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NASCARFans E-Mail List I am still not receiving my own posts sent back to me. Hopefully you are getting them.......... "Dale Earnhardt's new Winston Cup team(presently the ...

NASCARFans E-Mail List

I am still not receiving my own posts sent back to me. Hopefully you are getting them..........

"Dale Earnhardt's new Winston Cup team(presently the #14 Burger King Chevy), still in a startup mode, has apparently landed Pennzoil as a sponsor for next season, according to NASCAR sources. Pennzoil has another year remaining on its contract with Chuck Rider and Johnny Benson, so it's unclear if that means Pennzoil would sponsor both teams in 1998. Earnhardt's driver will probably be Steve Park, according to Don Hawk, Earnhardt's manager." The team hopes to make an announcement within the next 14 to 30 days and has a verbal agreement with one driver, and a right of first refusal with another one. "Earnhardt has six full-time employees in his 108,000-square foot shop. and four race cars done -- one road course and three speedway cars. Felipe Lopez (crew chief for Park) will either be the crew chief or director of racing operations at the track, could be a team manager type position"(JournalNow)/Jayski

Dorsey Schroeder ran the #90 Heilig-Meyers Ford at Watkins Glen in place of Dick Trickle who felt it was more important to get owners points for the team and gave up the ride for the weekend, nice gesture (Jayski)

#77 Jasper Engines team has relieved Terry Wooten of his Crew Chief duties; no replacement has been named as yet (Jayski)

"Bill Elliott may be expanding to a second Cup team next year, according to sources close to the Georgia racer. If he does, Jerry Nadeau is a possible candidate. Nadeau is a rookie and would be able to run 10 off-week tests, and testing may be critical for Ford teams, making the transition to the Taurus"(JournalNow)/Jayski

NASCAR's top drivers will be testing their luck in this gambling city next year. NASCAR officials have called a news conference for Tuesday to announce a Winston Cup stock car race for Las Vegas in early March. The race is expected to be run either March 1 or March 8. It will take the spot now held by the Pontiac Excitement 400 in Richmond, Va. Richmond had approached NASCAR about moving its race back because of weather concerns. The Las Vegas race will be held at the 110,000-seat Las Vegas Speedway oval, which opened only last year. It will bring to 33 the number of races on the Winston Cup schedule for next year, and will apparently be the only addition for 1998. (WRAL)

Quote from Steve Hmiel concerning Mark Martin and the Watkins Glen Race

''We never win the race unless we sit on the pole,'' Steve Hmiel, the team manager, said. ''It's real hard to operate in traffic, so we took a gamble at the start of the race -- thinking we were getting better fuel mileage than we really were -- to get out of traffic. And when the caution came out, that was our fuel window, so we pitted, but we pitted with the rest of 'em, and that put us behind 'em.

''With all that, we put a lot on Mark to make up a lot of spots for us, because we took that gamble. But Jeff Gordon had that clean air, and an awesome race car, and they had good strategy. And the race wasn't played out with some ridiculous fuel mileage deal.

''We just made the wrong gamble. We made an extra stop, which is incredibly hard to overcome,'' Martin said. ''To be honest, to come from where we did to finish fifth was pretty good. It could have been worse.'' (Mike Mulhern, JournalNow)

NASCAR officials have announced $500 fines have been levied against NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division drivers Buckshot Jones and Dale Shaw and crewmen Ricky and Eddie Pearson of the Buckshot Racing Team, a total of $2,000 between the four men, following the Kroger 200 presented by Ziploc NASCAR Busch Series race at Indianapolis Raceway Park on Aug. 1. The penalties were deemed in violation of Section 12-2 in the NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division Rule Book: Emergency Action Examples of conduct warranting such emergency action include, but are not limited to ... fighting, reckless driving, and failure to obey the black flag or any other directive of an Official ... NASCAR Officials also fined NASCAR Busch Series driver Shane Hall $1,000 after post-qualifying inspection for the Kroger 200 found an illegal brand of fuel in his car. Hall was in violation of Section 20A - 15 in the NASCAR Busch Series, Grand National Division Rule Book: Fuel ... fuel used for practice, qualifying and the race itself will be supplied by the "official fuel" supplier and must be used exactly as supplied by the "official fuel" suppliers dispensing equipment at the track. (NASCAR Online)

Here's an portion of a personal Watkins Glen report by Ken Corpus:

At noon, we make our way to the grandstands, so that we are seated for the 12:20 driver introductions. All of the drivers are standing in the beds of brand new Ford F-150 pickup trucks, and pass by the grandstand in reverse qualifying order. The two drivers who received the most jeers and cheers were Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt. Then came the prayer by Darrell Waltrip and then the Canadian and American national anthems. Once that was over with, a B-17 did a fly over above the front straight - directly overhead of us. Quite a large aircraft to be flying that low!

If you saw the race on television, you probably saw more than I did! The view from the grandstands is limited to the front straight from the outside of turn #11 to just past the outside of turn #1 - thanks in part to the new pit roof terrace! Earnhardt received many cheers of happiness from the crowd when he was issued a stop and go penalty which took him out of contention. Geoff Bodine did receive many cheers when it appeared he was going to catch up to the late race leader Jeff Gordon. (Thanks, Ken)

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