Texas: Keselowski Friday media visit

BRAD KESELOWSKI, NO. 25 GODADDY.COM IMPALA SS, met with members of the media at Texas Motor Speedway and discussed the incident in Nationwide qualifying yesterday, the Cup car he is attempting to qualify at Texas, practice time for rookies, future...

BRAD KESELOWSKI, NO. 25 GODADDY.COM IMPALA SS, met with members of the media at Texas Motor Speedway and discussed the incident in Nationwide qualifying yesterday, the Cup car he is attempting to qualify at Texas, practice time for rookies, future plans for Cup and other topics.

WHAT OCCURRED IN NATIONWIDE QUALIFYING YESTERDAY?: "Spun out the Nationwide car and made some contact with the wall. We're going to unload the backup car and start from the back of the field. Unfortunate, but I'm fortunate to be with a team -- JR Motorsports has got good backup cars. They're putting it together and it's just as good as the primary car. It's not a huge concern. You look at qualifying and it's almost like if you can't qualify in the top-five then it really doesn't matter where you qualify. Just trying really hard to make a run for the pole and just didn't quite make it."

DID THE WIND AFFECT YOUR QUALIFYING RUN?: "Probably, but it's hard to put a measurable affect on the wind. It looks like its going to be very windy for the race on Saturday as well so we'll have to see how that affects us there."

WHERE IS THE WIND BAD ON THE TRACK?: "We've been noticing that it's actually just been swirling around. It seems like there's a huge head wind going into (turn) three or coming off of (turn) two -- however you want to look at that. That really affects the car and brings down your straightaway speed down the backstretch. The opposite of that is you seem to be a little faster going into turn one so I think you're going to see some huge corner entry speeds for qualifying type runs in the Cup cars and even in race runs in the Nationwide car going into turn one."

WILL THE WIND AFFECT THE CUP CAR MORE THAN THE NATIONWIDE CAR?: "It will probably affect the Cup car more because the Cup car is a little bigger. That seems to always play into it. I know when we ran the trucks it seemed the bigger the vehicle is the more it's affected by the wind like a tractor trailer, you know. I really think you're going to see some of the biggest speeds that you've ever seen here in the Cup car."

IS THIS A CUP CAR YOU HAVE RUN BEFORE?: "We've got a brand new car -- I'm really excited about the R and D (Research and Development) team over there at Hendrick Motorsports. I don't want to say it too many times, but without having the ability to run the 15 and these seven races that group may not even have had a job so I feel very fortunate to have them and glad that we could get together and work on this program. Hopefully we can get some solid results out of it like we did last season."

SHOULD THERE BE MORE PRACTICE TIME FOR ROOKIES?: "We could use all the help we could get. I think if you look at the other drivers in the same situation I'm in -- Scott Speed, Joey Logano -- it's very hard to drive this Cup car because unlike the car before you could be a little off and it was still drivable. The Cup car now, if you're a little off the car is not even drivable and its so hard to give that feedback on what you need to put your car in that sweet spot, especially when you have limited track time. To answer your question, I think its more important now with the COT car to have extra track time and now we have less so it's unfortunate."

ON RUNNING A CUP RACE BEFORE AN OFF-WEEKEND: "We've been noticing the off-weekend situation. I don't know -- that's somewhat frustrating, but we don't set the schedule so it's hard for us to really say anything about it. I'm just glad to be racing now. I'm glad that I decided to do both races here at Texas with the schedule being what it is here where you have a whole Friday off -- it's a huge advantage for those drivers that are running both series."

WHERE IS YOUR NATIONWIDE TEAM RIGHT NOW COMPARED TO LAST YEAR?: "I feel like as a team this year in the Nationwide Series that we are pushing to get to that next level to where we can win every week. We were able to win twice last year, but we want to be able to win every week like Carl (Edwards) and Kyle (Busch). I think we're just in the process of that push. We're going through somewhat of a growing pain and some of it is just bad luck. I've thought about it a little and it seems like some of the things that came easy last year are coming a little harder this year and maybe that's just part of having a second year together. We're putting ourselves in good situations and good things aren't happening. It's somewhat frustrating from that standpoint, but I feel confident that we're at the bottom of the hill and we'll get our way back up to the top."

DO YOU THINK YOU ARE IN THE SAME SITUATION AS MARK MARTIN?: "Even deeper than Mark (Martin), if you look at what happened to Kyle (Busch) last year in the Cup effort in the 'Chase' -- I feel like that's exactly where we're at. We have what we need to run up front we just haven't put it together all at one time. When we start clicking we're going to get real hot."

ON IMPORTANCE OF RUNNING WELL ON SATURDAY VERSUS SUNDAY: "I would probably say they're equal. If you can win on Saturday then certainly your odds of getting a job on Sunday are a lot higher. If you can run competitively on Sunday as well in the limited races that I've run then that's not going to hurt either so I would put it as equal."

ON PLANNING FOR NEXT SEASON: "There's so many pieces to the puzzle as far as deciding where I'm going to be next year and what my situation is that it's almost mind-boggling. You stop thinking about it and you just worry about running as competitively as you can and knowing that everything will work itself out."

ON TAKING OVER THE NO. 5 NSCS CAR IN 2010: "I haven't had the discussion about that. I think ultimately its Mark's (Martin) call and I don't know how that's exactly going to unfold, but I feel comfortable with the organization I'm with at Hendrick Motorsports and JR Motorsports that it will work itself out in the end if I run competitively and can win races."

WHO ARE YOU UNDER CONTRACT WITH?: "I'm still under contract with JR Motorsports, but we have an informal agreement with Hendrick Motorsports."

ON OTHER OFFERS FOR THIS SEASON: "I had the offer last year to drive the Penske car and I still feel this way even though the season hasn't gone the way I wanted it to go in the Nationwide series -- I still feel that this is my home with the 88 Nationwide team with having Dale (Earnhardt Jr.) and Mr. Hendrick as a boss. Even though it's not been as competitive I feel like it's my home and that it will continue to get better and that we will be an elite team."

DO GRUDGES CARRY OVER?: "Grudges always carry over -- it's a matter of whether we will admit it or not. I think so, but I don't really have any to take out. There's probably a few that have something to take out on me, but without a doubt -- yes."

ON LOOKING AT POINTS IN NATIONWIDE ALREADY: "I have not even opened the book in the points. I don't really want the frustration of looking at that. Fortunately the season is pretty long and we're about to get in it real deep. This is about where I was last year at this time so I just need to have another summer like I did last year where we were competitive and won races. We had like nine top-10s in a row or something like that and that's what we need to do."

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