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Ryan Newman, driver of the No. 12 ALLTEL Taurus, won the 16-lap No Bull Sprint to advance into The Winston. RYAN NEWMAN-12-ALLTEL Taurus- "We got the car fixed there in that pit stop and congratulations to the guys. That pit stop was what won...

Ryan Newman, driver of the No. 12 ALLTEL Taurus, won the 16-lap No Bull Sprint to advance into The Winston.


"We got the car fixed there in that pit stop and congratulations to the guys. That pit stop was what won us the race just like pit stops win you the pole in the The Winston qualifying. Just an awesome job, awesome opportunity for me to start in The Winston and hopefully we can make the best of it."

YOU'VE HAD 46 LAPS TONIGHT IN THIS CAR. WHAT CHANGES DO YOU NEED TO MAKE FOR THE WINSTON? "We're just going to try to make it a little faster. It's hard to say, but just got to make it better in traffic. You're aero dependent here and you can see the cars kind of get strung out, but hopefully we can just make the best of a good situation, being in The Winston, and get some cars passed and stay in this to the end."


"Yeah, I'm fine." DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED? "No. I just saw smoke and somebody got turned or something and I got on the brakes and somebody hit me from behind, and that spun me and then I got hit again. It's hard to say what happened. Sterling said he got turned up there, I think, and so, you know, hard racing."

JEFF BURTON-99-Citgo Taurus-

"Something's wrong with the clutch. It just won't engage. Unless something happened to the clutch, it turns 9,500 rpms, but it's not putting it to the ground, it's just clutch-slipping."

SO THERE WAS NO WARNING? "It was doing in the last 10 laps of the first segment and I was having to run like half-throttle. You had to go to the throttle really, really slow. So, that's all I could do was just slow down and keep from blowing the engine up. We thought we might have a chance to have it fixed, but as soon as we took off on the re-start we knew it wasn't fixed."

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS ALL THE FENDERS ARE STILL ON THE CAR. "We always bring our 600 car over here. We don't bring another car, we run our 600 car, we try to learn about it, and then bring it back. I think we learned a lot of stuff. We had a pretty decent car. We weren't the fastest car by any means, but we had a decent car. On lap 30, the car drove great and it just was slipping the clutch so it was hard to make any time. But I liked the way that the car drove. We made a big gain on the car today. It was a bad night but at the same time I feel good about we did."

ELLIOTT SADLER-21-Motorcraft Taurus-

"We don't have the money and stuff to be tearing up cars like that. That was really good race car, one of my favorite cars, and to get taken out the way we did, I don't appreciate racing that way."

WHAT MADE YOU MAD? "What made me mad the way he pushed me up all the way down the front straightaway, run me high, run me high and then finally put me in the wall. I know it's The Winston but it's 30 laps, man, you can't win it on the first one. I just hate it - we totaled a good race car. I didn't need that, the Wood Brothers didn't need that. That was my Dover car."

WOULD YOU HAVE RUN THAT IN THE 600? "No, that was my Dover car. It's one of my favorite cars, that's why I'm so mad."

RICKY RUDD-28-Havoline Taurus-

IF YOU HAD MORE TIME, COULD YOU HAVE GOTTEN INTO THE TOP 10? "We just needed track position. Our car was really good in clean air, but you get in that traffic and the traffic is definitely heavy. We pushed really bad, we couldn't get the car to turn, and there was nothing we could do about it, just sit there and see those leaders slip away, it was a little bit frustrating. We had a fast car early in the night, when we had track position we could do okay. We obviously didn't have a winning car."

MATT KENSETH-17-DeWalt Power Tools Taurus-

"It was a great run for the DeWalt guys. We were pretty fast in the first race, I thought we had a third- or fourth-place car, and got hit coming in the pits and got a lot of damage and were lucky to hang on to a top-10 or -12 or whatever it was there. I was happy with the car in the second run. It was just a little too tight. We got some tires and made a run at it, but I could just never get myself in position to where I had a shot at it."

HOW DID THOSE LAST FIVE LAPS LOOK FROM INSIDE THE CAR? "It was exciting, it's always fun when you tires and you are the chaser it's a lot of fun, you know, when you're chasing them guys down and trying to pass 'em, but it's no fun when you're on old ones trying to hold 'em off. It was really fun race. We probably never had a car that was really good enough to win. Came home third, were on the pole, it was a really fun weekend."

KURT BUSCH-97-Rubbermaid Taurus-

"We had great teamwork as far as everybody involved, the green-flag pit stop, and with Roush Racing finishing three-four, it was an exciting night. I can't thank the engine department enough for giving us some toys to play with these boys, and it was just a great learning tool for us. We might run the same exact setup in the 600. These tires last forever, obviously if you had tires were the benefit. It was just a good learning deal for us and we had a shot at the win and hated to use Robbie Gordon as a yellow, but I think we needed a yellow there at the end."

WHAT HAPPENED THERE AT THE END? "Cars were checking up. Stewart got a little loose in the middle of one, Robbie Gordon got underneath him. When two cars race side-by-side that third car picks up the draft. He got loose right before I hit him. I bumped him, that's part of it. I think we needed a yellow so we could put on a good show there at the end. And Tony Stewart was messing with the 12. This is good Saturday night racing. We all had a lot of fun. Roush, third and fourth - it was a good day."


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