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GM Racing Notes: One Top Five (Crafton-5th), Three Top Tens (Crafton-5th, Hmiel-6th, Schrader-10th) Dennis Setzer, No 46, SILVERADO- (Finished 11th) "We worked a lot on it during the race. It seemed that we were going back and forth with it....

GM Racing Notes: One Top Five (Crafton-5th), Three Top Tens (Crafton-5th, Hmiel-6th, Schrader-10th)

Dennis Setzer, No 46, SILVERADO- (Finished 11th)

"We worked a lot on it during the race. It seemed that we were going back and forth with it. We changed tires and this Chevrolet Silverado changed drastically each time with a little bit of adjustment. Every we time we'd come across, it would change. We'd be real loose, then go back to the other set of tires and we'd be real tight, then it'd go back to being loose. We had a test here earlier and brought some of the tires from the earlier time. We probably should have just used the tires here. We changed tires there and tried to free it up on that last stop. It was spinning out there at the end. We were not in the class, we needed to be today."

Jack Sprague, No. 16, IWX RACING CHEVY TRUCKS SILVERADO- (Finished 24th)

"I don't know what to say. We struggled all weekend with our Chevy Trucks Silverado. It just didn't seem like we could get a handle under us. Dave (Fuge, team manager), Chris (Showalter, crew chief) and everyone on the IWX Chevy Trucks crew worked and worked to try to get us better before the race started.

They went through our test notes from Charlotte to see if we could find something since we got rained out here at the test. We started out and by the 2nd lap we were just wicked loose. Then we got black flagged for the window net coming down so I brought it in and the guys made major changes to see if we could get any better. Again, nothing seemed to really help us that much.

The window net kept coming down, so we came in again under yellow and taped it up made more major changes, but by that point we were so far down, it made more sense to take care of the truck and finish the race. I am disappointed for our team, Chevrolet Silverado and all our sponsors. We will be back and win races for them, but this just wasn't our weekend."

David Starr, No. 75, SPEARS SILVERADO- (Finished 36th)

Starr was the first truck out of the race, due to mechanical failure.

Matt Crafton, No. 6, GM GOODWRENCH SILVERADO- (Finished 5th)

"These guys tuned on this GM Goodwrench Silverado all day. It was good. For a new team we've done real well. Kevin (Harvick) had this deal started and added on a whole bunch of new guys. We just started off so tight. Tight, tight off and we got to work on the tight off and got it close.JWhen we get it good, they better watch out. I knew we could do it and we'll be here all year."

J J J Matt Crafton cont'd- "Travis Kvapil and I had a heck of a race today. I knew he'd race me clean and I was going to race him clean.JHe did some awesome slide jobs on me and he gave me room when I had an inch on him. I did the same for him. I love to race people like that.JYou can race clean and hard and you don't have to worry about him sliding up into you. You respect each other and that makes for great racing."

Shane Hmiel, No. 15, EARL SMALL'S HARLEY DAVIDSON SILVERADO- (Finished 6th)

"The Earl Small's Harley Davidson sponsored Chevrolet Silverado was really good today. To have all our sponsors down here and get a good finish is important for this team. We could have finished fourth or fifth, but I spun the tires on that last restart and got the back end tore up. It's only my second race in the truck series and it's a totally different feel and we're really feeling it out. We were up there with Bobby Hamilton and Mike Skinner all Winston Cup winners, to run with them rally makes you feel good. We'll get the feel for this truck and it won't be long and we'll get a victory."


"I think the fans of Atlanta got to enjoy a truck race. Just listen to them (large crowd noise) It was a heck of a race. These trucks put on a good show at every place. This Federated Auto Parts Silverado is a new truck and tenth in the truck series is not what we want, but we're not leaving here hanging our heads."

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