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KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger) COMMENT ON NEW DODGE NOSE "We've changed the noses around, put them in different places, moved the bodies around. You wondered why that happened, but as a driver there's probably a lot of...

KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger)

COMMENT ON NEW DODGE NOSE "We've changed the noses around, put them in different places, moved the bodies around. You wondered why that happened, but as a driver there's probably a lot of reasons why. We were strong with the other Charger nose. It's nice to be back to a track where you've run well, and this is definitely one of them. We look forward to getting things back where they hopefully need to be running in the top five and having some good luck all week long, hopefully starting today in qualifying"

ARE YOU FRUSTRATED BEING ON THIS SIDE OF THE GARAGE? "I've been here before, and I'll probably be here again. It's the way it goes. If we get things turned around we'll probably be back over there by the time we come back here. We need to get it going. I enjoy this place. It's tough, but we've got to take advantage of good tracks for us. This is one of them."

COMMENT ON BUMP IN TURN TWO "We were really good yesterday in the Busch car, and there are still a lot of bumps in three and four. One and two is better. I didn't care about 'em. I thought the bumps were fine the way they were. It's still the same exact track it's been except that little change in one and two. It won't affect the racing in any way."

COMMENT ON LAST YEAR VERSUS THIS SEASON "Last year we were strong from the start of the year. This year we've had a lot of things go wrong and haven't had the results. Last year we had a lot of good things happen. Hopefully this will be the start of a great season. It'll definitely be a good place to get things started."

HOW'D YOU SPEND THE OFF WEEK? "I got a lot of rest and spent a lot of time with the family. I had some dinners with everybody and didn't think a lot about racing. Then I thought about it a lot during the week. It's pretty easy to get refreshed. I haven't been down at all. It was nice to have an off week, but it didn't matter if Texas was last week or this week."

COMMENT ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR TEAMMATES "It's always good. With Elliott it's definitely better than it was last year. We've got that all figured out. We were all three in the top five at Bristol and had three great racecars there. We didn't get the results. We're not far off. We're a little bit off, but when we get it figured out we'll have three cars running strong again."

ANY PRESSURE ON YOU HERE? "Just pressure to run well, to get up front, not because of what we did here last year. We need to gain points and get back in the top 30 and top 20 and not have to worry about anything else than running well. That's where more of the pressure is. The part of running well here last year gave us confidence. We were first and second in both of those races if we don't have problems with four to go. It definitely feels good to be here. We know we can run up front. The penalties at Daytona didn't help, but this just hasn't been our year so far yet. You can look at luck. You can look at mistakes. You can look at missing setups. We've had a little bit of everything, and I'm part of every one of those things. We'll keep working hard, keep working as a team. Nobody has got mad at me. I haven't got mad at them. We're just all trying to work together and make things right. When it happens we'll be strong."

IS DRIVING TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF CUP CARS A PROBLEM? "It doesn't bother me much, but it's definitely a lot different. I haven't been in this type of car since Atlanta. We've been testing the COT and racing the COT. Now we're back in this. It's different, but I was in the Busch car yesterday and the way you sit in the Busch car is very similar to the way you sit in this one. I got in that one and felt right at home. Hopefully I'll feel at home in this one today."

WHO DO YOU FEEL IN THE COT? "I feel comfortable. It's just different. The way it reacts and things is a lot different. It takes a little bit to get used to and get used to how it needs to be set to run fast. We're working on all that."

IS THE CREW AFFECTED BY THE TWO CARS? "On the team it definitely does and on the guys at the shop building the cars. You would think the team that has run best this year -- Hendrick Motorsports -- would be definitely caught up. They said they're behind, and if they're behind, I know we're behind. I don't know who far behind they are, but it's hard to have a fleet of cars like you need. It's a different year. That's the way it is this year and next year people will be caught up because we'll probably only be running one car."

-credit: dodge motorsports

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