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Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 16 Grainger Taurus, spun during his qualifying lap for The Winston Open, but he was able to keep it off the wall and the car suffered no damage. He spoke about what happened. GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 Grainger ...

Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 16 Grainger Taurus, spun during his qualifying lap for The Winston Open, but he was able to keep it off the wall and the car suffered no damage. He spoke about what happened.

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 Grainger Taurus:

"We freed it up a little bit. I was a little bit too tight there at the end and it's cooling off. I thought it needed to be tightened up just a little bit more and I got down into one really, really good - faster than I had been ever before in a race car. I put the throttle down and it was a little bit free. The car goes across there a little free anyway and I just didn't pay it enough respect. It started getting out a little bit and I thought, 'It'll be alright.' Then it got out a little bit more and I said, 'I'm in trouble now.' The main thing was to just keep it off everything. I drove it back real slow so I didn't tear any fenders off, but it's a really good car and it'll be good in the Open."

DID YOU DO ANYTHING SPECIFIC TO TRY AND KEEP IT OFF THE WALL? "Oh yeah. I was driving it forwards, backwards, sideways to turn it back around. I was doing everything I could to keep it off the wall."

Todd Bodine, driver of the No. 54 National Guard Taurus, was the fastest qualifying Ford for Saturday's running of The Winston Open. Bodine will start second.

TODD BODINE - No. 54 National Guard Taurus:

"We're pretty tickled. We came over and tested and learned an awful lot. The National Guard team did a great job and I don't know how that lap could have been any better. The car was right there. I didn't mess up at all. I got both corners right so if somebody beats it, they deserve it. We're pretty pleased with it. We learned a lot for race setup when we tested and, hopefully, we can have a setup good enough to run it for 30 laps."

HOW WILL YOU WORK THE BUSCH RACE AT NAZARETH THIS WEEKEND? "What the plan is right now is that Mike Wallace and myself are sharing a plane up there tomorrow morning. We'll practice the car in the morning and the original plan was to qualify the car. They were gonna let us both qualify first so we could fly back down here, but we lack about a half-hour to be able to make it here for the driver's meeting, so we're gonna have to skip qualifying up there. We have Mike McLaughlin standing by up there for us, so he'll probably qualify the car and happy hour too, and, hopefully, we won't get rained out tomorrow night here and I can go back up Sunday and race it."

DALE JARRETT - No. 88 UPS Taurus:

JARRETT WAS PENALIZED 20 SECONDS FOR SPEEDING ENTERING PIT ROAD. "The pit stop went great. Not to criticize the format, but that's what it opens it up to. It's the same for everybody, but it's a judgement call and why put one more thing in their hands when it should be in the driver's and the crew's hands. We either need to go back to the way we did it from the standing deal, where we just go right to the pits, or let us haul ass in here like we used to do and have a little fun. This is a judgement call, but the guys did a good job. I've got a good race car and we're gonna have a lot of fun tomorrow night."

WHAT ABOUT SHAWN PARKER AS YOUR NEW CREW CHIEF? "Shawn is doing a great job and I've got Jason Burdett over here now - he was with this team when we won the championship in '99 and has learned a lot. The guys are really working well together. I'm excited about what I see. I'm not saying it's gonna happen this weekend or next weekend, but the future is very bright for this race team."

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 DEWALT Power Tools Taurus:

"I think we were just a little slow all the way around. I think our stop was a little slower than it needed to be and I didn't go as fast on the track as I needed to either. I felt like my laps were pretty conservative. I had the car a little too tight and I was just trying not to make any mistakes. I was probably too careful getting on pit road. I was worried about everybody getting caught speeding down there earlier, so I didn't get on there very good. I kind of got on there like a grandma, so I think it was just a little bit of everything that caught up with us."

ANY STRATEGY IN THE WINSTON? "I think in The Winston there really isn't much strategy - you just run as hard as you can the whole time. The last 20 laps - if we make it to that - there might be something going on there with pitting and this and that because it's 20 laps long with only 14 cars, I think. There's not much of a strategy, you just run hard."

RICKY RUDD - No. 21 Motorcraft Taurus:

"I think we had a pretty good thing going. I'm not really sure what happened, but something went wrong on the pit stop. I don't know if a lug fell off or what, but we had a pretty good thing going. These guys - the crew gets so fired up - and something happened. I'm not really sure what, but they've been cranking out good stops for us all year and it just didn't work out a while ago, but the car seems to be pretty racy."

WILL IT BE GOOD TOMORROW NIGHT? "Yeah, I think the Motorcraft/Air Force car is pretty racy. The lap speed on the race track, I think I ran a .60 and I broke loose and about wrecked, so I think it's got some speed in it. I think we're pretty good there."

MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Viagra Taurus:

"We had a really good lap on the race track and got onto pit road OK, probably pretty good. We had a real good pit stop and then I just blew it there getting off of pit road. I got under the RPM curve and it wouldn't pull. That was my mistake. I just got under the RPM and instead of spinning the tires it lugged."

WHAT ABOUT TOMORROW NIGHT? "We'll have a great car with the Viagra Taurus. We would have liked to have qualified better than that, but so would a lot of other people that had whatever glitches that they had. We've got good stuff right now. Ben Leslie and the whole team has done a great job all year. I've had fast race cars in the races and I expect it to be good tomorrow."

KURT BUSCH - No. 97 Rubbermaid Taurus:

"It was a good effort all around. I don't think we did anything super-stellar as far as the pit stop or getting onto pit road or even our lap. But that's the way we are, we're consistent and that's what it takes to win the championship. We're having some fun. I mean, I hope it's a lot of fun for the fans tonight, it was pretty cool."

WHAT ABOUT TOMORROW? "We've got a good car. It's freshly re-built from Atlanta and from things we've learned throughout the season, so it's a car we're trying to apply knowledge to and just go forward."

THIS RACE SUITS YOU DOESN'T IT? "There aren't that many laps, so you don't wear yourself out too quickly. This kind of racing takes a different demeanor and you have to balance it out and make sure you're in the right place at the right time."

ELLIOTT SADLER - No. 38 M&M's Taurus:

"I'm proud of how fast the car was. They said we ran like a 29.20 and I left a lot on the table. I didn't know it was gonna be that good, so I feel like we've got a great qualifying setup when we come back for the 600. We had a great pit stop, just one lugnut loose so we've got to start in the back. We've got to have a fast race car because we've got to make up some time tomorrow night."

THOUGHTS ON THE RACE? "It's always fun. There are no points involved. I really would have liked to start up front and give these Yates fans something to cheer about, but I'm proud of my guys. They tried to do the best they can. I got on the gas pretty hard there as the jack was coming down and I might have messed up my a little bit. I'm not really sure, but I've to see if I can do anything better to help them."

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