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Most recently uploaded NASCAR Cup photos:

Jeff Gordon splashes his face with some refreshing water after a long race Ricky Craven and Tony Stewart
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Andy Houston Championship points leader Dale Jarrett pits for service
Race action: Jeff Gordon, Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin Bill Elliott in trouble
Jeff Gordon Race winner Jeff Gordon
A restart: Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon, Rusty Wallace, Dale Jarrett and the rest of the field
Race winner Jeff Gordon
Matt Kenseth takes four tires and fuel Mark Martin battles with Jeremy Mayfield
Mark Martin Dale Jarrett and Ricky Rudd race bumper to bumper
Dale Jarrett
Jimmy Spencer was involved in a backstretch accident on lap 16 PPI team mates Andy Houston and Ricky Craven wait in the rain to see if qualifying will take place
Brett Bodine manages a smile during the rain affected day at Dover Ricky Rudd
Jeremy Mayfield keeps a eye on the skies as rain forced the cancelation of qualifying at Dover
Time for the champagne in Victory Lane Jeff Gordon take the checkered flag and the victory
Jeff Gordon was able to hold the lead with a series of quick fuel stops and tire changes Almost as soon as the race started, Jerry Nadeau and Ken Schrader get tangled up and cause the first caution of the race
The green comes out and the race starts Race and pit action
Ken Schrader in trouble Technical inspection for Hendrick Motorsports
Technical inspection for Joe Gibbs Racing Discussing race strategy
Anthony-Joseph Foyt Race winner Jeff Gordon and the Hendrick Motorsports crew
Jeff Gordon leading the field
Warm-up lap
Pre-race ceremony Ken Schrader's modified Pontiac
The Delaware National Guard fly in the missing man
Ricky Craven Dale Jarrett in the background
Watching the race A tough battle between Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Casey Atwood