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Hampton, GA -- Kevin Harvick drove his Kevin Harvick, Inc. No. 2 Charter Silverado to a second place finish in the American Commercial Lines 200 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Harvick led four times during the 130-lap/200-mile race for a total of ...

Hampton, GA -- Kevin Harvick drove his Kevin Harvick, Inc. No. 2 Charter Silverado to a second place finish in the American Commercial Lines 200 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Harvick led four times during the 130-lap/200-mile race for a total of 68 laps in race three of the 2009 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCSTS) 2009 season.

Three-time NWCTS champion Ron Hornaday, No. 33 VFW Silverado, moved to fourth in the standings with a seventh place finish in today's race. He led once for a total three laps.

Chad McCumbee, No. 07 ASI Limited Silverado, continued his strong start to the season with a sixth place finish that moved him to fifth in the standings.

Matt Crafton, No. 88 Menards Silverado, is sixth in the standings after finishing 11th at Atlanta.

Kyle Busch won the race with Todd Bodine, Mike Skinner and Terry Cook filling out the top-five finishers.

The next event for the NCWTS will be March 28, 2009 at Martinsville (VA) Speedway.



YOUR THOUGHTS ON ANOTHER GREAT FINISH TODAY: "It is really cool if we can keep this momentum going. Bobby (Dotter) once again is the man on the top of the pit box. We were good in the early going there, solid top-10 truck. We had some problems getting some fuel in the truck the first stop and that went on in to the second stop. Obviously we got if full every time, but we never could show that we were still good. He kept telling me we were running probably about fifth place times the whole race. So we kept confident and we knew we just needed to do something to get some track position. Luckily having a fuel problem, we could put a little extra fuel in because we were already at the back, if it had went green I think we were one of the few I think that could have made it. Strategy there at the end a little bit, four tires no fuel; a few other guys did it. We knocked a hole in the nose going around Carmichael and I think that is what might have kept us from battling for that win."



SAW YOU AND MATT CRAFTON TALKING AFTER THE RACE, WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT? "It goes back to California, I had to block Matt, it was just one of those things. It is nobody's fault because Matt probably had a better truck than I did and the way the pit stops fell it just ended up that I had to race with Matt. He got me a good shove down the back straightaway and I went to go underneath somebody and he was already going down with me and it was just misjudgment on my part. He tried to push me in the corner and we are going pretty fast there and he said he should have wrecked me. I said 'maybe you should have wrecked me', you know, we had a different outlook on it.

"KHI (Kevin Harvick, Inc.) builds his trucks too and I pretty proud of what they do. The No. 88 was running real strong and they probably had a second place truck and we had third place truck and that what it showed.

"I am happy other than the pit stops. Some guys can take fuel, some guys can't. Some guys can stay out. I guess we have to work on our fuel mileage and bring our Daytona trucks and have no drag and just ride around."

SO IT CAME DOWN TO HOW MUCH FUEL YOU HAD TO TAKE ON THAT LAST PIT STOP? "Kyle Busch and some of those other guys never came in and put fuel in. We were a couple laps short, I guess and then the yellow played in their favor. It is a roll of the dice, racing is always that way but I guess we are going to have to start playing a little is not up to the best truck anymore and the best driver. It is who is going to out-think everybody and that is what it is showing."



ON YOUR LAST PIT STOP, DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE FUEL? "Yes, we had to take a couple of seconds of fuel. The Toyotas out-fuel mileage us today. For some reason there at the end, the truck just got really tight. It was awesome all day. These guys built an awesome truck. We were just a little bit off getting down in to one and it would bounce the nose just a little bit and I think we were losing speed. If we could have got that out of it, I think we could have Harvick I think."

YOU HAD TO LIFT TO AVOID RON HORNADAY? "Yes, I had a lift and I still maybe even folded his quarter panel up. You don't want to wreck somebody at a place like this. I got blocked so I had to yank in down there at the last second so it is what it is."



"It was just an unfortunate situation for the Monster Energy Chevrolet. We were coming in to one there after one of the restarts. I messed it up and spun the tires and missed a shift, but we got back going and the No. 6 just got in to me and turned me sideways and I was a passenger at that point. (Dennis) Setzer hit the truck then I just had to baby it along. Just unfortunate because we had a top-10 for sure.

"It is a new situation for me going sideways and spinning around, for sure, just learning. But real happy that we were running that good and that strong at this place. It is a beast and I feel like I learned a lot while our truck was in great shape."

TALK ABOUT GOING TO DAYTONA TO BE A TV ANALYST FOR TONIGHT'S SUPERCROSS RACE AT DAYTONA: "I hope we see some good racing but can't thank the fans here in Atlanta enough."

-credit: gm racing

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