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Chronological NASCAR Cup photos :

Track Time's Instructor Stock car ballet
Any questions? Lessons on passing
The afternoon class Leaving the pits
Phil Schilke going out for a practice lap Phil staying hydrated
Turn 2 at MIS Backstretch
Wheel graffiti Finish line
Turn 1 Coming into the pits
Turn 4 Ready to race
Last minute advice Track Time's BMW Z3 Autocross cars
Waiting to autocross BMW Z3
BMW Z3 with full roll cage and five point harness Motorsport.com's crew observing the autocross
Track Time's Autocross track Gentlemen, start your engines
Hot off a run Mental preparation
Drivers suit provided by Track Time
Ready to roll Strapping in
Still strapping in Having difficulties with the 5 point harness
Track map Motorsport.com's Phil Schilke at the start gate
End of a run Phil at the stop box
Phil and Dave in the pits Motorsport.com's crew is always willing to help
Phil getting ready Phil getting ready
Climbing in Bringing the engine to life
Phil leaving the pits Phil Schilke hugging the wall
Under the hood Even the engine is built to take left turns
Motorsport.com's photographer Jennifer Densteadt