Team Monte Carlo Dover Sunday notes

STERLING MARLIN (No. 40 Coors Light Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "It just blowed up. It's a real shame because that's the best I've ever had a car to drive here. I was just out there riding. We were kind of concerned about the right front tires.

STERLING MARLIN (No. 40 Coors Light Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "It just blowed up. It's a real shame because that's the best I've ever had a car to drive here. I was just out there riding. We were kind of concerned about the right front tires. We were probably running about 98 percent. Two or three guys had some problems with the right fronts. We hadn't had any problems, but we weren't taking any chances. We took the camber out of it this morning to save the right front tire. The guys worked their butts off and that's the best car I've ever had here at Dover. The tires felt good. The car was driving good. Everything was going pretty good until the motor blew. That's all she wrote. I guess all that's left to do is go to the house and watch some football games now."

JERRY NADEAU (No. 25 Michael Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "Tony (crew chief Furr) called in on the radio and said 'that's 65 laps.' Our last run, we ran 65 and our right front tire did not look good, so it's too bad. We just ran too many laps. It was my own fault. I was running too hard. Goodyear has always come out with a good tire. This weekend, it's been a bad tire. I don't know why. I know a few cars have had right front tire problems. That was 60 some odd laps. I knew something was going wrong because when I came off turn four it started vibrating. I went into turn one real easy, and it just popped. It's just a bad deal. I hate it for the guys. We had an awesome car. We wrecked in Happy Hour (on Saturday), and we didn't get any laps. We didn't know how bad it was going to be. We just ran 60 some odd laps right before it blew. The run before that, we ran about 65 laps and the right front tire wasn't looking that good. Tony said, 'take it easy, take it easy.' I was taking it easy. Not one time was I pushing. I gave myself about half a straightaway lead from Tony (Stewart), and I felt a vibration coming off four and it finally let go going into one. I just hate it for the guys. We had an awesome race car. That's the way our luck has been all year. It was a hard hit, but I'm OK."

TONY FURR (Crew chief No. 25 Michael Monte Carlo) "How can you beat Goodyear? If I brought a race car to the track that was that bad, I'd probably get fired. I'd expect to get fired. The car is hurt pretty good, but we've got more cars. Jerry is OK, and that's the main thing. We don't want him to get hurt. What's so sad was he'd already backed off three-quarters of a second. The car had not been run hard. It didn't have too much camber in it. I don't care what anybody says. I know where I was at. That wasn't the problem. It was just a junky tire."

STEVE PARK (No. 1 Pennzoil Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "We had a good race car. We were a little bit loose those first two runs, but it seems like loose is fast here. That last set of tires, we tightened it up for that 50-lap run and got it right where we needed to be, but we were too far behind on the race track for a green flag stop. We just needed one more caution to run with those guys. We were racing pretty hard for third (with Ricky Rudd), but he was getting a good run up off the corner. I knew if I couldn't get the pass completed in two or three laps I would overheat my tires down there. It also enabled Bobby to close in on us. We had to do what we had to do to get by the 28 and we couldn't do that. We settled for fourth. The rib is still hurting pretty good from last week at New Hampshire, but it'll be all right. That's another top-five finish, and that's where we need to be. My hat's off to this whole Pennzoil crew. They did a great job. We got a little behind in the pits and they rallied back and got some good pit stops in there at the end and gave me a good race car. There's a lot of Pennzoil fans here at Dover and we appreciate it. Being so close to my home state of New York, it was great to get a good run here. We got the car real good at the end. We were a little bit loose the two stops before that. We had a good set of tires saved there for the end and we put a little wedge in the car and tightened up the air pressure a little bit. That Pennzoil Chevrolet took off. We were a little bit behind. We were catching the leaders. We caught the 28 and we were catching the 10 car. We needed to get another fresh set of tires to run with those guys."

KENNY WALLACE (No. 55 Square D Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "We had a push in the car all day long and couldn't get the push out of it. We loosened it up all day long. We took a pound out of the left side and we put rubber in the right rear. We took a wedge out, up on the right side track bar. We couldn't get the front end nailed down. The Chevrolets are still unbalanced. They're good cars, but they've got to get more down on the front. We just can't get that left front down. It seems like the only one I know who can do that is Jerry Nadeau."

JOE NEMECHEK (No. 33 Oakwood Homes Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "I just tried to take care of that right front tire. Some of those guys hit pretty hard, and it makes you think. We didn't have any problems with our right front. The tire just seems to be a really loose tire, and we fought loose all the time. It seemed to be pretty consistent what everybody was fighting. We finished seventh today and seventh here the first race this year. I think we're going to be in pretty good shape at some of these tracks coming up."

MIKE SKINNER (No. 31 Lowe's Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "We got a bad set of tires. All we could do was hold on. We got a good set of tires, we'd run away. We got a bad set and all we could do was hold on and keep the fenders on it. Goodyear is a great, great company. They'll come back with a better tire next time. We'll be OK. I drove the hell out of my car."

JEFF GORDON (No. 24 DuPont Automotive Finishes Monte Carlo) "It was a good day for us. We started out real strong. It was a little bit too tight and we freed it up. I think we went too far and got pretty loose there, especially on new tires. I guess we were trying to gradually bring it back, but it just wasn't enough. We were able to stay on the lead lap and get a top-10 finish out of it."

ROBBIE LOOMIS (Crew chief No. 24 DuPont Monte Carlo) "Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Tight, loose, tight, loose, tight loose. We just weren't set up right. We worked on it and never got it right. We got it close a couple of times but any time we'd try to go the next step with it we'd go too far the other way. We just missed the setup."

DALE EARNHARDT (No. 3 GM Goodwrench Service Plus Monte Carlo) "There was something bad wrong. The car was working good and we'd get tires... I'll tell you, tires that bad from one set to another are hard to race on. We just got a bad set of tires, mismatched or something. Something was wrong with 'em."

BOBBY HAMILTON (No. 4 Kodak MAX Film Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "We fought a loose race car all day. We made adjustments. The tire problems limited what we could do to fix the problem. We were loose, and we couldn't do anything about it. Our tire wear was OK, but you had to give up one situation for the other one."

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