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DALE JARRETT (#88 Quality Care/Ford Credit Ford Thunderbird) -- The car's not bad. I was just trying something different shifting and I got into the corner a little too hard and it slid out and I got in the gravel. Everything's fine now. We're trying some different things getting back to where we were here last year racing. I think we're in pretty good shape.

CHAD LITTLE (#97 John Deere Pontiac, qualified 27th) -- "We're getting better. We just keep trying and practicing, and it's mostly just me getting better and more acclimated to the race track. I actually raced a Cup car here in '91, and then I raced the Busch car here twice, so this is my fourth time here. It's slow, but I'm working on it. I spent a long time trying to get used to the Esses, and learning how much speed I can carry through the corners without upsetting the car."


DOUG ALLEN (President, National Football League Players /Assoc. Players, Inc.) -- We are here today to announce our sponsorship of Bryan Wall in this Busch North race this afternoon. Players, Inc., is the sports marketing and licensing subsidiary of the National Football League Players Association. We represent the NFL players - all the players - of the field for marketing purposes. Our goal as a company is to get the helmets off the players both active and retired, bring them together with the fans in as many new and different ways as we can. We have a lot of players who are race fans. We have a lot of players who are race fans. We thought NASCAR racing was a great way for us to support a great sport and bring a young, aggressive and we think, a very talented young driver Bryan Wall as much help as we can. We're going to be involved with this team periodically throughout he season.

We're real happy to have here as a part of the honorary pit crew today, one of the greatest Pittsburgh Steelers and greatest NFL players there's ever been; L.C. Greenwood. L.C. played for 13 season and almost every one of those, he was in the Pro Bowl. He's got four Super Bowl rings. He was part of the "Steel Curtain" known for his gold shoes.

I've been with the Players Association for 16 years. We started the marketing company about four years ago, when the players said they wanted us to get them more opportunities off the field as well as on. It's been a real fun project for me to be involved in. I played for Buffalo - I was a linebacker out of Penn State about a hundred years ago. We certainly are interested in the merchandising side of things, but we're more interested in making sure people know our logo means NFL Players, and then getting the players involved in the sport. The two things go hand-in-hand. The primary focus with what we do here is getting theplayers involved with the fans.

Everytime we're involved in a race, we're going to have players there to participate. I've come to racing late in life. I took a racing school class a few years ago at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I just got hooked. I think it's the most fun you can have with your clothes on. It's a great sport. You go out there an ask fans who their favorite NFL team is , they'll have one. If you ask their favorite player they'll have one. Racing has the same synergy.

This is no test at all. We don;'t have to test the synergy between the players and NASCAR. It's a first step for us, but it's going to be one of many. We're committed to sponsorship participation at more than one level. We want to walk before we run. We want to make sure we know the best way to help out the teams we work with and the best way do it for us. We're going to go about it in a carefully planned way. But this is not the sum total of what we're going to do.

We're going to be on a Winston Cup car. The only question is when and how soon? that's our plan. We're already, in fact, -- we can't talk about it -- but we're pretty far down the road toward making that happen.

L.C. GREENWOOD (National Football League Players Assoc.) -- I'm glad you said everything, so I don't have to say anything. I'm really happy to be here. I'm really excited to see all these cars and all these people who come out and support a race. The NFL Players , Inc. has taken on a sponsorship role, and I am glad to be a part of it. Yes, I have been to a couple (races) before, the Indy 500 a couple of times before. This is my first time at a NASCAR race. I'm enjoying myself so far. Earlier, we were back with the pit crew. It's exciting back there. It's just like game day. Now they're in the fourth quarter and they need a touchdown. I think they're going to have it ready by the time the race starts.

JOHN WALL (# 77 Player's Inc., Pennzoil Ford) -- It's a real honor for us with the 77 car. I speak for my son Bryan Wall and the whole team. It's an honor to be selected to represent Player's, Inc. It's beyond anything we could have hoped for for the rest of the season. Bryan is a sophomore driver on the Busch North Tour this year. He's a former SCCA national champion. He has a lot of track time. Unfortunately the bad news is that he's not here because he's back there helping change the motor right now. We fired the motor up this morning and had a problem. These fellows are going to get to see what kind of a team we have. They're back there thrashing on the car. We are going to try our best to get on line to start on the front row. If worse comes to worse, if we don't make line at eleven we'll start in the back, but Bryan's come to the front before, especially on this track. A lot of the times, he's done it he was passing me.

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