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Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 16 Post-It Ford Fusion, had his streak of six straight Top-10 finishes to start the season ended last week at Phoenix when he finished 22nd. Biffle, who is third in the series point standings, spoke about his ...

Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 16 Post-It Ford Fusion, had his streak of six straight Top-10 finishes to start the season ended last week at Phoenix when he finished 22nd. Biffle, who is third in the series point standings, spoke about his expectations for this weekend with the media.

YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS WEEKEND? "I'm really excited about it. I like this race track. It's always a lot of fun and trying to get back into Victory Lane from a few years back. We've had good, consistent runs here everytime we've been here, so it's been a really good track for us. Hopefully, we can keep that momentum up. We certainly didn't have the week we wanted last week, but we're hoping to get back on track this week."

WHAT DO YOU ATTRIBUTE THE SUCCESS YOU AND ROUSH FENWAY HAVE HAD HERE? IS IT THE TEAM FOCUS ON 1.5-MILE TRACKS OR THIS TRACK SPECIFICALLY WITH YOUR STYLE OF DRIVING? "I think it's a little of both. I think we've always had a pretty strong mile-and-a-half program at Roush Fenway, and I really enjoy the mile-and-a-half race tracks. This is one of them that's pretty unique. It has some challenges. It's a little bit tight off turn two where the banking kind of goes away, but that's what makes a race track fun and challenging is to be different and this place is, so it must be a combination of things that makes us so successful here."

ARE THERE THINGS YOU CAN DO HERE THAT PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTH THAT YOU DON'T HAVE AT A SHORT TRACK OR RESTRICTOR PLATE TRACK? "It's hard to pinpoint and figure out why we're a little bit better at these mile-and-a-half, the faster race tracks and not the other race tracks. We certainly try to capitalize when we're at these places for locking ourselves into those wins. We've been a lot better at restrictor plate racing in the last couple of years than we have. Todd Parrott has done a great job for us as far as the restrictor plate program, but it's hard to put your finger on why our cars run fairly good here. We've slipped as far as our dominance goes from 2005 and 2006 with how we were on mile-and-a-halfs to today. The competition is pretty level, but we still, as an organization, run a little bit better - at least I do as a driver - at the mile-and-a-halfs. If karma means anything, we've got Post-It on the car this weekend. We won four or five races in 2005 with Post-It on the car and it's the 30th anniversary. We brought the stars this weekend since we're in Texas, so you have to stop and get some. They're doing a name badge program where they're donating a dollar to cancer research, so they're out at the display and I encourage people to go out there and stop by and look at it."

DO YOU AGREE THAT THE DRIVERS IN THE TOP 12 AFTER THIS RACE HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF MAKING THE CHASE? IT'S SOMETHING LIKE 80 PERCENT. "I do because, for one, momentum has a lot to do with it. Momentum means a lot in our sport. A guy gets on a good roll or gets off to a good start, you continue to run fairly well. Just like you see a guy win a race or get a pole, the next week, for some reason, they run well or better. Being in the top 10 or top 12 after this race certainly means that, one, the odds are with you. You're above all the rest of the cars, so you obviously have to go down and they have to come up to pass you, so you're already in, but I think it does provide an indication. Hopefully, it'll be true this year. We're third in points, so hopefully we have a good run here and can continue it. I'm looking, not for a good run, I'm looking to win. We really want to win and we've got this race track and Darlington coming up, some good race tracks for us, so we're hoping to get to Victory Lane."

WHEN ASKED AT HOMESTEAD ABOUT WHAT THE PROBLEM AT ROUSH FENWAY WAS LAST YEAR, YOU SAID IT WOULD BE NICE TO FIX IF YOU KNEW WHAT IT WAS. CAN YOU UPDATE US ON THE PROGRESS? "We got beat every week throughout the chase and that has not been the case as much this season, but they're still beating us a little bit. We're a hell of a lot closer than we were in November. Over the winter it gave us time to digest what we needed to do and it wasn't any one thing. That's the way this sport is, it's so crazy that a team will go from dominating and winning to just being kind of mediocre and you're looking around like, 'What do we have to do different?' There are so many small things. I think we've got our aero a little bit better on our race cars. We've got our cars a little bit lighter. We've got the geometry a little bit different. We've researched and gotten better with front bump stops. We've changed the rear suspension around a little bit. We've changed a dozen things around on the car and we've gotten a little closer to those guys, so we still have a little bit to go to start winning races and competing with them every week. We missed last week and that was frustrating. Last week felt like Homestead last year, or sitting right here right now does because that's the only memory I have is the last time I was in the car it was a disaster. We just didn't get the setup right and didn't get the right springs and shocks in the car. The car didn't have the right attitude on the race track and we struggled all night long. That was disappointing because that's one of my favorite tracks. We run really good there, so that was real frustrating. Hopefully, we put that behind us and get going this weekend. We know we run good here, so we'll continue to work on that, but, yes, we feel a lot better with where we're at today, but we know we still have a little bit further to go."

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