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Post-Race notes with Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr., Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Travis Kvapil KYLE BUSCH, NO. 5 KELLOGG'S MONTE CARLO SS - Involved in multi-car crash on lap 9: WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE? "It just looks like from the replay it was ...

Post-Race notes with Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr., Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Travis Kvapil

KYLE BUSCH, NO. 5 KELLOGG'S MONTE CARLO SS - Involved in multi-car crash on lap 9:

WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE? "It just looks like from the replay it was unfortunate circumstances for the Kellogg's Chevrolet to be put in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's just one of those deals where it's way too early to be going five wide and I was minding my own business in my own lane. Everybody was going around me because I got sucked back a little bit in the draft. It's just one of those deals where it's very unfortunate for us. We got clipped in the left rear a little bit by the No. 99 -- not of his doing. He didn't have very much room on the bottom side with himself and the 25. I didn't have much room above me with the 12. It's just one of those deals where everybody kind of clinged together there and started a big ol' wreck."

AS IT WAS HAPPENING WAS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU COULD HAVE DONE? "No, there was really nothing I could have done. I was already wide open. I couldn't surge ahead any. If I would have stepped on the brakes or tried to get out of it, I would have gotten run over from behind that way. It's just very unfortunate. I was trying to hold it as straight as I could, my wheel, getting through the corner but there just wasn't quite enough room on the bottom side and I didn't feel as though moving up into the No.12 would have made it any better or any easier. I just don't really get it why we all made it five wide that early anyway."

MARK MARTIN SAID HE WAS BEYOND ANGRY. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW? "It's very frustrating to be involved in an incident like this so early in the race, and of course everything that's been circled around me and everything else so far this year, but it's just an unfortunate circumstance for us to be put in that situation this early on in the race. It's very devastating to have a great race car torn up already."

WHAT'S IT LIKE TO RUN FIVE-WIDE OUT THERE? "Five-wide is not very fun. But that's in essence, what happened. We had a great race car. I was just kind of minding my own business running around there in the middle groove. And then I got sucked back a little bit by the two cars on each side of me and everybody was going around me. They didn't want to follow because I was getting pulled back. And in essence, I was getting pulled back. It's unfortunate circumstances. Getting into Turn 3, I couldn't go any higher because I felt like I was going to run into the No. 12 and I couldn't' go any lower because I'd already gotten clipped by the No. 99. It's just a terrible day.

"It's very close. You can't do it at Daytona, but you can do it here. You'd rather do it in the last three laps instead of the first 10 laps.

"You're always trying to make sure that everybody has enough room so you can make it through the corner and I felt like I couldn't make it any higher because I'd run into the No. 12 and I'd start something that way. But I ended up getting hit by the No. 99. There wasn't much for me to do from what I saw on the replay. But maybe others will tell me different.

"There is no point in being five-wide ever."


MARTIN TRUEX, JR., NO. 1 BASS PRO SHOPS MONTE CARLO SS - Involved in multi-car crash on lap 9:

WHAT HAPPENED? "I'm not sure. I was running up high and the cars got together and ended up pitching me into the wall real bad. Our day is pretty much done. It's just a same. The guys built a great car and we were just riding around there trying to get some laps in. This has ended way too early for us today. You can't let off and you can't slow down. You've just got to stay where you're at and hope it works itself out."

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? "Well, I'm just frustrated. Nine laps. It's 500 miles. So nine laps isn't a good way to end your day."

WHAT STARTED IT? "I don't know. It was inside of me somewhere. They said somebody made it five wide getting into Turn 3 and they got to running into each other or something. It's just impatience most likely. But it's way too early in the race to be running like that."

IS THERE ANYTIME IN THE RACE TO BE RUNNING LIKE THAT? "Yeah, towards the end when everybody is out there going for the win -- not nine laps in when it's anybody's race still."

WHAT'S IT LIKE TO RACE FIVE-WIDE? "Well, it can be done if everybody knows it's coming and everybody does it just right. It can be done -- especially here. I'm not sure what happened. I'd like to see the video before I say too much. We were just on the outside all the way up the wall and the next thing I know is there are cars hitting me in the side.

WAS IT TOO EARLY TO RACE FIVE-WIDE? "It's too early to be crashing, that's for sure. There is no reason that all of us can't run around here without wrecking in nine laps. There's just no reason."


DALE EARNHARDT JR., NO. 8 BUDWEISER MONTE CARLO SS - Sidelined with engine failure on lap 153:

"We had a pretty decent car. Got loose getting into (Turn) 3 and it was four-wide and I got loose and got into Carl (Edwards) and spun myself out. I might have spun the motor backwards; that's probably why I blew up. We don't normally have engine failures. But right there just now, it just blew up and quit running. It was a tough day for us, but oh well."

DID YOU NOTICE ALL THE FANS IN THE RED SHIRTS AND BLACK SHIRTS STANDING UP CHEERING FOR YOU WHEN YOU WERE PASSING OTHER CARS? "I was doing everything I could trying to get to the front. I mean everything. Just when you're about sixth, seventh, or eighth -- or on back -- you've really got nothing to do but go with the guy in front of you. You go to the bottom. The bottom's not working today, which is interesting. But there's really many people making many things happen on the bottom, so everybody is running in the middle and the top and you just sit there in line and hopefully somebody pulls out of the bottom and you just fill that hole.

"We had a pretty good car at the start of the race, but when I spun out I got the tow in messed up. It drove all right after that, but a blown motor is going to end the day.

"We had a good car. I'm real proud of my team and real proud of the effort they gave me this weekend. I'd like to thank all my fans for their support. We honored my father this weekend. I wish we could have had a better finish, but the day's over with. It was a blown motor and a bad finish in the points."

WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE SPIN? "I got loose. I got loose and Carl (Edwards) was there and really just saved me from running in the fence. I got into him and spun it all around. Yeah, I was wrecking."

ON ALL THE EFFORT THE TEAM PUT INTO THE CAR: "They did. I was real proud of them for what they give every week. It's no different this week. I might have done something to the motor when we spun the car around. We know we don't have engine failure so there has to be a logical explanation."

IS THERE ANYTHING EXPERIMENTAL YOUR TEAM DID WITH MOTOR TODAY? "No, not that I'm aware of. We don't really experiment in the race conditions.

"Obviously you have days like this but I don't think we were doing anything out of the ordinary or out of our limitations. It's just a surprise because we normally don't have engine failures."

WAS IT TOUGH FINDING HELP OUT THERE? "I just didn't really have a good of a car as I would have liked to have. Again it was capable of getting to the front. It was a battle. With still some laps left, I really wasn't trying everything I could try. I was just trying to be calm and we were lapping cars and giving people room.

"The guys out front were being pretty stingy with the lead. It was difficult to really move through there. Just had to wait until the end of the race hopefully because you could definitely force your way through there but you don't want to do that with 50 laps to go."

DID LOSING MARTIN TRUEX JR. EARLY HURT YOU? "There was a lot of people working with everybody out there. I don't know how much of a factor Martin could have been. It's unfortunate how his day started out."

HOW HARD IS IT TO LOSE AT A RACE YOU ARE SO GOOD AT? "I tried to show what I had. That's all I had. We did. That was it. Just got to work harder and come back here and maybe do a little bit better next time."

WHAT COULDN'T YOU DO ON THE INSIDE LINE? "Really it wasn't working for anybody. It's very tough to pass on the inside. The cars and everybody were tight, tight today. It really is a surprise. For many years we all start at the bottom, start at the line. Now everybody is running and shoving everybody in the fence trying to get up the race track so they can get some momentum."

JEFF GORDON COULD TIE YOUR FATHER'S RESTRICTOR PLATE MARK TODAY WITH A VICTORY. HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT TO STAY OUT THERE AND PROTECT THAT RECORD? "I can't do anything to try to protect a record my dad has. If Jeff breaks it today, congratulations to him. He's a hell of a competitor and has done a great job. He's got a great car. He's got a great chance. Records are made to broken."



"As soon as I slammed on the brakes (caution 173) I felt something pop so we must have broken the brake rotor. I could not slow the car down so I clipped somebody who was wrecking. Just when we were getting ready to make our move we got caught in a little deal. It's a shame because we were really fast and was just riding around until Gary Putnam (crew chief) gave me the word to 'go'. We earned over 100 points with 19th place so we'll take it. We dodged two really close calls earlier so I guess our luck ran out. It was a decent day all and all."

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