Watkins Glen Friday Chrevolet Racing Notes

Friday, Aug. 13, 1999. Watkins Glen International. Frontier @ The Glen first-round Bud Pole Qualifying. JACK BALDWIN (No. 91 MCI Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "We threw a lot of things at it today and tried to make it fast. We didn't get to run many...

Friday, Aug. 13, 1999. Watkins Glen International. Frontier @ The Glen first-round Bud Pole Qualifying.

JACK BALDWIN (No. 91 MCI Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"We threw a lot of things at it today and tried to make it fast. We didn't get to run many practice laps. I'm not sure we had enough time to make it as good as we needed it to be."

DALE EARNHARDT (No. 3 GM Goodwrench Service Plus Monte Carlo)

"That was better than practice. I left a lot out there. The car was good, but I think we're a little bit off on the transmission. It's a little different than what I'm used to. It was good, but I just didn't carry enough speed in some of the corners. I could have been better in turn one and the inner loop. Who knows? We'll see where we're end up. If we can just hang around there in the top 10 or 15, we'll be happy. We have a good race car. We didn't run a whole lot in practice. We were on the edge of being good. I felt like I could have got more out of the car. The car did its job. I should have drove harder I guess. They had a better race track last year before they put all that stuff down. That's one year to the next. We'll see what it is next year."

TERRY LABONTE (No. 5 Kellogg's Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"That's quicker than we practiced. The car was good. I left quite a bit laying there in turn one. I went through there a little bit too slow and didn't carry enough speed through the corner. The track was in pretty good shape, so I think that'll get us a decent starting spot. I'm happy with the car. I think it's going to run good in the race."

JEFF GORDON (No. 24 DuPont Automotive Finishes Monte Carlo)

"I'm always happy when I bring back the car in one piece and don't get off the race track. It was a really smooth lap. I messed up a little bit coming off that last corner. I left some room for some guys to beat us. We were fast all day long in practice. These guys have done an awesome job on this DuPont Chevrolet, preparing this car. We've got another piece capable of winning on the road course, but I don't know if that one is going to hold up. I think as the day goes by, the track is going to get a little faster. If they hit all the corners, because I missed one, they can definitely beat us."

STEVE PARK (No. 1 Pennzoil Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"It was a clean lap. We didn't run as fast as we wanted to. We ran a little faster in practice. We're trying to evaluate now and see what happened. The car is pretty good, but we're not real happy with the lap. We ran faster in practice."

JOE NEMECHEK (No. 42 BellSouth Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"That was a good lap. We just tried to be conservative, smooth. With the weather being like it is, we can't take a chance on making a mistake. We missed the race at Sears Point a couple of years ago, and we just can't have that happen. We got in a good lap. I'll take it. We're going to be in the race. We haven't had enough track time to tell what's what. We made three runs today and haven't been able to try much. We're basically on last year's setup. The track is cool, and we're going to see some fast qualifying laps as the day goes on."

MICHAEL WALTRIP (No. 7 Philips Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"I didn't make good shifts three times, so it wasn't a good lap. We were a little too tight and it pushed off the track with me a time or two. It's a shame. As bad as it felt to me, I know I had a fast car and I still ran a decent time. If I had done it halfway right, we could have been up front."

KENNY WALLACE (No. 55 Square D Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"I'm really disappointed. The car ran good. I didn't get through turn one anywhere near like I wanted to. I couldn't get the car to turn. Who knows, but I felt like the rest of the track was pretty good. I probably lost about half a second. We'll just get ready for the race now. I had a good time. I was in Japan a couple of years ago and qualified in the rain. We've had some experience at it. You just try to keep the car underneath you. Usually if you're a little brave and test it, you'll end up in the wall. I don't claim to be a rain racer."

MIKE SKINNER (No. 31 Lowe's Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"We missed a shift over there, and it was the third shift in four runs we've missed. We've got a problem there somewhere. When you miss a shift here on your lap, it's big."

RON FELLOWS (No. 87 Bully Hill Vineyard Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"We had a couple of problems this morning. Considering the problems we've had today, we can't be unhappy with that lap. We're solidly in the race. We always race better than we qualify. We'll work on our race setup again, and hopefully put on a good show. That was a good lap."

WALLY DALLENBACH (No. 25 Budweiser Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"We're just scratching our heads. This is the car we've had at the last two Sears Points and we haven't run good with it. The car felt decent. It was a little bit tight, but we expected it to be a bunch faster than that. We're all scratching our heads. We ran a couple of laps this morning. We really didn't get to adjust on it too much. We'll just work on it for Sunday and see if we can work our way back to the front."

BOBBY HAMILTON (No. 4 Kodak MAX Film Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"We're real happy with that. We were real quick on the rain tires today, and then we went out on dry tires and we couldn't get a clean lap. We tried to make a qualifying run in practice and had two cars pull in on us. I told them I could run a .60 or .70 and we were pretty much on target. We need a good starting spot here. It's a real good car. This is the car I finished second with at Sears Point last year. We're up here in Kodak's back yard and we're looking for a good day on Sunday. This is our race setup, so we'll just put a practice motor in it before the race. I think this track is easier than Sears Point, but I always seem to do better at Sears Point. Sunday might turn that around. I sure hope it will."

GEOFFREY BODINE (No. 60 Power Team Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"It's been a long day. I know it's Friday The 13th, but I don't think that's the problem. This is a brand new car. It's performed well, but we don't quite have the right setup in it yet. We're having a little brake problem. We're working on that. We got in the first round, and that was a big plus. That makes you happy, but we're not satisfied. We want to be on the pole. I want to be starting up front with those guys. For a new team, new car, first time here with this operation, you can only expect so much. The lack of practice didn't help us, and I'm sure some other guys are saying the say thing. We're still pretty happy with that. When I won here, it might have been Friday the 13th. I know I went out 13th and qualified 13th and won the race. All those numbers aren't coming around this time for us, but some Friday The 13ths have been good for me and some haven't. This was has been OK. It hasn't been that bad."

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