Watkins Glen: Sadler - Dodge Saturday interview


ELLIOTT SADLER (#19 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Avenger) Starting 23rd

HOW DOES QUALIFYING BEING RAINED OUT AFFECT THE TEAMS? "It doesn't really affect us that much as it does a lot of the teams who came up here having to make the race, the guys outside the top 35 in points. For us, we just missed the opportunity to go lay down a good lap and maybe change our pit selection from being 23rd. It's no big deal for us. We did mostly race runs yesterday. We didn't put a lot of effort into qualifying anyway, so it's not a big deal for the teams inside the top 35."

HOW IMPORTANT ARE THE TWO PRACTICES TODAY? "These are very important. Today's practices are definitely going to simulate what we will be going through more tomorrow than yesterday. Yesterday was so cool, so cloud covered, the track had a ton of grip in it, not any kind of handling issues. Today is going to be hot, the asphalt temperatures are up and our tires are going to slide around a lot more, so this is more how it's going to be tomorrow. So it's very important and that they (the practices) are later in the day. Usually we practice very early on Saturday morning. Today they've moved it back a little bit, so it's going to be a better comparison of what we are going to face tomorrow.

"In road course races, to be competitive, you can't stop every five or six laps and adjust on your car. Pretty much what you got at the beginning of the race is what you got. You only stop twice and that is to put new tires on it and make sure you get the fuel and go from there. What you got is what you got. Today you had better do all the adjusting that you can do and get it as fine tuned as you can, as close as you can. So when tomorrow comes around, you can get fuel and four tires and go on."

TALKING ABOUT MICHIGAN NEXT WEEK: "I definitely think we are going to be better this Michigan then the last Michigan. I think we've gotten our bodies a lot better. We're learning some new things about this new tire, the left side tire that we have in Michigan this year compared to last year. I think we are definitely going to be more competitive.

"Michigan has been good to me in the past. It was cool to go there last year and sit on the outside pole and get my first top 10 with the team (Evernham Motorsports) on the first race out. It's kind of a one year anniversary for us. We want to go up there and be strong and improve on what we think we learned at Indy with the 2006 noses and go from there."

-credit: dodge motorsports

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