Watkins Glen: Ford teams race quotes

JAMIE McMURRAY -- No. 26 Crown Royal Ford Fusion (finished 40th) "Broke another input shaft. It did the same thing at Texas, and they thought they fixed the problem. It's really weird because, I would say, if you polled the NASCAR community that...

JAMIE McMURRAY -- No. 26 Crown Royal Ford Fusion (finished 40th)

"Broke another input shaft. It did the same thing at Texas, and they thought they fixed the problem. It's really weird because, I would say, if you polled the NASCAR community that there's probably only been about three or four of those broken in NASCAR history and we broke two this year, so we've definitely got a problem. They thought they had it fixed."

DOES THAT GIVE ANY WARNING? "No, it just breaks."

YOU WERE RUNNING WELL BEFORE THAT HAPPENED. "We got our car to where we were doing pretty good, but we've had just a tremendous amount of mechanical failures this year, and at this level of racing, you shouldn't have any, much less to have two or three throughout the year."


BORIS SAID -- No. 08 U.S. Chrome Ford Fusion (finished 34th)

OVERHEATING PUT YOU OUT? "Yeah. Just disappointed. I'm a good halfway guy. John Carter gave me a great car. We were just after halfway -- running fourth or fifth, I forget where -- going in the inner loop, someone went in and went through the grass and dug up a bunch of dirt on the track, and when I went through it, I just went straight off through the grass. You know, it was no big deal -- one guy passed me -- but the radiator was clogged up so we had to come right in and pit unscheduled. We lost all of our track position and made another pit stop, and I think we still could've gotten a top-10 out of it -- we were like 16th or 17th there -- and then Kasey Kahne got into me and went through the grass two wheels, and there were a bunch of grass clippings there, I guess, and it just clogged up the radiator again, and the engine overheated."

SO, THAT HAPPENED TWICE? "Twice, yeah. It was driver error -- it wasn't the engine's fault. You just can't run through the grass."

WHEN DOES THIS TEAM RETURN TO THE TRACK AGAIN? "I'm not sure. We're working hard, John Carter and myself, to try to find more money. Maybe we'll be at Talladega, who knows? We're looking for sponsors."


GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (finished 5th)

"It was a great run for us. I could've gotten the 18 -- he was running out of brakes and my brakes were awesome, but I was out of gas. My fuel light was on every time I went around the carousal, so I just had to save, you know? We weren't going to make it. I just saved, and that was it."

YOU KEEP GETTING BETTER AT ROAD RACING? "Yeah, we are getting better. We were as fast as the 47, I think, maybe not the 14, but we're getting there."

WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR YOU -- WHO HAD ONLY ONE CAREER TOP-10 HERE -- TO FINISH THIRD AT A ROAD COURSE WITH THE POINTS SITUATION SO IMPORTANT? "It is a good day. We expected to run well here, but you can't expect a good finish. So we expected to run well and we got a good finish, nothing happened. We had great pit stops, the guys did a good job preparing the car, our brakes were good, the transmission shifted beautiful -- that's all you can ask for when you're road racing."

THAT WAS A SUCCESSFUL DAY. "Yeah, that was a really good day for the 3M Ford Fusion. The guys did a great job on pit road. We had great pit strategy. Our engine ran good, our transmission shifted really good and our brakes held on. It was unfortunate -- I started running out of fuel toward the end, so I had to let the 18 go, that was the hardest thing, and just stay in front of the 42. That was really hard. I had a really fast car -- it was a good day for us, a good top-five in points, and we're going to some race tracks where we feel like we can win, and hopefully lock ourselves into this Chase."

CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Aflac Ford Fusion (finished 3rd)

"That was fun. I appreciate all of the fans coming out here on Monday. That's cool to see as many folks out here. I think NASCAR did the right thing to have the race today. Yesterday I wanted to race real bad in the wet, but it turned out great for us. This Aflac Fusion was good. I ran out of fuel right at the end. That was perfect. My guys did a good job. A lot of fun out there today."

WERE YOU TRYING TO SAVE FUEL AT THE END? "I was trying to save for later, but then I saw Tony and Marcos were coming back a little bit -- I got real excited, real greedy -- and I used up a little too much, so then I had to save more at the end. Man, that's good. That's not a win, but, for me, that's a good run here at Watkins Glen."


MATT KENSETH -- No. 17 DeWalt Ford Fusion (finished 14th)

"For how we've been doing lately, that's really good. We were 14th, which is about what we are, to be honest with you. So, that was a good finish for us -- we just need to make our team stronger. We've got to keep working on it and get our cars better. We got here Friday and we were three seconds off the pace it was so bad, and we figured out how to get a top-15 out of it, so overall I'm pretty happy with that. We always want to do better, but for how we've been running, I'm pretty happy with that."


DAVID RAGAN -- No. 6 UPS Ford Fusion (finished 24th)

"We started back in the pack and we knew that we had a much better car than what our qualifying effort had shown. But, being at a road course, we knew that we were just going to have to get by one guy at a time and not rush ourselves around the track. I'm still learning how to get around this track, so each lap I was just trying to hit my marks and not make any mistakes. We ran pretty well earlier in the season in Sonoma, but Watkins Glen just seems to be a track that I'm still learning about how to get around. We were able to stay out of the big wrecks of the day, but we did have some damage to our UPS Ford after getting hit in the back at one point in the race. But it wasn't enough to really bother our car. We're definitely looking forward to getting to Michigan and we should have a good run there this weekend."

-credit: ford racing

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