Watkins Glen: Bowyer - Friday media visit

CLINT BOWYER, NO. 33 CHEERIOS/HAMBURGER HELPER CHEVROLET, met with members of the media and discussed racing at The Glen, proposed schedule changes, racing at Bristol and other topics. TALK ABOUT RACING AT THE GLEN THIS WEEKEND: "Last weekend...

CLINT BOWYER, NO. 33 CHEERIOS/HAMBURGER HELPER CHEVROLET, met with members of the media and discussed racing at The Glen, proposed schedule changes, racing at Bristol and other topics.

TALK ABOUT RACING AT THE GLEN THIS WEEKEND: "Last weekend (at Pocono) was a bad weekend for us. It should have been a good weekend, but, again, just looking back our season, we've had fast race cars. We've had things completely out of our control take us out of a good finish. When Jimmie (Johnson) and the No. 2 car (Kurt Busch) got together, it knocked both sides of my car off. We struggled to get a decent finish. We were lucky to get back to 15th. I thought when we were sitting 28th, Mark (Martin) was sitting fourth and it started raining, I thought our day was over and it was going to be a catastrophic day. But, we were able to bounce back a little bit and get some of that, regain some of that back. Going into Watkins Glen, anything can happen here. You have to be able to take care of your equipment, use your team and get through this weekend. Especially growing up in Kansas racing dirt tracks, the turning right we did was slinging dirt. This is a difficult track for me, but, I think if we can get through this, get us a top-10 here, I think it will go a long way towards the rest of the races."

CAN ANYBODY DRIVE DEFENSIVELY AT A TRACK LIKE THIS AND IF YOU GET KNOCKED OFF THE TRACK, YOU GET DROPPED OFF THE TRACK? "At the end of the day, if you get knocked off the race track, sometimes you don't have any blame in it, but a lot of times you can look at yourself and say 'You know, probably should have let that one go'. You have to be smart about your surroundings. A little bit of defensive goes a long way on a road course. Like I said, if you are holding somebody up for four or five laps and you get wrecked, are you going to blame that guy for wrecking you or are you going to blame yourself for not getting the hell out of the way? At the end of the day, that is what it comes down to."

ATLANTA HAS ANNOUNCED IT IS LOSING A RACE NEXT YEAR, IF KENTUCKY IS THE REPLACEMENT, WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THAT AND THE RUMORED SET OF SCHEDULE CHANGES COMING NEXT YEAR? "I don't mind a schedule change. I think it is probably time. Some the races make sense, some of them don't in my opinion. Losing Atlanta is a disappointment to me. I think there are a couple of other tracks that have two races that I would have my rathers of, if it was my pick, of going once. That is frustrating. I think every time we go to Kentucky, Kyle (Busch) and all of us who have run Nationwide races there, it is always a packed house for a Nationwide race. Can't imagine what it would be like for a Cup race. I think that is a good location to have a good race and an awesome fan turnout, which is ultimately the task at hand. I think it is going to be sad to lose Atlanta, I think that is one of every driver's favorite race tracks and if we do lose it, it going to be a bummer."

AT A TRACK LIKE THIS, DO YOU TRY TO LOOK AT GUYS WHO HAVE HAD SUCCESS LIKE A TONY STEWART, KIND OF KEEP AN EYE ON WHAT THEY ARE DOING? "You can, absolutely. When a driver like myself, I'm not going to lie, I struggle at this place. As a driver, this is completely different than anything I am used to. Absolutely. Seems like, as a stock car driver, you go to a place like New Hampshire, a lot of times the first lap on the track is your fastest lap on the track. When we come to a place like this, when I come to a place like this, usually three-quarters of the way through the race is my fastest lap on the race track. I get better with every lap that I run on it. Certainly getting behind a guy that has had success here and knows his way around the track helps. Doesn't matter where you are at. You go to the local short track, the best guy to follow when you go out there in hot laps is the pack leader. You follow the guy that wins races and see what line he is running and try to learn from him as quick as you can. That is where you find your speed."

ARE YOU AWARE OF GARAGE FEUDS THAT GOING ON THAT YOU TRY TO AVOID BECAUSE OF WHERE YOU ARE IN THE POINTS? "Well, at the same token, I am trying to beat Mark Martin out of 12th place right now. I have to get up on the wheel and make things happen and get a good finish. If you are worried about somebody else's fiasco and getting tangled up in that, you are not worried about what you need to be doing which is finding speed and a good finish at the end of the day. In the position we are in, we are only 35 points ahead of him. We've got to be able to get every position possible. I think if we get out of here with a top-10 finish, that is going to set us up good for these last four races after this before the cut-off. We have some good race tracks for us. Bristol is one of my good ones. Richmond is another one of my best race tracks. If we can get out of here, I'm pretty excited about the last four."

CAN YOU EXPLAIN HOW YOU AS A DRIVER LIKE THE RACING NOW AT BRISTOL WITH THE NEW SURFACE? "I think the racing at Bristol isn't the way it used to be. I think it is a lot better. It is racing now. You don't go up on somebody and just beat them out of the way and crash them to get around them. There's different lines. You can run the outside, you can run the bottom. You can diamond the corner a lot better than you used to be able to. There's a lot more lines on the race track than there used to be so it's not just locked down on the bottom and root the guy out of the way to get around him. Yes, you don't see as many situations, crashes, emotions and things like that. But I think if you are a true race fan, I think the racing is way better than it used to be. You see a lot more side-by-side racing than you ever have. Three-wide every now and then."

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