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Chronological NASCAR Cup photos :

Ricky Rudd
Rusty Wallace Pitstop for Dale Jarrett and Buckshot Jones
Mark Martin
Dale Jarrett, Mike Wallace and Bobby Labonte leading the field
Pitstop for Rusty Wallace Matt Kenseth
Ricky Rudd Battle between Jeff Burton and Rusty Wallace
Jack Roush Jr. wcs-2001-poc-tc-0101
wcs-2001-poc-tc-0102 wcs-2001-poc-tc-0103
wcs-2001-poc-tc-0104 wcs-2001-poc-tc-0105
wcs-2001-poc-tc-0106 wcs-2001-poc-tc-0107
wcs-2001-poc-tc-0108 wcs-2001-poc-tc-0109
wcs-2001-poc-tc-0110 wcs-2001-poc-tc-0111
wcs-2001-poc-tc-0112 wcs-2001-poc-tc-0113
wcs-2001-poc-tc-0114 wcs-2001-poc-tc-0115
wcs-2001-poc-tc-0116 wcs-2001-poc-tc-0119
wcs-2001-poc-tc-0120 wcs-2001-poc-tc-0121