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NASCAR Fans E-mail List Texas Update NASCAR Fans Onsite Report Don Myers It is the day before Qualifying and everyone around here is a little nervous. The weather reports are stating that there is a 60% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. ...

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Texas Update NASCAR Fans Onsite Report Don Myers

It is the day before Qualifying and everyone around here is a little nervous. The weather reports are stating that there is a 60% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow.

The good news is that TMS has lights and if it is necessary, they can run under the lights. If weather forces a change in schedule, NASCAR officials will make the call Thursday after monitoring the weather radar and conferring with track officials. Their preference would be to hold qualifying later that afternoon, though it could be postponed until Friday. With Friday's schedule fairly loose - designated solely for practice and second round qualifying - it would cause a minimum of problems to delay qualifying until then.

The Good News is that the weather report for Saturday and Sunday is for partly cloudy skies, Hi Saturday in the mid 70's and Sunday in the high 70's.

Today's weather is cloudy, mid 60's with a slight chance of rain.


Gravel has now been poured and compacted in the infield lots for the SOLD OUT Section where the RV's will park for the weekend. Outside the track, where the vast majority of fans will park, grass hasn't had time to grow. Ground crews have graded and compacted the lots to the point that a brief rainfall should run off. "If we have a day's rain, we might be in some trouble" said Laura Mareday, TMS Public Relations Manager.

Mareday suggested if it's raining HARD on Thursday, fans treat it like a school closing and monitor the media for updates on schedule changes. Fans can also call TMS at (817) 215-8500.

Though not a NASCAR-sanctioned event, Troy Aikman's celebrity Legends race, set for Thursday at 5PM, also would be affected by any changes in the qualifying schedule. Maready said TMS officials may delay it until later that night or move it to Friday.


Texas Motor Speedway was built in a DRY DISTRICT in Denton County, Texas. What does that mean....It Means NO BEER SALES! Fans will need to bring in their own beer. Also NO GLASS CONTAINERS are allowed. Coolers are permitted, but can't exceed 14 inches, and only one cooler per ticket holder is permitted. There will be plenty of food and other cold drinks at the 48 concession stands.

Schedule of events:

Wednesday: Speedway Children's Charities Celebrity Golf Tournament tees off at Tour 18 Golf Course at 1 p.m.

Thursday: Coors Light Silver Bullet Qualifying Day NASCAR BUSCH SERIES POLE QUALIFYING 1:30 p.m. NASCAR WINSTON CUP POLE QUALIFYING Approx. 3 p.m. LEGENDS RACING after qualifying Approx. 5 p.m.

Friday: Busch Second Round Qualifying 1:30 p.m. Winston Cup Second Round Qualifying 3 p.m.

Saturday Inaugural Coca-Cola 300 NASCAR Busch Series Race 1 p.m.



TRAFFIC and CONDITIONS: I will be going to the track on FRIDAY and will give you an update on traffic and road conditions then. But two weeks ago I went out to the track and drove out there on different freeways...Here are some thoughts and information regarding CONSTRUCTION and ROAD CONDITIONS.

Like any project--they have setbacks and the biggest setback is the roads to TMS. Interstate 35 W coming in from Ft. Worth still has construction going.

This is a slow process, but all lanes were open. The track is located at Interstate 35W and Highway 114. Most traffic coming from Ft. Worth and from the South will be using I-35W and Traffic from the NORTH and the Denton area will use I-35W also. People coming in from the East and the Dallas area have been asked to come out via highway 114 (But there is construction from about 3 miles out from the track ---to the track) When you get about 3 miles from the track, this Highway narrows to one lane each way....Reports have it that traffic will be one way going to the track before the race and one way outbound after the race. Also I-35E going to Denton around the Lake Lewisville area, there was a major accident, which has I-35E North Bound down to one lane...This has been causing MAJOR delays (up to 2 hours) on I-35E North bound. This has been given as an alternate route...Driving one hour from Dallas to Denton, then Taking I-35W then south to the track.

Again I will give you a better update tomorrow and then on Friday.

That is all from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area today. More later.

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