Texas II: Ford teams race quotes, notes

* Carl Edwards captured his 15th career NASCAR Sprint Cup Series win and eighth of the season with today's win at Texas Motor Speedway. * The last time a Ford driver won eight NSCS races in a season was when Rusty Wallace did it in...

* Carl Edwards captured his 15th career NASCAR Sprint Cup Series win and eighth of the season with today's win at Texas Motor Speedway.

* The last time a Ford driver won eight NSCS races in a season was when Rusty Wallace did it in 1994.

* The most NSCS races won by a Ford driver in the modern era is 11 by Bill Elliott in 1985.

* Edwards is only the 10th driver in Ford Racing history to win at least 8 NSCS races in season. The others are: Ned Jarrett and David Pearson (twice each), Fireball Roberts, Fred Lorenzen, Dick Hutcherson, Junior Johnson, Richard Petty, Rusty Wallace and Bill Elliott.

* Today's win is the 10th of the season for Ford, equaling Chevrolet and Toyota for tops among manufacturers.

* This marks the second time this season Edwards has won back-to-back Cup races, doing it for the first time at California and Las Vegas. Greg Biffle also won consecutive races at Loudon and Dover in September.

* This is the fourth straight year a driver has won Atlanta and Texas back-to-back in the fall, and the second time for Edwards. He started this streak in 2005 while Tony Stewart (2006) and Jimmie Johnson (2007) kept it going.

*        Texas becomes the second track where Edwards has swept both NSCS
races in a season.  He did it for the first time at Atlanta in 2005.

* Ford closed the gap in the manufacturers' standings with the win by Carl Edwards today. Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota have all won 10 races this season while Dodge has four.


DAVID GILLILAND -- No. 38 CitiFinancial Ford Fusion (Finished 42nd)

"It's a shame we've got some tore up race cars and we got parked, but I got up in front of him -- my spotter said I was clear -- and I kind of slid up in front of him and he jacked my rear wheels off the ground going down the back straightaway and then got into me again going into turn one and two and jacked me up way up the track. I was trying to let him go and got a good run off the corner and just kind of misjudged it coming down across him. I was gonna let him go, so I feel real bad for those guys. I guess they were running on the lead lap and now our team is parked, so I feel real bad for my team and Yates Racing. It's unfortunate because we had a pretty good day that we had going. Our CitiFinancial Ford Fusion was running pretty good -- not quite as well as we'd like, but we were just off a little bit. It's just a disappointing finish to our day."

WHAT PRECIPITATED THAT? "Nothing. It's a shame that it happened. I hate that Juan's got a tore up race car and we did and anybody else that's involved there. I was racing. My spotter said I was clear and I slid up in front of him and he ran in the back of me and then going down into turn one and two it was the same thing. Then I went up the track to let him go and just kind of misjudged my run coming down back across the track. I was gonna let him go and just feel bad that both of us have torn up race cars. It's a disappointing ending for both of us. We'll move on to Phoenix next week and just try and do a little bit better next week."


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion -- VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW

"First of all, I can't thank Office Depot enough -- Aflac, Ford -- fuel mileage was big and my Ford Fusion gets great fuel mileage, I can tell you that. Samsung, Valvoline, my guys, the fans, thanks for coming out here. This is a fun place. I don't know what to say. My guys did a great job. We took off after a while. We made probably the wrong call to take four tires, but Bob came up with a way to win that thing anyway, that was great."

WHAT DID YOU THINK WHEN HE SAID YOU WERE GOING TO TRY AND MAKE IT. "First Bob said, 'We're two-tenths of a lap short, so conserve.' Then he came back and said, 'No, we're four laps short, just go real hard and we'll pit.' Then he came back again and said, 'We'll conserve.' So just by all that I kind of knew that he wasn't too sure about it, but I'm really glad it worked out. It's unreal. It's a great day. The fans are awesome. My guys are awesome. We're closing ground on Jimmie, that's cool."


GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (Finished 5th)

THOUGHTS ON THE DAY. "It turned into a fuel mileage race and it's unfortunate. We had a pretty good car at the end and so did the 26, but fuel mileage won this thing and that was kind of unusual. I can't quite figure out how my teammate can go eight laps more than I can, either, so we'll just have to go back and do our homework and see what he's got that we don't have underneath the hood, I guess."

JACK SPOKE TO YOU RIGHT AWAY SO HE MUST HAVE KNOWN YOU WOULD BE QUESTIONING IT. "If they were the same, they would have got the same mileage. So if they're the same, you get the same mileage. If they're not the same, you don't get the same mileage, so I don't know what is different. They may have the same jetting and what-not, but, in any event, I'm not complaining. We got a top five here and gained points on the 48. The 99 is gambling. If the 99 would have run out, we would have gained on everybody, so we're pretty excited about that."


JAMIE MCMURRAY -- No. 26 Crown Royal Ford Fusion (3rd)

"Larry just made a great call to put two tires on with 70 laps to go and we ran that out and put two more tires on, but some of those guys were able to make it on fuel, but, overall, that was cool to get the lead that way and it's pretty exciting to have the possibility to win, so the guys did a really good job in the pits all night. Larry and Derek made really good adjustments, so these 500 mile races are really long and it's pretty easy to screw your car up when you have 500 miles, so they did a nice job tonight."

HOW DIFFERENT IS THE CAR IN FRONT VS. TRAFFIC? "When you get out front it's like you have a different car. Honestly, I ran second or third and you think that's far enough up front, but once you get to the front it's just incredible the grip that the car has."

WHY IS ROUSH SO GOOD HERE? "We work really hard on the mile-and-a-half stuff, but I think that this fits all of the drivers. Carl, Greg, Matt, David -- everybody likes mile-and-a-halfs and they've always run well at these. I think more than anything it's just because all the drives enjoy coming to these tracks."


DAVID RAGAN -- No. 6 AAA Ford Fusion (Finished 11th)

"We started off average and Jimmy and the AAA team made good pit stops, made good calls in the pits, and I felt like we had a top seven or eight car there at the end. It looks like we just got beat on fuel mileage. We elected to take two tires there at the end and some of those other guys short-pitted and it looked like the got the good stuff out of their tires before we could pit. It's just circumstances. We had a top-10 car and didn't quite get it, but when you have these crazy deals with people staying out and not pitting, that happens sometimes."

THE RACE WAS MILD UNTIL THE END. "That just shows you how important track position is. Carl and the 18 got back midpack and it was real tough for them to move up. You saw Jamie and the 07 and a couple of those guys take just two tires and were able to stay up front, so track position, like always was important, but I'm proud of our AAA team. We didn't start off great, but we had a pretty good piece to race with and didn't quite get the finish we deserved."

-credit: ford racing

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