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Latest picture on my screen saver 2013-01-19: art director Eric Gilbert presents the photos that he actually uses as screen savers (and that he has actually shot, also). Enjoy!

No matter how you look at it, seeing stock-cars drafting in pack at close to 200 mph on a superspeedway such as Daytona is always impressive. There is a sense of tension and a 'ticking bomb' kind of feeling.

Last week, during the 'Pre-season Thunder' (how the good people at NASCAR call January testing at Daytona), it was even more fascinating as it was the first drafting session with the new 'Generation 6' cars. The game for those brave men (and woman) was to figure how this new car and its areo-package would work while racing in pack, which is after all how they're gonna to race in one month at the Daytona 500.

The sense of tension and 'ticking bomb' feeling didn't last for long, though, as the first drafting session with the Gen-6 cars ended in a massive crash after just a few laps (20 or something). Whether the whole thing happened because of a driver error or a flaw in the new aero-package remains to be seen. But it was good while it last, and made for some spectacular photos. Can't wait to see how it's gonna work next month!

For more pictures from the Pre-season Thunder, click here.

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