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Chronological NASCAR Cup photos :

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wcs-2001-poc-tc-0162 wcs-2001-poc-tc-0163
wcs-2001-poc-tc-0164 wcs-2001-poc-tc-0165
Jeff Burton makes some adjustments to his helmet during practice at Pocono Rusty Wallace
Ted Musgrave
Ricky Craven and crew chief Mike Beam check the set up notes during practice Ricky Rudd
Todd Bodine
Mark Martin
Jeremy Mayfield's crew Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon
Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin
Jeff Burton Matt Kenseth leads Bobby Labonte
Dale Jarrett pits for service Ricky Rudd stops for tires and gas on his way to victory
Ricky Rudd scored his first win since joining the Robert Yates Racing team at the start of the 2000 season
Race winner Ricky Rudd leads team mate Dale Jarrett and Jeff Burton at Pocono