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TODD BODINE (# 34 Hardinge Chevrolet) -- "To put the new Tobasco team in the Bud Shootout (By winning this Sunday's Pole position, Bodine has earned his 1998 team a spot in what has been known up to this year as the Busch Clash), it means a lot to get a relationship started like that. It's a good team, and I'm proud to be able to put them in there, but I'm more proud to be able to put Frank and Scott and Jeff on the pole. They're the car owners, and to be from this area and get a pole at Watkins Glen...I just can't believe it. To come back and put Hardinge Machine Tool, a local company, to put them up front here at home just makes it that much better. The lap didn't feel that fast. I put it in my head before I went out that I was going to try to run a smooth, conservative, consistent, lap, and just get in the top 25. I went down into turn one a little too hard and drove it in just a little too deep, but I still got a good corner out of it, and got back on the throttle good, and that was really the only mistake that I made through the whole lap. I was just very surprised. It was a very smooth lap, and the changes we made before qualifying worked, and the car responded. It drove better, it did the things it was supposed to do, and the Ron Hutter motor ...they tuned it up and it pulled great. Everything was right, it was just a good lap. It was not what I expected. It hadn't been raced since last year, and it was brand new last year, and we came up here and we tested, and we tested good. We thought we'd have a shot at the top ten, and we came back, we unloaded, and it was just absolutely terrible, and we didn't know why. We started changing things, and nothing was responding in the car, and right before qualifying, the only thing that we hadn't changed, we changed, and it worked. But the car hadn't been run since last year. I love Watkins Glen, I love this racetrack, and the fans, and I've got a lot of family here, and friends. To get a pole here is great, and to get my first one...I just can't believe it. I haven't raced Winston Cup much this year, so to get it in a Winston Cup car is even better. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten one in the Busch car yet. I can't describe it. It's just phenomenal to me." Is the Bodine family is having a run of good luck? Good things happen to good people. Geoff and Brett have struggled a long time, and being an owner and a driver is really hard. I've seen what they've gone through and tried to help them, but they've been very fortunate. They both have gotten good people to be partners with, good opportunities, and turned their programs around to get back to the front where they belong, and I'm really happy for them for that. To be able to and announce my Winston Cup return next year with team Tobasco...it's been a great week. This isn't winning the race, but still, we beat the best of the best, and we did it with, basically, an underdog team. And even though we're together on the Busch series every week, to come here and be able to beat these guys at their game on a one-off deal, the first time that this team has done this with this car, says a lot for the team and the guys. I'm just happy to be here.

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