Watkins Glen: GM teams race quotes II

Tony Stewart wins....Robby Gordon and Boris Said Round Out Podium Sirius at the Glen JEFF GORDON, NO. 24 DUPONT CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO: "We had a great car. It was just unfortunate we had that flat left front. That just did it to us again. It...

Tony Stewart wins....Robby Gordon and Boris Said Round Out Podium Sirius at the Glen


"We had a great car. It was just unfortunate we had that flat left front. That just did it to us again. It just doesn't seem like it's meant to be. We just can't seem to get things to go our way."

(WHAT DID YOU RUN OVER?) "I have no idea. I was just racing hard with Tony (Stewart) and Jimmie (Johnson) and I went down in the corner and the car just went straight. I thought that maybe I just picked up some rubber on the tire. I went into the next couple of turns and it did the same thing, so then I had to come in."

(ON HIS CHANCES FOR THE CHASE) "We're not going to give up until mathematically we don't have a chance. But I think as good a car as we had today -- we led a lap -- and knowing how good we could have been, this would have been a big day for us. I don't want to go into Richmond just having to win the race. That's a lot to ask for and a lot of pressure. We're a great team and we deserve to be up there further than we are, but we need to have everything going our way to do it."

(HOW FRUSTRATING IS THIS?) "Very frustrating. The guys that I'm racing in points were right in front of me. I had (Jamie) McMurray, Elliott Sadler, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -- I had them all right there in front of me. That was extremely frustrating."

(YOU HAD AN IMPRESSIVE RUN BY FINISHING 14TH) "Okay. But what good does it do to be impressive if you're passing the most cars coming from the back every time and you still get to 14th. We're not living up to our full potential. We should have been in the top two or three today. And we're not doing it. That's why we are where we're at in the points."

(ON TRYING TO BEAT THE CAUTION) "We tried to get ahead of the caution coming out. Right as I hit pit road, the caution came out and the light came on on the entry to pit road and I knew we were in trouble. I saw it when we went by. But I was already committed."

(TOWARD THE END OF THE RACE, IT DIDN'T SEEM LIKE YOU WERE PASSING AS MUCH AS YOU DID EARLIER. DID SOMETHING HAPPEN?) "When you're further up the front the air is a lot different the way it moves around the cars and I used up the brakes quite a bit during the day making those passes. To be honest, most of it was because I was racing Ricky Rudd. He was a pretty good car. He was making a few holes for me, but he was also holding me up. I fought with him for so much of that last part -- it was fun racing him -- but at the same time it was costing us a lot of time and positions."


"This Home Depot Chevrolet was awesome. We had a great test. We've had an awesome for a couple of months. It's kind of like a fantasy. I hope it lasts -- I think I've got another 14 more weeks of it. I keep praying. The good Lord keeps shining on us. Everybody has been working hard. Smoke (Tony Stewart) has just been fired up. I haven't this guy this focused and this fun to be around in seven years. I can't say enough about him and all these guys."

(ON HITTING YOUR STRIDE AS THE CHASE APPROACHES) "Yeah, like I said, we've got another long stretch, so we need to be able to maintain it and keep our chins up and don't get complacent because things are going so easy. We need to work even harder right now I think so we don't fall behind. I know everybody else is."


"For a while I thought I could finish second behind Tony (Stewart). I hated to see that last caution come out. But Robby (Gordon) got a good run on me on that restart and I couldn't hold him off. I tried. And yet the Hendrick motor in this thing is so fast. It's great to have the horsepower. I wish I'd had that yesterday in the Busch car. We've always had bad luck here at Watkins Glen. Finally maybe that's gone now. A third place finish feels great. I love this place. Watkins Glen rules."

(WAS THE CAR BETTER ON THE LONG RUNS?) "Oh, yes. It was definitely better on the long runs. Frank Stoddard (crew chief) had some great strategy to get me some track position. We put tires on with about 50 or so laps left. The Goodyear tires worked great. I didn't win, but for me it's like a win coming from the back. It was my first time in the top five and I'm happy."


(ARE YOU HAPPY OR DISAPPOINTED?) "Well, we're a little bit happy but at the same time we're disappointed. We came here to win the race. When it rained yesterday, it put us at a huge deficit. But we fought our way all the way up to the front. I was coming in on the lap that the caution flag came out and it jut put us back there far again. Tony and that Home Depot team is tough to beat when we start way back like that, but there even tough when you start side by side. We ran out of fuel all the way around on the last lap."


"That was a great performance for us today. We had some troubles in practice and (crew chief) Chad Knaus and the guys worked hard to get the car to handle for me in the braking zones. I didn't get a lap yesterday (qualifying cancelled due to rain), which was nice in one respect because we started up front and had track position, but I didn't know what to expect today. We changed a lot of things. But from the very first lap the car was right on the money and off we went. We had great stops and it was really what we needed after last week for this Lowe's team."


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