Talladega: Montoya - Friday media visit

JUAN PABLO MONTOYA, NO. 42 TUMS CHEVROLET, met with members of the media at Talladega Superspeedway and discussed last week's late-race crash, racing at Talladega, green-white-checkered finishes, his luck this season, Twittering and other ...

JUAN PABLO MONTOYA, NO. 42 TUMS CHEVROLET, met with members of the media at Talladega Superspeedway and discussed last week's late-race crash, racing at Talladega, green-white-checkered finishes, his luck this season, Twittering and other topics.

HOW ARE YOU FEELING AFTER YOUR WRECK LAST WEEK? "Good. Still a little bit sore. I was very sore. We tested two days in Indy. I would notice it and feel it where my hands was lows. It is ok. It one of those deals where you just deal with it and move on."

WHAT IS YOUR FEELING ABOUT TALLADEGA? "This place is one of those places that you are like 'Ok, what is going to happen.' I mean, it is so much out of your hands. So much about being in the right place at the right time. Make sure they don't wreck in front of you. They wreck in the other lane or you are ahead of the wreck or you are far enough behind it, so you get don't get involved in it. You are going so fast that if they wreck and they are in your path, you are going to hit them. You aren't going to slow down. There isn't much you can do."

DO YOU FEEL LIKE IF YOU HAVE ANY LUCK AT ALL, IT IS BAD LUCK, YOU HAVE GOT GOOD CARS? "I think I have led five or six out of the seven races. It is crazy. We've had three finishes, two top-fives and a top-10 with cars that a bad weekend was a top-10. Yes, we have the cars to do it, but, you have to have the luck to be able to get the results. It is kind of frustrating. I kind of understand what Kyle (Busch) went through last year. He won I don't know how many races and didn't make the Chase. I don't think it is over yet. We just have to keep working on it and see what happens. I can tell you I am enjoying myself. I would love to be higher in the points but I mean, we have good race cars. And that is worth more than everything."

BRIAN (PATTIE, CREW CHIEF) IS SUCH A NUMBERS GUY, HAS HE HAD TO READJUST EVERYTHING TO HOW THINGS ARE NOW? "Now, he isn't even looking at the numbers, I can tell you (laughs). After last week, I asked where are we, he said I don't know, I don't care let's just go out and try to win some races. If we want to try to make the Chase, we need top-fives and wins. That is only way we are going to make the Chase. If we start running 10th or 12th every week, there is no way we are going to make."

WHAT IS IT ABOUT THIS TRACK THAT YOU HAVE HAD NO TROUBLE SINCE THE VERY FIRST TIME YOU CAME HERE? "I guess because there is bumping involved. (laughs) I don't know, I love restrictor plate because it is always a challenge, who do you push, when do you push. I have always found that it is a lot easier to push people than to hope that people push you. I have always taken that strategy and it always seems to pay off."

TALK ABOUT RICHMOND COMING UP: "I am not a big fan of Richmond. I run like a** there so, no, I don't like it. (smiles) I am being honest. It is a pretty tricky track. We never really run that well there. Not one of my favorites."

WITH THE WEATHER THAT IS PREDICTED TO COME TOMORROW, ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT HAVING YOUR FAMILY IN THE INFIELD? "I haven't thought about it. Brian told me tomorrow is rain, I haven't even looked at the weather. I don't really pay that much attention to the news. Thanks (laughs) So now, I might be going to them in a minute and say 'I think you are getting on the plane and going home.'

IS YOUR PHILOSOPHY DIFFERENT FROM LAST YEAR? "Last year was different because last year we had a car that would finish 12th or 10th. On a good week, we could finish ninth, that was a great race. Now a good race, we can fight for wins and an average race we are 10th. It makes the points situation a little different. Never-the-less, to be able to be in Sprint Cup and in the Chase, you have got to be up front every week."

IS THERE A STRETCH OF RACES COMING UP WHERE YOU HONE IN AND SAY I LIKE THESE TRACKS, WE CAN DO GOOD AT THESE? "We have got to do it everywhere. I think first of all, we have to try to stop wrecking. Another thing is, I haven't screwed up yet and you have got to count that I am going to screw-up at least twice. We have been involved in wrecks where I have been trying to avoid them and there is nowhere to go. I am sure my screw-up will come soon as well. That is part of it."

IS IT FRUSTRATING AT THE END OF THE RACE WITH GUYS ON FOUR TIRES, TWO TIRES, DOUBLE-FILE RESTARTS? DO YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS PROBABLY GOING TO HAPPEN? "We have all the fans that come and everybody that watches the races because of that. That is what makes the sport. It would be nice when you have the fastest car for it to be a predictable where you can win it. But, not having a predictable race makes it interesting for everybody. Do you come in and take two tires and risk it? If it is going to be one green-white-checkered, you want to take two tires. If it is more than one, you want to have four. That is the way I look at it. You think about Phoenix, in turn one, we went five wide through turn one and didn't wreck. Sometimes they go two wide and they wreck. The chance at Phoenix of wrecking was pretty high, it was the right call."

DO THE NOTIONx OF GOOD LUCK OR BAD LUCK HAUNT YOU DURING THE WEEK? "I don't think about it. I don't see it as good luck or bad luck. I just see it as racing and being in the right place at the right time. If you could predict what was going to happen, it would be easy, but you can't. So you just do what you think is best, make the best calls and sometimes it is going to be the right one and sometimes it is going to be the wrong one. That is far as you can go."

ARE THERE ANY SUPERSTITIONS OR ROUTINES YOU ALWAYS THROUGH? "No. Get in the car, drive and see what happens. Hopefully it doesn't hurt as much as last week."

DID YOU THINK YOU WOULD EVER END UP TWITTERING? "No. The Twitter thing, it was funny because it was during Daytona, it was my wife that actually opened the account and we thought maybe we can put something for the fans. I got in to it and it is fun. I went on holiday to Columbia and I didn't touch my phone. Now getting back in to it is kind of weird. It is weird because I think I want to post more pictures and I just don't do it. I take the picture and never send it. I take a lot of pictures and never send them, it is weird."

LOOKING BACK AT ATLANTA, HOW FRUSTRATING WAS IT THAT YOU DIDN'T CATCH KURT BUSCH AT THE END? "It was how bad did I want it. I wanted it bad enough I went too greedy and spun the tires and that was it. To be honest with you, we were on the outside and the only way to beat that No. 2 car was to have a monster start and we didn't. I would rather lose it because I tried too hard than loose it because I didn't try hard enough."

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