NASCAR Cup Series final laps spectator view


This is the very final 9 laps of 267 laps of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Kobalt 400 race on March 8th 2015. The view is from Terrace seating; and therefore, you can see cars drifting very well. Also, the view is taken from first row; and therefore, it feels like the race cars are passing by you like bullets up close and personal. There are 130000 people showed up to see this race, while Kevin Harvick is the winner of 2015 Sprint Cup. The entire race runs 400.5 miles for approximately 3 and half hour. It is extremely loud. I think this sport is way more violent than any other sports, including Hockey and Boxing. One car even got crushed at the end. It is a thrill! 

About this video
Video by I-Jien Kou
Duration 06:32
Series NASCAR Cup
Event Las Vegas
Sub-event Sunday race
Track Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Tags people, race highlights

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