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----------------------------- Bud at the Glen post race notes ----------------------------- Attendance at the Bud at the Glen was estimated at around 140,000, including Jason Priestly from the hit series Beverly Hills 90210. Mark Martin has ...

----------------------------- Bud at the Glen post race notes ----------------------------- Attendance at the Bud at the Glen was estimated at around 140,000, including Jason Priestly from the hit series Beverly Hills 90210.

Mark Martin has finished no lower than fifth in the Bud at the Glen since 1989.

Mark's win from the pole marked the first time a driver had won the Busch Pole and the same event three straight years since Darrell Waltrip did so in 1981-83 in the fall race at North Wilkesboro.

This was Martin's third consecutive Bud at the Glen from the pole, putting him in a league with graham Hill (three straight US GPs in the 60s, and Al Holbert and Derek Bell, three straight IMSA Camel Continentals (84-86). His comment on that is it will mean something him someday, but he's not looking at the history books today.

NASCAR officials announced Monday that Mike Beam, crew chief for driver Bill Elliott and the Elliott-Hardy Racing team, has been fined $20,000 for an unapproved deck lid. The deck lid, confiscated Saturday at Watkins Glen, N.Y., had an inner liner determined to be made of an unapproved material. Officials ruled safety had not been compromised.

John Andretti, driver of the Kmart/Little Ceasers car who finished 7th, is familiar with the legends and traditions of Watkins Glen International. As a child, he saw his uncle Mario Andretti win the pole for the Formula One race there. John ran his first Formula Ford race at Watkins Glen in 1982. By 1986, he was winning there himself. Andretti won the 1986 24-Hour Showroom Stock Car race in a BMW 32i, taking overall honors in the second highest class, an incredible feat. Also in 1986, Andretti won the Kodak Copier 500 IMSA race in a GTP car.

Kyle Petty, despite his problems in Sunday's race, passed another milestone in his career. His winnings in Sunday's Bud at the Glen pushed him across the $7 million mark for his career. Current total is $7,011,154.

------------------------ Misc. NASCAR related notes ------------------------ Advance Publications Inc. (part of the $7 billion Newhouse media empire) says it will buy the parent firm which publishes Winston Cup Scene, Winston-Cup Illustrated and On Track. The three racing publications have a combined circulation of 185,000, and are part of the stable of 28 local weekly business newspapers published by American City Business Journals Inc. The transaction is valued at $269 million, and means that WCS will soon be published by the same company that produces Vogue, Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, the book publisher Random House and The New Yorker magazine. Advance also has newspapers in 22 cities and has a cable relationship with Time Warner Inc.

Ricky Rudd has a renewed multi-year sponsorship with Tide/Downy and a new associate sponsor - Whirlpool appliances.

------------------- Ford Motorsport PR notes ------------------- SOUNDING LIKE A BROKEN RECORD: MARTIN MAKES IT THREE STRAIGHT AT WATKINS GLEN ..."Some day I may roll back in a rocking chair and say, 'Yep, we won three in a row at Watkins Glen.' Right now, it's just a huge relief to win another race," said Valvoline Thunderbird driver MARK MARTIN after winning Sunday's Budweiser at the Glen event. ...By winning the Watkins Glen round from the pole position for the third straight time, Martin tied a modern-era Winston Cup mark (Darrell Waltrip earned both the pole position and the win at North Wilkesboro from 1981 to 83). ...Was Martin particularly proud of continuing his upstate New York streak? ..."Right now, it's just a huge relief to win another race," said Martin, whose second win moved him into third in the Winston Cup points standings. "We're still in the championship hunt. We're closer than we've been since 1990 - - to the front there. I've got a great bunch of guys doing all the right stuff, but it is really just a relief to win." ...Martin's win came as a result of the Roush Racing driver reeling-in his former Roush Racing teammate, Wally Dallenbach, who had a five-second advantage when the final caution flag came out. ..."There was a lot of racing left," said Martin of his chances of catching the Pontiac driver without the caution period (for oil on the track). "We were catching him, but he was out there pretty good. ..."I really hate cautions. It didn't like seeing that caution, but I realize it probably gave me a better prospect to win. I would have loved to have seen Wally win here today, but not at our expense. We needed a win." ...Martin was able to win on Sunday despite being involved in a late-race incident with fellow Ford drivers RUSTY WALLACE and GEOFF BODINE. Martin slowed for traffic while exiting the pits, and a chain-reaction incident occurred between the trio of Thunderbirds. ..."My thinking first of all was that it was a real short pit stop - - just for gas," said the lead T-bird driver. "And when we left pit road and crossed the line, I was accelerating but I wasn't going real fast. And I accelerated because we were right down there at the end, but then I noticed that there were cars beside me and behind me. Well, generally those cars have to line up in front of you. So, when I looked over and saw that, I eased up and slowed down. Geoff didn't see me slow down and he ran into the back of me and Rusty ran into the back of him. ..."Those guys were still probably racing off the end of pit road." ...The incident eliminated the Miller Genuine Draft Thunderbird and Exide Batteries Thunderbird drivers from contention. ..."Rusty ran really good," said Martin, who was congratulated by Wallace after the event. "It was a tremendous disappointment to those guys to have that happen." ...Tide Thunderbird driver RICKY RUDD and Kmart/Little Caesars Thunderbird driver JOHN ANDRETTI were quick to benefit from other drivers' disappointments. The two road racing experts excelled into fourth and seventh place finishes, respectively. ..."A lot of times up here you have to overcome a lot of adversity in this race, or handicaps," reflected Rudd. "Mark had one, because he had to come back up through there, but we had a smooth day. Mark, of course, didn't have any trouble coming back through there. He definitely had the class car of the field." ...While Martin drove a car which was purpose-built for Winston Cup road racing, Kranefuss-Haas Racing driver John Andretti debuted an entirely new car. ..."For a brand new car with just a few laps of practice on it and no practice last night, I think these guys did a great job today," said Andretti of his out-of-the-box entry. "It's funny, because we didn't change one shock, one spring, one roll bar - - nothing. We didn't because we didn't know what to change. We will in the future. ..."I'm really proud of these guys. I think coming into the race, we took another crap shoot like we did at Indy, and like I said, 'When you can do that successfully, that's a sign of a good race team that's coming to grips with things, becoming a really good unit.' ..."I liked this race; they should have more of them." ...Andretti, Martin and the entire Ford Winston Cup stable will be bringing their superspeedway Thunderbirds to Michigan International Speedway this weekend. The 400-mile event is scheduled for August 20.

------------------------ Things that make you go hmmm.. ------------------------ According to the Stock Car Racing Magazine, "Rusty Wallace, driver for the Miller Genuine Draft Winston Cup Ford Thunderbird has built a '95 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Apparently unhappy with NASCAR's decision to withhold the data from their comparison tests of a Ford, a Chevrolet and a Pontiac in the wind tunnel, Wallace's team was very interested in finding out the results. That is when the team decided to build their own Monte Carlo and have it wind tunnel tested. According to the article, they are looking to put a Ford engine in it and track test the car.

------------------------- Rumour Central - aka Silly Season ------------------------- Ray Evernhan doesn't want the media to refer to Jeff as Wonder Boy any more. Said they don't know quite what Dale Earnhardt meant when he used that term. And it sounds too much like Wonder Bread.

Exide plans to stay in Nascar but may move from the #7 G. Bodine team in 1996.

Speaking of Geoff Bodine, apparently he and Tanya Tucker are officially an "item" now that the divorce is final.

Another rumor involving Buddy Parrott: Apparently Buddy, Bill Davis Racing and Ward Burton will join forces in 1996 with Pontiac as the car.

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