Talladega: Newman - Saturday media visit

RYAN NEWMAN, NO. 39 PRELUDE TO THE DREAM/RYAN NEWMAN IMPALA SS, met with members at the media Talladega Superspeedway and discussed winning the pole for the Nationwide race at Talladega, transferring information from NNS to NSCS and other ...

RYAN NEWMAN, NO. 39 PRELUDE TO THE DREAM/RYAN NEWMAN IMPALA SS, met with members at the media Talladega Superspeedway and discussed winning the pole for the Nationwide race at Talladega, transferring information from NNS to NSCS and other topics.

TALK ABOUT RUNNING YOUR FIRST NATIONWIDE RACE AT TALLADEGA AND CAN YOU REPEAT IN YOUR FIRST RUN FOR KEVIN HARVICK IN THIS CAR AT THIS TRACK LIKE YOU DID AT ATLANTA LAST YEAR IN THE TRUCK? "Actually it is the first of many for me because I have never run any car with the, I call it the taxi cab sign, but the roof wickers on the car. It is the first time for me in that respect as well. The Rheem Chevrolet was really good off the truck. Ernie Cope (crew chief) and the guys did a great job. I have to thank Kevin and DeLana (Harvick) for the opportunity to drive their race car. Really didn't do much running yesterday in practice at all in race trim or in qualifying trim. The car felt pretty good. Had some good pushes and good pulls in the draft. Didn't do a qualifying run but the guys were definitely prepared. It is the same car Kevin ran at Daytona so it has proven to be a fast car. We will just try to get it in victory lane."

WOULD THE ROOF RAILS ON THE NATIONWIDE CARS BENEFIT THE CUP CARS AT SOME TRACKS? "What are we trying to achieve? You can put rails anywhere. I don't know what you would be trying to achieve. You can open up a whole box of worms if you want to start talking about that because just saw a highlight from like the mid-80s and the racing looked pretty good there. It is an entirely different race car and an entirely different situation. But, we the wickers all over on the Nationwide car. Wings on the Cup car and different situation with different here.

"Here, obviously, I have never run the Nationwide car or Daytona. Here, I think it is tough to say because anything will stick. I mean, it is wide open and there is a ton of grip. Very little bump. Ride quality is really good. It is hard to answer that here."

WHY DRIVE BOTH HERE? "Number 1 - I want to race. Number 2 -- Kevin and DeLana gave me the opportunity and it is good equipment. I just love to race and another opportunity. This is my first superspeedway pole of any kind so, happy they helped me out with that too."

DOES IT GIVE YOU ANY KIND OF ADVANTAGE ON SUNDAY? "I think you learn. You learn the mentality of other race car drivers. Here it is a little different other places, the short tracks and things like that, where you can learn about the race track more so. Here, you have to really learn about your car and how you can work your car in the draft and this so different from every other race track in respect to that."

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT THE UNIQUENESS OF TALLADEGA? "It is different. It is different most just because you are wide open. It is more race car here than it is at any other race track we go to. This is so much different even than Daytona because there's a lack of handling and the need for speed. It is a fun place when you have a really fast race car."

HOW FAST DO THINGS TAKE PLACE INSIDE THE CAR FOR YOU THE DRIVER HERE AT TALLADEGA? "It's all speed differentials. I mean, if you are, this is my analogy for you, if you are out on the interstate running 70 m.p.h. and you are three-wide three rows deep, you just have to pay attention. Everybody is doing the same thing. Now you get to a stop light in the city and you weren't paying attention you are only running 30 but you have to slam on your brakes, things come up quick. So it's all a matter of speed relative to the people around you. When you are out there four rows deep, four-wide or three-wide, you just have to pay attention because you really can't go anywhere, you just have to pay attention to what is going on around you. The instant there is a wreck or things change or you are turned around, then things happen quick, now you are 185 m.p.h. relative to the wall that is sitting at zero and other cars are coming at different angles. So, it all depends on the situation you get put in or you put yourself in."

HOW MUCH DO DRIVERS SIGNAL EACH OTHER HERE HELPFUL OR ANGRY? "There are very few angry gestures. Every once in a while you will see a guy stick his hand out the window, it is more a five finger salute any more than a one finger salute. In general, you have got guys that are waving off because maybe they are running hot. To me there is less signaling than there was five, six years ago as far as when you want to go for a draft. I think more signaling is done by the spotters working up top, kind of behind the scenes getting the ideas put together for the drivers and at the same time the crew chiefs because the crew chiefs know what is going on as far as pitting, not pitting-strategy wise.

"The visibility is definitely less with the wing, both in looking and being looked at."

WHAT IS IT EXACTLY THAT MAKES YOU SO GOOD AT QUALIFYING? "If you are referring to today, nothing (LAUGHS). Because I just pushed the pedal and held it wide open and try to hold a pretty steering wheel, that is what we call it. In general, I have just had really good equipment. Today is an example of that. From my standpoint, just hitting my marks and being smooth and trying to idealize a perfect life."

HAS THERE BEEN ANY FRIENDLY FIRE BETWEEN YOU AND TONY (STEWART) SINCE HE TOOK THIS SAME TEAM TO VICTORY LAST YEAR HERE? "No, nothing has been said. In fact, I probably shouldn't say this, but he didn't even know I was running the Nationwide car. I said turn the TV on and see how qualifying is going because I went over to his bus during qualifying. He goes, I don't know, who is on the pole. I said, we are right now. He said who you driving for. I said Harvick. He said oh, ok. It is kind of funny.

"So no is the answer, but there might be. All depends on how he does in his sprint car. If he does really well, he will come in beating his chest tomorrow."

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