Talladega II: GM teams qualifying quotes

Kevin Harvick ...

Kevin Harvick #29 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet
2nd position (see note)

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? It was a good lap for our GM Goodwrench Chevrolet. I don't know if it's good enough or what. We've got plenty of time to sit around and watch. Our guys always do a really good job preparing fast cars for us when we come to superspeedways. I'm just looking forward to trying to get this car into Victory Lane on Sunday.

IF YOU GET A GOOD PIT SELECTION, WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR HERE? I think you also have to think about taking off under green flag pit stops and being able to get your pit road speed. So there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Note -- NASCAR spokesman, Jim Hunter, addressed the media following qualifying with the following comment:

"The No. 29 car's qualifying time has been disallowed. He (Harvick) will start Sunday's race from the rear. There were a couple of things in the rear area of the car did not comply with post-qualifying inspection. The trunk area was not sealed properly. It was not vented to the outside as prescribed in the rulebook. The shock doors inside the trunk area were opened and not secured. So there were several violations in the trunk area of the car. So there will probably be penalties coming out the first of the week. But that's why."

Tony Stewart #20 The Home Depot Chevrolet
5th position

This is the same car we won the 400 with, so it drove really good. It's the same package and everything, so I think we're going to be alright.

HOW HAS YOUR COMFORT LEVEL WITH RESTRICTOR PLACE RACING CHANGED SINCE YOU ENTERED THIS SPORT? I don't know. I've always been comfortable with it. I haven't always liked it. But, I've always been comfortable with our package and the way our cars have driven. Dale Jr. and I have always had a lot of success at this place, so we hope we can have a similar weekend like we have in the past. If we can't win, hopefully we can get in the top two.

Joe Nemechek #01 U.S. Army Chevrolet
6th position

That's not a bad lap for us. We definitely wanted to go quicker, but I think the wind is blowing a little bit harder now down the backstretch and that really seems to affect the times more than it did this morning. I think that's where our speed went.

ON A GOOD PIT SELECTION FOR SUNDAY'S RACE It's definitely a good run. Hopefully we'll stay there in the top 10. A lot here doesn't matter where you start as long as your car drives good. You're going to have a good day. I'm really proud of this whole US Army team and all the men and women out there who are serving our country and protecting our freedom.

Bobby Labonte #18 Interstate Batteries Chevrolet
7th position


It was good. I just can't thank enough everyone who works on the Interstate Batteries Chevrolet. They did a great job testing. They've been down here and worked real hard at it and I hope the other Gibbs cars can be faster and faster. That would be really exciting for the whole team. Hard work by the guys and the speedway program is getting better and better.

Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe's Chevrolet
10th position

GOOD LAP OUT THERE I'm very pleased with it. The guys went back and worked on the car and found some things to pick up some speed, so I'm very happy with that. Now the key is, hopefully nobody else picks up some speed and we can move up the speed charts. But, we'll see. Great effort for the Lowe's team and we'll see where we end up.

AFTER LAST WEEKEND, IT APPEARS YOUR TEAM IS BACK Yeah, definitely. It's been a slow few months but we've been strategically working on our testing and what we were going to test to get in the final 10. We've got a lot of help from our teammates; a lot of help from the #48 Lowe's shop. We've got things where we need them. We won last weekend and we're where we need to be.

TALK ABOUT THE SHOCKS FROM LAST WEEKEND AND THAT NASCAR MIGHT MAKE A RULE REGARDING THEIR FUTURE USE You know, there is a lot hard work that goes into things to find an advantage and find something, some speed, some something. And evidently they saw something in there that they don't want to be out on the track, but I think the fact that there weren't any repercussions. We had a perfectly legal car through tech and went on. And it's just part of it. If you look at other crew chiefs, especially Chad over the years with springs and things, he's a very sharp man and he was able to develop things before other teams have been able to figure it out. So, we'll just go on.

DOES THIS MESS YOU GUYS UP FOR THE REST OF THE CHASE? WAS THIS TECHNOLOGY YOU GUYS WERE COUNTING ON? No, not really. It's something we've been working with. To look at other cars, there are other people doing other things and what NASCAR is able to look at what they're doing as well, there might be rule changes to some cars. We've got a very good idea what our competition and we've got plenty of speed left. We've got a lot of test sessions left and we've been working hard to get things right.

Jeff Gordon #24 DuPont Chevrolet
13th position

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? Well, it wasn't very good. That's really exactly the way we unloaded and we picked up a bit as it went on. I thought we could fast that we did run, so I was a little disappointed.

WILL WEATHER BEING COOLER CHANGE MUCH AS TO HOW THESE CARS DRIVE ON SUNDAY? Today's qualifying day so it won't really affect much what happens on Sunday.

RE: DIFFERENCE IN DRAFTING AROUND OTHER TYPES OF CARS It doesn't matter. Any car out there. I've never noticed whether a Chevrolet or Ford or Pontiac or whatever is out there, I've never noticed any of them to be different to draft around. Some cars push, some are a puller, some are better leading, some are better drafting. I hope our car is good out front.

Kyle Busch #5 Kellogg's Chevrolet

14th position

It's been a good year for us, but you know we have some other competitors out there that just don't like the way we're going about things. We just have to work a little harder than they do and we'll get back after it.

HOW DIFFICULT IS RESTRICTOR PLATE RACING FOR A ROOKIE? You just hold it to the floor and qualifying is pretty easy. Racing is a different story, of course. I'm just trying to get out there and get some time with the rest of the guys in drafting and things like that and gain some experience with the veterans out there. It's real tough when you don't have a very good car and you're back in the back of the field. Hopefully this week we'll be able to run somewhere in the middle -- maybe somewhere in the up front areas and how the skills are behind the wheel. Hopefully we'll be all right and get some experience. We're just trying to earn some respect from the veteran drivers getting to Daytona next year for the Shootout and the Daytona 500.

Martin Truex, Jr. #1 Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet
18th position

The guys did a good job. They put a lot of hard work and effort into these races. All we do is sit in there and hold the wheel and hold it to the floor. They've done a great job. They've found some speed. I think more than anything it's just holding a lot back. I'm real proud of the guys and proud of they're efforts because this is the car we wrecked here and so it's pretty much brand new. I look forward to racing on Sunday and having some fun with no pressure this weekend.

HOW IMPORTANT ARE THESE CUP STARTS FOR YOU IN PREPARING FOR A FULL SEASON NEXT YEAR? Well, they're real important to get our feet wet and see how we stack up against the competition and see what we need to work on over the winter. We ran real strong in our few other outings this year in the Cup series and hopefully we do that again on Sunday.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #8 Budweiser Chevrolet
21st position

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? Yeah, we didn't think we'd pick up at all, so just to pick up a little bit helps. We haven't been fast today by ourselves but we'll be real good in the draft tomorrow. We'll be fast in the race. But, the car don't run good by itself for some reason. We're not too worried about it. We'll just have to hope there's no big crash and we can drive to the front there in about 10-15 laps.

WHAT ABOUT THE SPOTTERS HERE? Well, they just have to have a lot of patience, because their drivers are going to cuss at them a lot. They just have to be able to let that stuff bounce off of them and try to work together with the guys in the pits and the driver on the race track.

RE: GETTING AN EARLY START WITH TONY JR. FOR NEXT YEAR You know, it's good to be working together. He's got a lot of setup stuff that he's ran this year that I haven't had a chance to be involved in and it gives me a chance to run some of that stuff. Hopefully it will be better for next year.

Robby Gordon #7 Menard's Chevrolet
23rd position

We're pretty happy with that. The Menard's Chevrolet is a lot better than it was when we were here last year. The engine shop has gotten better. We've gotten a little bit better with our preparations and the way we roll through templates and stuff like that. It's been a pretty smooth weekend so far.

HOW IMPORANT ARE THE LAST EIGHT RACES AS YOU LOOK AHEAD TO NEXT YEAR? There are a lot of things that are important for us right now. Building our team for 2006 is important and trying new players. We want to keep the ones we feel are very valuable for our company as well and just try to get the best result we can and try to build some momentum so we can start the 2006 season with a little bit of confidence. We started the 2005 season without very much and we went home from Daytona.

Brian Vickers #25 GMAC Chevrolet
28th position

This is the second time we've run this car. We ran this car at Daytona. We've had it for a while. It's turned out good. We knocked the fender in on it at Daytona. Ryan Newman came across pit road and hit us. I think it will race good. It raced really well last time. It wasn't the best qualifying time. I think that's what we're going to see this time.

Mike Skinner #00 Aaron's Chevrolet
32nd position

We got the luck of the draw. We had shadows on the front stretch. I just can't thank Michael Waltrip enough for giving me the opportunity to drive the Dream Machine. I know he's got family that he don't even let drive the Dream Machine, so I feel really honored to have this opportunity.

A LATE DRAW HERE CAN BE PRETTY BIG, CAN'T IT? Oh, absolutely. If you've got a good car, it's not near as important. But if you're borderline, a tenth is what you need. Toward the end of practice, we only ran a .58 so when we ran the .51, it was early in the practice. So the race track lost a little bit of time. And then it got it back. I feel like the track was good for us. The wind wasn't bad. The car drove pretty good. They never drive good in this qualifying trim. So hopefully we'll get to race on Sunday. Man, that's really cool.


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