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KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger) Finished 8th "It was a really good run for the Miller Lite Dodge. We worked on it (the car) and made small adjustments throughout the day. We felt like we couldn't run with the big dogs today, but...

KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger) Finished 8th

"It was a really good run for the Miller Lite Dodge. We worked on it (the car) and made small adjustments throughout the day. We felt like we couldn't run with the big dogs today, but could have a good point's day. That's exactly what we needed. I felt that our car was better on the long runs. The short green runs, that wasn't good for us. We needed to be out there as long as we could and stretch it out. The green-flag pit stops helped us move our way forward."


PAT TRYSON (Crew Chief, No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger)

"It was a good day. We weren't quite as good as we wanted to be. We were real good on long runs, but didn't have enough short-run speed. All in all, it was a good day for the Miller Lite Dodge. If we keep getting these top 10s, we'll put ourselves in good position for The Chase. We'll just keep working on our stuff to make it better so when we get in The Chase, we have something to work with. Our mile-and-half program is pretty good right now, but we need to get it a little better still. We need to get it all a little better. We'll keep working real hard, go do some testing and see if we can't go catch those guys up front."


DAVID STREMME (No. 12 Penske Dodge Charger) Finished 14th "It was a real good day for our Penske Dodge. Robby (Gordon) blew an

engine and took away the high line in (turns) 1 & 2 and I got into the fence. The guys did a great job all day and gave me a real racy car. It's fun to come back to a mile-and-a-half track and race like we did today. It gives you a lot of confidence for the next 1.5-mile track we go to. I'm pretty pleased today."

A LOT OF GREEN FLAG RUNS TODAY, DID THAT SURPRISE YOU? "A little bit. Once we got out there racing, you could see that the race was going to go green for a while. We just kept trying to work on our Penske Racing Dodge a little bit at a time and try to work our way up in the field. We had a strong race car at the start of the race and gained a bunch of spots to get inside the top 15. It was a real good run for us."


ROY MCCAULEY (Crew Chief, No. 12 Penske Racing Dodge Charger)

"David did a great job today. We started off in the back of the field and really just methodically moved our way up through the field. The Penske Dodge was pretty good, especially on long runs. Long runs were our strong point and we got a couple of those and were able to stay on the lead lap. David did a great job and we're really excited about going to Phoenix in a few weeks. I have to tell you, David's coming... I hope people are paying attention to him because he's a coming."


SAM HORNISH JR. (No. 77 Mobil 1 Dodge Charger) Finished 17th

"We had a pretty good car most of the day. I had that pit stop there at the end of the race that cost us about three spots in the pits. I'm not really sure what happened. The guys have been working real hard and it's just a shame that we had to have a bad stop late in the race.

"We got a little bit greedy there at the end trying to get our Mobil1 Dodge a little bit quicker. We ended up making the car too tight and I just couldn't do anything with it. We made a top 20 out of our day. It was a solid day for Penske Racing."


TRAVIS GEISLER (Crew Chief, No. 77 Mobil 1 Dodge Charger)

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT THE 77 CAR TODAY? "Overall, it was a great day for the Mobil 1 Dodge. We were competitive all day. We stayed in the top 15 most of the day. I feel like we had a top 15 car in terms of performance. We made a little call there at the end in trying to get Sam going better there on the short-run because we knew that it was going to be a short-run. Unfortunately, it backfired on us a bit and we lost some track position and ended up 17th. Sam (Hornish Jr.) did an awesome job all day. The guys were great on their pit stops. I was really happy with today."


KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Budweiser Dodge Charger) Finished 19th

"We actually had about a top-10, top-12 place Budweiser Dodge today. We lost a lap somewhere in the middle (of the race) when that caution came out after we pitted under green and we never could get it back. The front end was tight getting into the center of the corner and the back was pretty loose all day. It was disappointing because we had a better car than 19th."


AJ ALLMENDINGER (No. 44 Super 8 Dodge Charger) Finished 34th

"That was a tough day for the Super 8 Dodge. We weren't that far off. We kind of hung on to the lead lap and then got down a lap when the yellow came out. I thought we were going to have a good chance to get it back, but something happened on the pit stop with the ignition box and we lost a bunch of laps. That stunk. We ran better than what we finished."


REED SORENSON (No. 43 McDonald's Dodge Charger) Finished 36th

"That wasn't much fun. We had a fuel pump issue and that sent us behind the wall and ruined our day."

-credit: dodge motorsports

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