Watkins Glen race quotes and notes #1



RICKY RUDD (#10 Tide Ford) -- We've had troubles all week long. We changed the transmission this morning but there's something wrong. It won't get back into gear.

CHAD LITTLE (#97 John Deere Pontiac) -- It looks like a camshaft broke. We'll get better, we've just got to address the motor problems we're having.

WARD BURTON (#22 MBNA Pontiac) -- The car was doing pretty good. We didn't get much practice Friday because I think we broke the crankshaft in the motor. It seems like the same thing happened just a moment ago. We'd pretty much been just trying to stay on the course and rack some laps up, and the motor broke and spun me around.

DERRIKE COPE (#36 Skittles Pontiff) -- We broke a transmission. We're putting another transmission in and we'll go back out and try to gets some points. Actually it's not bad out there, you know. It's a little tough to pass out there. Everybody's so close. You got to' get out of line to pass somebody. It's a tough day for us.

BRETT BODINE (#11 Close Call /Rochester Steel treating Ford) -- We just didn't have anything at all go our way today. About 12 laps into the race, we broke the front sway bar arm off, and that was a handful just keeping it on the race track. The guys got it fixed as fast as they could, but we lost a lap, and we really didn't get it fixed correctly. It was just a hard thing to drive, and we got another lap down. I'm really looking forward to working with Andy Evans and all his people. I think this racing has got a great future, and it's no indication, what happened today, what's in our future. That's going to be all good things.

BOBBY LABONTE (#18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac) -- After loosing power and slowly returning to the pits, he reported to his crew he'd felt the transmission go, and when he tried to re-start it, he distributor cap broke. I went to shift into fourth gear and there was nothing there. It started to feel like the motor was going too. I tried to use the starter to get back to the pits.

RUSTY WALLACE (#2 Miller Lite Ford Thunderbird) -- I tried to pass (Jeff) Gordon on the outside there on that restart. I ran out of room there and I got bogged down so much Bodine got past me. I finished third. Track position was everything. That's it. (At the end) I was trying to find any hole out there, any little bit of grip I could get. We got third and I'll take that. It was a pretty good run

GEOFF BODINE (#7 QVC Ford Thunderbird) -- That was one whale of a shot in the arm. That really wore me out. When you don't race you get out of shape. We didn't race last week at Indy and that slowed me down a little bit. It was a good run for Jeff Gordon. His car just kept getting better and my car got a little worse at the end. But at least we were able to hold Rusty off and get second. Pit strategy; I know we changed it up a little bit, and it worked, but so did everyone else. On that restart Rusty tried to get a position on Gordon before he should have. Gordon saw him coming and moved him over. Rusty had to get wiggley and he had to let off. It made just enough room for me. He started to come over and would have had me in the grass, but I thank him for not doing that. That was a clean room. If I hadn't gotten him there, I probably wouldn't have been able to get him. It was so hard to pass and he was running real good. That was the key move for us to get back into second. We did the strategy a little differently and it worked for a while (and) got us in front. But you can't take anything away from the Hendrick's group. Gordon as a driver and the equipment they have is pretty awesome. Our pit stops were a little slower than he and Rusty's and that put us quite a way behind him, but the cautions let us come back up. So that really didn't matter. They just out ran us.

TED MUSGRAVE (#16 Family Channel Ford) -- I just didn't have the power in the corners I needed. Running well here is somewhat of a question of experience, but you just have to get up front.

TODD BODINE (#34 Hardinge Chevrolet) -- The rear end evidently was leaking or was burning up. It's burned up now. I think something happened to the oil pump because I lost oil pressure and at the same time the rear end was giving up so it was a pretty bad day, but it wasn't a bad weekend. To come up here get the pole, win the Bud Shoot Out and get Hardinge some TV time, it was okay. Are you disappointed? Yeah, if you don't win, you're always disappointed. But, we can't complain. We came up here to play with the big boys. It's tough when you don't race every weekend To come up here and get the pole was great. We ran respectable in the beginning, and then it just went away on us. Hardinge is an associate sponsor on the Busch car and we got them a little exposure. I love Watkins Glen. I just wish I could have done better for the fans. Where did it start to go away from you? It was losing oil pressure on the long right hander and it would come back on the rest of the track. I knew something was wrong. I'm not sure what, but the oil pressure just went away and I couldn't get it back. We didn't have a good car, I just got lucky with a good lap yesterday. Last year the car didn't even start the race, this year you were on the pole, what's next? A win maybe. I finished second two years in a row in the Busch car and I got sick of that so I want to come up and win that Busch race.

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