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Chronological NASCAR Cup photos :

Bobby explains what he wants Mark listens
Kurt just relaxes Elliot checks out the rain delay
I'm not really sure what he is doing Ricky waites it out in the car
Steve enjoys a joke Jimmy Spencer talking again
The King checks out the car The King explains it
Hut Stricklin just waits Buckshot resting on his palm
More joking as they wait out the rain Nadeau relaxes
Jeremey thinks about octane 93 Not everything in NASCAR is high tech; check out the head rest
Ricky Rudd Last minute decals on the ole winners car
Tony Stewart does his umpteenth interview Dale just contemplates
Kurt Busch and Matt Kenseth killing time Happy Hour garage waiting on the rain to stop
The Happy hour garage is empty when it rains The Happy hour garage is empty when it rains