Watkins Glen post-race quotes

Mark Martin - ...

Mark Martin - #6 Valvoline Ford (Finished 2nd) - We were just too far behind. Steve Park earned that one. Congratulations to them; it was fun to be a contender. We had a crack at him, but we were just too far behind. Catching up a little bit at a time didn't get the job done. The last seven or eight laps we were a good bit quicker than Steve, but he was in the front. And that what it takes here.

Jeff Burton - #99 Exide Batteries Ford (Finished 3rd) - We ran the one down but once I caught up to him I got really tight. We kept getting slower and slower. I was afraid that I held up Mark Martin but after the race he said that he didn't think I was holding him up.

Robby Gordon - #13 Sony/Team Menard (Finished 4th) - We'll have to go back and do a little more homework because there was one car here that was a lot faster then us, the 87 car.

Bobby Labonte - #18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac (Finished 5th) - We had a good racecar all day. We fell back a couple of times, but passed some cars at the end. We didn't test here. So with the limited practice we didn't know what the car was going to do after ten or eleven laps.

Joe Nemechek - #33 Oakwood Homes Chevrolet (Finished 8th) - I think we had a pretty good day. The whole Oakwood Homes team worked good to bring a Chevrolet home eighth. We'll take it. It seemed like the middle of the race we were a lot better than the end of the race. I think the clouds that came over the track tightened up the track up quite a bit and made my car a bit too tight. You know when you're running with (Dale) Jarrett, (Tony) Stewart, and Bobby Labonte, you know you had a pretty good day.

Wally Dallenbach - #75 RedCell Batteries Ford (Finished 9th) - We had a ninth place car. We probably should have come up here and tested. But we didn't know what we were gonna have; we changed a lot of stuff this morning and yesterday. I think we had 12 laps on the racetrack this whole weekend before today. We did a good job."

Jeff Gordon - #24 DuPont Chevrolet (Finished 23rd) - I'd been saying all weekend that if we couldn't win it, we'd at least like a good finish. We didn't have the opportunity to do so today. (On the incident with Tony Stewart on lap two:) I got a run on Tony and I told myself that every chance I get to pass, I'm gonna take it. I made a clean move, and I don't think he wanted me to pass him. We got side-by-side in an area you can't go side-by-side. He hit the curb and ran me into the wall.

Jerry Nadeau - #25 Michael Holigan.com Chevrolet (Finished 38th - Transmission) - It broke. We've been having problems since the start of the race with third gear, and it just kept locking in gear. Coming off of turn five it broke -- it just shattered. After that, the whole transmission locked up. I don't know; just one of those deals. The Michael Holigan.com Chevrolet ran great all day, the guys did a great job and we'll get 'em next week.

Mike Bliss - #27 Viagra Pontiac (Finished 39th - Engine Failure) We broke a motor. It's the first time I broke one all year. We've had great motors with T&L. We're an awful good car. I really had to drive hard. We had a really great pit stop at the end, and we were gaining on the guys in front of us. It was real fun to race out there. The guys did a great job. We just had a great car at the end of the run, and Pontiac's were really hot going up the hill.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. - #8 Budweiser Chevrolet (Finished 40th - Accident/Transmission) I think the linkage in the transmission broke. It was not slipping into third gear very well all day, and it got worse every lap, and finally shifted into third gear. Coming onto the front straightaway, it didn't have any third gear. It broke the linkage on the shifter and coming into the inner loop it locked up and it spun the car around.

Kyle Petty - #44 Hotwheels Pontiac (Finished 41st - Accident) - Just wrecked. I got on the outside of Kenny (Wallace). He slipped and I got to the outside of him, and I got into the loose stuff and wrecked.

Todd Bodine - #34 I Love NY Chevrolet (Finished 42nd - Clutch Failure) - Something failed in the clutch; it kept slipping. For whatever reason -- we really don't know -- it didn't do anything wrong at the start. Then it started slipping bad, then went away. And it finally slipped after the first pit stop, and it couldn't take it anymore.

Ron Fellows - #87 Bully Hill Vineyards Chevrolet (Finished 43rd - Engine) - The car was going really well, I was surprised at the pace. I really didn't drive the car too aggressive, and it is just a shame for Bully Hill Vineyards. There was no indication that the engine was going-- it just blew.

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