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Bud at the Glen Practice Quotes Butch Leitzinger (Coach for the ...

Bud at the Glen Practice Quotes

Butch Leitzinger (Coach for the #29 Cartoon Network Chevrolet driven by Jeff Green) -- Are you or Jeff Green going to start the car? -- I don't think I will. I think Jeff is going quite fast enough that it wouldn't be necessary, I don't see myself qualifying the car. I just came up here to see if I could help these guys at all because they helped me out last year with a ride. When I went out with it, it had a really big push in both the right and left hand turns. We made one change and helped it a lot in the left hand turns but in the right it still had a pretty bad push. We just made a couple of more changes and Jeff is going to take it out right now before the end of the practice session and see what he thinks.

STEVE PARK (#14 Burger King Chevrolet) -- What are your thoughts on making your second attempt to qualify for a Winston Cup race? -- Right now the whole Burger King team has been doing a good job with the car. The car is feeling pretty comfortable right now. We're just trying to concentrate on getting the car comfortable enough to turn a good lap in qualifying and hopefully get qualified in the first round so we don't have to qualify tomorrow. I'll tell you what, if we can do that it would be a credit to the whole Burger King team and Dale Earnhardt who has given me a great opportunity to run a Winston Cup race. What can you take from your successful runs here last year and in this years Lysol 200? -- I think just experience around Watkins Glen. It's pretty neat road course that's set up in the New York mountain. It's a beautiful setting and I don't think anyone minds coming up here and racing. I just think the experience you gain racing from running a lot of races helps you regardless of what type of car you're racing.

RICKY RUDD (#10 Tide Ford) -- After crashing his primary car beyond repair in this mornings practice session. -- I lost my brakes going into the turn. I had no place to go. I slammed into the Styrofoam. I got it turned enough so it would back in instead of head first. It went in rear first so I'm fine. I'll tell you what, I'm thankful for that Styrofoam right now.

NOTE ON MORGAN SHEPHERD (#77 Jasper Engines/Federal-Mogul Ford) -- Morgan Shepherd wrecked his car during this morning's practice session coming out of turn 11. He made contact with the outside tire wall. The left side of the car was damaged. The team plans on using the same car in qualifying. Morgan and the team were working feverishly to repair the car in time.

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