Tony Stewart, "Let me tell you about my mom."

CHARLOTTE, N.C., (May 10, 2000) - Tony Stewart, driver of the ...

CHARLOTTE, N.C., (May 10, 2000) - Tony Stewart, driver of the #20 Home Depot Pontiac in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, has a lot on his plate.

First and foremost are his driving duties behind the wheel of The Home Depot Pontiac for Joe Gibbs Racing. Coming in a close second however, is a host of other commitments, each with its own set of responsibilities.

As a Winston Cup driver, Stewart is also a corporate pitchman. Public appearances, autograph sessions and speaking engagements are all part of the job description to being a Winston Cup driver. Stewart handles each and every one of them with aplomb, whether they're for The Home Depot, or for the bounty of other sponsors that adorn his race car and firesuit.

But Stewart also has plenty of extra-curricular activities that keep him equally busy. He is part-owner of an Indy Racing League team called Tri-Star Motorsports, he is in the process of forming a World of Outlaws team for driver Danny Lasoski, he has a dirt late model that he races whenever his schedule permits, he occasionally takes local race track promoters up on their offer to race at their speedway, and, oh yes, he owns a team of Greyhounds that race throughout the state of Florida.

While still young and spry at the age of 28, how in the world does Stewart keep his busy house in order? Well, he gets a lot of help from a very trusted individual - his mom, also known as Pam Boas.

Your mom raised you, and now she's working for you. How does that work?

"So far, it works really well. Instead of ordering me around like she used to when I was little, now I get to order her around (laughing). She does a really good job for me. A lot of people warn you about having family work in your business, but it's probably the best thing I've ever done as far as my business is concerned. I've even got my sister helping me. It's given me the ability to focus on my racing with Home Depot, and not worry so much about what's going on with my business."

What does your mom do for you?

"She basically runs the whole office. She does the merchandising, handles my personal sponsorships, pays the bills, makes sure I get to and from where I need to be - just all the business that I conduct, she oversees all of it."

What kind of support has your mom given you throughout your racing career?

"My whole family supported me, basically. Mom was a little more reserved and a little more quiet about it than my father was. My father was kind of the ring leader. He was the one who made all the decisions on what we did and didn't do. While she was a little bit reserved, she was, and still is, one of my biggest supporters."

How would you describe your mom?

"She's a pretty patient woman. Anyone that could actually raise me and not want to kill me or kick me out of the house, has got to be a very patient person. That's my mom. She's a very patient lady with a great heart and she's really good with people."

What's the biggest trait that you feel you received from your mom?

"I don't think I got any of them. I think my sister got all of them. I think most of my traits came from my dad. I got the short end of the stick on that one."

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