Tim Beverly, Tyler Jet owner ''meets the press''

TIM BEVERLEY, TEAM OWNER, TYLER JET MOTORSPORTS: (ON SIGNING LYCOS) "We were hoping it wasn't going to be the middle of Daytona (when we signed them). We had been talking to them for that whole month trying to get it finished up. They had...


(ON SIGNING LYCOS) "We were hoping it wasn't going to be the middle of Daytona (when we signed them). We had been talking to them for that whole month trying to get it finished up. They had been on the car as an associate, so we started speaking earlier to get them on as the primary. It just happened to work out because of contracts and legal things and such at the last minute. It made everyone look real smart on Sunday."

(ON JAMES INCE) "He has meant an incredible amount. He has gone above and beyond, from the point of helping the folks up front in the shop to helping the guys in the back. He'll do whatever it takes. It's never been a case with James of, 'This is my job just to work on this race car,' or 'Here are my blinders, and that's all I do.' He's been a tremendous help. He is a great young man. I think the good part is we both saw the fire in each other's eyes when we started this - how bad we wanted something, how bad we wanted to win and second wasn't where we wanted to be. It's also because of his enthusiasm and his intelligence that he has been able to bring in some of these people from other parts of NASCAR and from other teams that want to work with him because he is young and aggressive."

(DECIDING TO HIRE JOHNNY BENSON) "I've always watched Johnny. You saw what he did in Busch and then you saw what he did at the '30' car. Then when he went to Roush those first 10 races he was top 10 in points and was doing incredible. Then all of a sudden it fell off. But what that gives me as an individual is a chance to look back and say, 'You know he's got the talent because he has done it other places.' Just what happened? Was it the equipment? Was it the chemistry? What was it? When he and I started talking one day you could see, again like I did with James, how bad he wanted it. I think Johnny saw how competitive I want to be. We've been blessed. It has really, really worked out well. We just want to keep riding this wave."

(ON DEVELOPING A TWO-CAR TEAM) "We want to run two cars next year. That is already a goal of ours. We had some opportunities where other drivers came to us and said, 'What about this year?' Our focus is to stay focused on Johnny Benson. Johnny said something earlier and that's the way I feel about it. It is their team. My job is to give them the tools to operate this team. I want to give them the tools to go do what it takes to win races and to run up front. It's working out well. They have the tools. Johnny is driving the car as it should be driven. Like I said, I couldn't be happier with the chemistry, with the way it is working right now."

(ARE JAMES INCE AND JOHNNY BENSON LIKE FRANCHISE PLAYERS) "Yes sir. The good part is I can't tell you how many times James has come up to me and said, 'Look, through thick and thin, I'm here with you.' And we went through some thin last year. Johnny is the same way. When Johnny and I shook hands last year and agreed to be a driver-owner combination, basically we said that we didn't need any more. They are two tremendous people in their fields. I just need to do my job and we'll stay as a team. It would be kind of silly to chop up something that is working well."

(WHO APPROACHED WHO FIRST) "To be honest, I think somebody came to both of us and said, 'You guys really ought to talk.' I really felt like I had a steal there. We were looking hard at drivers for this year, and didn't realize that I had a chance to pick up Johnny Benson. That's how good I feel about that. Has this been wonderful, or what? I sat there last year knowing I had put untold amounts of money and untold amounts of everything into this. Every car we had in our shop - if one had three races on it, that would be a stretch. We were blessed. I'm great friends with Rick Hendrick, so we were fortunate to sign a motor deal with Hendrick. I knew all the tools were there and I think we showed a little bit of that at Homestead. All we needed was that chemistry of a driver that could put himself in that car, get together with James and go to the front."

(WHO WOULD HE LOOK AT TO DRIVE A SECOND CAR) "I would sit down with Johnny and James, and really at it and say, 'Who would we like as a teammate? What are our options?' Our company is growing by sitting down with people who understand what they are doing and asking for their opinion. So we really don't have anybody picked out by any stretch. I'll tell you, Rick Hendrick has looked at me many times and said, 'If I was you I would stay with one car and do well.' So if it didn't work out I'm not going to be crushed. What I'm worried about is going to that stage in New York."

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