Talladega: Earnhardt Jr post-race quotes


Quotes following Sunday's Aaron's 499 at Talladega Superspeedway, where Earnhardt Jr. finished 15th:

It didn't seem like you got a lot of (drafting) help today. Were you disappointed in that?

"No not really. Everybody wants to win. You do what you gotta do out there. We didn't have a good car either. That was it. They'll push you if you're fast, but we weren't fast."

Considering the way it ended, was this your most frustrating Talladega race?

"Nah, the first year we came out here our cars weren't that good. That was probably more frustrating, but today wasn't a whole lot of fun."

What did you see in the first big wreck (25-car accident that brought out the fifth caution on lap 132)?

"The 48 ran the 4 into the fence, and into the 10. I mean, we were all driving real hard, but -- I don't know -- just driving hard. Your spotters are a big part here. I was pushing the 4, and the guy beside him, which I was told was the 48, squeezed him into the fence."

Could you tell early on it was Jeff's day? Was his car that good?

"To be honest, I never could get up there to see it. I mean, I finally did after awhile, but we didn't have that good a car at all. Jeff's car was awesome from what I could tell. When you get those kinds of cars, you need to get the wins, and they did. Congratulations to those guys."


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