for in early morning practice and we hit on it, but we had about 30 minutes left to go in practice. We knew we had a good truck but maybe not a qualifying run. We put it solidly in the field and it marched to the front. I knew it was a good truck."

DID YOU HAVE ANYTHING FOR THE GUYS IN FRONT OF YOU? "I was using the 17 as a timing device. I was faster than he was, but I couldn't pass him. My truck wanted to be where his was and I would have had to make a really bold move there at the end and I didn't want to do that. I mean, we were in the top five and it was a good points day for us. We're in the top five in points and want to show it off a little bit."


BOBBY EAST -- No. 21 State Fair Corn Dogs F-150 (Finished 15th)

"We're gonna take this thing to Texas next week because we qualified good and I just want to thank everybody on this Ford F-150 team and everybody at Wood Brothers/JTG Racing. We started fifth and finished 15th, but we still feel like we made big gains in our mile-and-a-half program, mainly with the driver and mainly with me because that's been my biggest struggle. I'm actually happy with it because we started off the race and weren't very good, but the guys just kept getting the truck better and better, so I want to thank them for that."


DAVID RAGAN -- No. 50 F-150 (Finished 6th)

"It was an average run definitely for the No. 50 Ford. It was a solid run. I wish we could have been a little more better positioned the last 20 laps. I was a little conservative on the restarts trying to not put myself in any kind of bad situation, but then at the same time these guys in the Craftsman Truck Series race from the first lap to the last, so I think I hurt myself a little being conservative the first few laps, but we really had a good truck. We just needed to be a tick freer and we might have had something for the winner."

WERE YOU THINKING ABOUT LAST WEEK AT MARTINSVILLE AT ALL? WERE YOU MORE CAUTIOUS? "At times I thought about Mr. Mike Helton and John Darby sitting in the trailer watching me, so, at times, I would back off when I really wanted to stick my nose up in there and make it three-wide or something. All in all, it was a solid day and another top 10 but you always wish you could do a little better."


MARCOS AMBROSE -- No. 20 Team Australia F-150 (Finished 16th)

"I'm frustrated because I thought we had a better finish than that, but we didn't maximize our chances there at the end. It was a strong day. We finished 16th and we ran competitive all day, so that's all you can ask for. It's a really different track compared to other tracks I've run on just because you do slip and slide much more. I learned a lot from the practice to the race as well. If I came back for the race tomorrow, I'd have a different setup on the truck, but I think experience is gonna pay a lot here and we had a decent day."

-credit: ford racing

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