Watkins Glen: Ford teams qualifying quotes

MATT KENSETH, No. 17 Crown Royal Ford Fusion (Qualified 31st) ON HIS QUALIFYING RUN "That wasn't very good. It will probably end up being about 30th or something so that isn't very good at all. " DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE ...

MATT KENSETH, No. 17 Crown Royal Ford Fusion (Qualified 31st)

ON HIS QUALIFYING RUN "That wasn't very good. It will probably end up being about 30th or something so that isn't very good at all. "

DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE BEFORE TOMORROW? "I don't know what we have to do. We haven't been good all weekend, so I'm not real sure what we need to do."


DAVID RAGAN, No. 6 UPS Ford Fusion (Qualified 35th)

ON HIS QUALIFYING RUN "I thought we would go faster. I just stink here and I don't know why I can't go any faster. The car drives pretty good and I think we will race fine, we just can't seem to get going fast in qualifying trim. We had decent lap times in race practice but we can't seem to get that extra speed in qualifying."


PAUL MENARD, No. 98 Menards Ford Fusion (Qualified 23rd)

ON HIS QUALIFYING RUN "I felt we could have been a little faster. We slowed down a tenth from yesterday but a lot of people have slowed down from yesterday. The biggest thing we are fighting right now is a brake issue we are trying to get worked out."


ELLIOTT SADLER, No. 19 Stanley Ford Fusion (Qualified 38th)

ON HIS QUALIFYING RUN "It wasn't a very good lap. We've been struggling quite a bit this weekend. I've never really been this far off at a road course so we will continue working on it and try to get better. The good thing is that we have 90 or so laps on Sunday to make up some spots."


AJ ALLMENDINGER, No. 43 Best Buy Ford Fusion (Qualified 4th)

ON HIS QUALIFYING RUN "It was good. When you get these one lap deals on a road course you are more concerned with messing it up than you are putting together a perfect lap. I felt like I got everything out of it that I could. To be that close to Juan and the pole at that point is good. I don't know where it will put us when we are done but I'm hoping for a top-10. When you are that close, you always think you might have been able to get a little bit more, but I'm really happy with it."


GREG BIFFLE, No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (Qualified 7th)

ON HIS QUALIFYING RUN "I feel really good about that lap. It was a little bit of a conservative lap for me. I made a small mistake in the carousel on the back and that is probably where I lost a tenth or two. I didn't want to make a huge mistake, so I went on the conservative side and wanted to put in a good solid lap. I thought I might be able to do a 71.20 or so. Maybe I left a little too much out there I guess"


TRAVIS KVAPIL, No. 38 Long John Silver's Ford Fusion (Qualified 42nd) ON HIS QUALIFYING RUN "We got loose out there and that hurt. We have kind of been fighting that all weekend. I think this new tire has everyone in the old garage kind of spun out, literally. Definitely road racing is not my specialty. With the little team we have, we don't put a lot of emphasis on road courses, but we still want to go out there and do the best job we can. That will be the plan for tomorrow."


DAVID GILLILAND, No. 38 Taco Bell Ford Rusion (Qualified 40th)

ON HIS QUALIFYING RUN "Man, that's a tough thing to do, especially here at a road course. Not being in the car at all today and then having to get in and put down a qualifying lap to make it in on time, it's tough. But I'm really proud of the guys. They made some great adjustments. I feel like the track temperature was hotter than it was yesterday and we ran the same speed. I feel like we picked up and, directionally, we have a way to go that's going to better for the race, too. We put a conservative effort into the car for qualifying - something that was easier to drive to ensure a starting spot. So I'm really excited and proud to be racing the Taco Bell Ford Fusion tomorrow."


CARL EDWARDS, No. 99 Aflac Ford Fusion (Qualified 1st)

ON HIS QUALIFYING RUN "That was a good lap. It was really fun. Some people thought I missed the bus stop, which shows you they don't quite have faith in my road racing skills just yet. I hope they hold up. It would be so cool to sit on the pole at a road course. There are still some fast cars coming up, but that was a pretty good lap."

WHAT DO YOU FEEL WENT RIGHT FOR YOU OUT THERE? "Now I'm really nervous. I really want this pole so I don't want to get beat. I think the whole lap went really well, so that was good. I have to say thank you to Greg Biffle and Greg Erwin and all those guys. They helped us so much and that car was much better than what we came up with. Their set up is spectacular.

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