Watkins Glen race quotes and notes #2



DORSEY SCHROEDER (#90 Heilig-Meyer/Simmons Ford) -- It was an extremely long day The throttle stuck at about 4,000 r.p.m. and I was messing with it trying to get it to come back and I couldn't. That really upset the car and we couldn't get the car to brake like it should have, so we couldn't get stopped very good. Because of all that, we couldn't get into the corner very good, and I think its because the rear tires were trying to drive the car forward. The guys tried real hard. We tried some crazy things to try to loosen it up, but there was just no way. Unfortunately we got turned around in the gravel pit.

STEVE PARK (#14 Burger King Chevrolet) -- Give an evaluation of your first Winston Cup race. It started the way I wanted it to start, but it didn't end the way we wanted it to end. Our Burger King Chevrolet Monte Carlo was running good, we just got out of our second green flag pit stop on cold tires and got in the Inner Loop and locked up a front tire going into the Inner Loop. I missed my mark on the way in and just got off into the gravel trap. It did its job, but it got us slowed down but it got us stuck. I had to get pulled out and lost some important track position. But the guys did a good job and got me back out and I was able to get back up somewhere near the middle of the pack. It looked like Kyle and somebody else got turned around in the Inner Loop on the last lap, and we snuck by down the right side in the Inner Loop and I was able to limp it home for a half way decent finish. Did it (the race) rank up there where you hoped it would? It was extremely competitive, and there's not one bad driver or one bad car out there. When you get into running with guys the likes of Mark Martin and Ernie Irvan and guys that are just phenomenal on the road courses, you've got to work hard every single minute you're out there. It was definitely up to all the expectations I had, and I wish I could have had a little more decent finish. For a new team, everybody worked together good, and we're just happy to come home with a halfway decent finish. What lessons to you leave here with after your first race? To not drive so hard on cold tires. Did Dale Earnhardt have any advice for you? Basically the same advice he always gives. Try to keep the car on the track and stay out of trouble. That's what we did for the first 58 minutes of the race. I'm not real familiar with the green flag pit stops and the way the cars react to the tires and brakes. I just made a rookie mistake. Just got into the corner at the same braking point as I did with hot tires, and locked up the right front tire and just got me off line going into the Inner Loop. It won't happen again. Any talk about extending Winston Cup deal? We're committed to Burger King for these five races and we're not really sure what's going to happen next year, but we're real proud to have these Burger King logos on the car and work with the Burger King people. Maybe we impressed them a little in the first part of the race and they'll want to step up and run next year all season, but right now, we're going to concentrate on the Busch series, and try to creep into third in the points or higher and try to learn these Winston Cup cars. I think its great to have the opportunity. Before the race I was a little bit nervous and I just wanted to gain some respect from some of the Winston Cup drivers and not mess up anybody else along with myself. The guys are just professionals. They took the first couple of laps to settle down before they started racing each other hard. You've got 38 or 40 of the world's greatest drivers out there. It's just great to be a part of it.

JOHNNY BENSON (#30 Pennzoil Pontiac) -- Pit strategy got us up there, so we hung on there as long as we could, but then, I don’t know how far back we fell. We had to come in and do our tire deal, so that put us back. We were just hanging on the rest of the way. It was good to come up and test, because it got me more acquainted with the track, and that’s what I need. This is only our second race here with these cars, so ...this place is tough to get around in these cars. We’re still not where we should be, but all in all, we ended up all right. Are you looking forward to going back to the ovals? Yes!


RICHARD PETTY (Owner, #43 STP Pontiac/Bobby Hamilton) -- Petty’s driver and his son both competed in today’s race. They ran into each other. On the last lap, they ran into each other. It hasn't been a good day, car owner’s standpoint or father’s standpoint. We ran pretty decent. We ran where we were supposed to run, about 25th, that’s about where he qualified. That’s about all we had for them today. It wasn’t a good day. Wasn’t a good trip.

KYLE PETTY (#44 Hot Wheels Pontiac) -- We (Petty and Bobby Hamilton, #43 STP Pontiac) just got together over through the Esses. I went to the inside, and he was on the outside, and there’s not much room there. There’s room for about a car and a half, not room for like, four cars. Especially on the last lap, you’re taking more than you’re giving, and I think we both just took more than we gave, and we ended up wrecking. It happens.

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