Talladega: Ford Racing post-race quotes

FRANK KIMMELL-26-Advance Auto Parts Taurus: "Broke a right-front shock. They kind of put me three-wide there pretty early and moved me to the back, which I kind of expected. Kind of riding back there with Jimmy Spencer and those guys and just ...

FRANK KIMMELL-26-Advance Auto Parts Taurus:

"Broke a right-front shock. They kind of put me three-wide there pretty early and moved me to the back, which I kind of expected. Kind of riding back there with Jimmy Spencer and those guys and just biding our time, and drove off in the turn and the thing started bouncing across the race track, and I knew I broke a shock."


"Something happened in the motor. We just dropped a cylinder and then another one, and that's when it started smoking a little bit, so I brought it into the pits."

ELLIOTT SADLER-21-Motorcraft Taurus:

"I didn't really see anything, I just looked in rear-view mirror and I saw the 33 sideways, I don't know what happened. And then all of a sudden, somebody clipped me in my left-rear and sent me head-on to the wall. It's about the hardest his I've ever taken, so I commend NASCAR again on the safety of these race cars, what they make these teams go through. My HANS device did great. I'm just going to have a little headache in the morning. Just tough. The Motorcraft Ford Taurus was running good. I had a lot of fun out there." MORE ON THE WRECK. "I just don't know what happened. All I know is somebody got in my left-rear and turned me head-on to the wall."

TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY? "It took my breath away. That's probably the hardest hit I ever had."

ARE YOU OKAY? "Yeah, I'm okay."

THE DRIVERS WERE PATIENT FOR A WHILE. "Like I said before, I did not see the wreck, I don't know what happened. Again, that's the last pit stop. Everybody wants to be up front. We were running pretty close up there, but that's what the fans want to see, so they got to see it today."

KURT BUSCH-97-Rubbermaid Taurus:

"It was just an awesome run. This is so much like a college course. You go out there and you go attempt to take the test, and I didn't fare very well in college. Luckily, I got an opportunity to race race cars for a living, and that's what this was, it was a big mind test today, to understand what to do when, and this was just a pure education that I have received from these guys. We were best in class today. I believe that the Fords really balance with the Chevys. It seemed like the 12 could run real strong. He had engine problems at the end. But there's no stopping the DEI cars. They're strong, we're missing something, so we have to go and find it."

BUT YOU WERE STRONG, TOO, ALL DAY. "We were a good Ford. We could do things. We just weren't able to break the draft and lead."

ON HIS THIRD-PLACE FINISH. "It was an awesome run for us. This is like a college course right here. You go out and try and learn from all these guys, try to make the right answers and the right decisions on when to draft, when to rub who, when to go with what lane, and I believe that I've learned from the best. These guys are good, you just got to be smarter, and that's the only thing that you can do. These cars are so equal. I believe the cars were balanced with the Chevys, the Pontiacs and the Dodges, but there's no stopping those DEI cars. They were strong. Congratulations to Junior and Waltrip. I tried to get rid of Waltrip, because I knew he was an alias for the 8 car and it was such a tough row to hoe. But a third-place effort, it's awesome, we matched what we did here last year. This Rubbermaid team is for real. We're doing it."

RICKY RUDD-28-Havoline Taurus:

"It was a typical restrictor-plate race for us. We couldn't get any track position at the end of the race. We're happy that the car is in one piece. We had a really good car at Daytona, but lost it in the wreck down there. Now we got something here that we can take back to the shop and work on. We drove right through the big wreck. I was down on the grass and hurt the valence, but nothing too serious there. I think I got hit just a little in the back, but that was it."


"Our car was good when we had another car shoved up behind us. Otherwise, it was like someone threw a parachute when we were out in front with clean air. But we were able to get a good finish out of it and we're happy about that."

GEOFFREY BODINE-09-Miccosukee Indian Gaming Reserve Taurus:

"Well, we missed the wreck again. We were looking like we were going to have another good finish like Daytona, but the caution re-start, then we got ganged-up and just couldn't get in the right place. Nobody wanted to help me. Of course, everyone's working for themselves at that point. We're still happy with it. The car's in one piece, we'll take it back to Daytona and try again down there. I'm just glad we missed the wreck. I hope nobody got hurt, I haven't heard. It always happens, doesn't it?"

JEFF BURTON-99-Citgo Taurus:

"I don't know why anybody should be surprised, we couldn't run at Daytona with them, and they gave us more spoiler coming here. I mean there is no way we can run with them. It's common sense. We couldn't run with them at Daytona, they took the spoilers off so we could run with them, then they give the spoiler back and they want us to run with them. Chevrolet never comes on the short end of the stick. They never have. I don't know why. They never have. And you couldn't win. There wasn't a Ford in the field that could win. No way."


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