Talladega: Bowyer - Friday media visit

CLINT BOWYER, BB&T IMPALA SS, met with members of the media at Talladega Superspeedway and discussed racing at Talladega, the difference between racing at Daytona and Talladega, the swap in crews at RCR and more. TALK ABOUT YOUR OUTLOOK HEADING...

CLINT BOWYER, BB&T IMPALA SS, met with members of the media at Talladega Superspeedway and discussed racing at Talladega, the difference between racing at Daytona and Talladega, the swap in crews at RCR and more.

TALK ABOUT YOUR OUTLOOK HEADING INTO SUNDAY'S RACE HERE AT TALLADEGA. "I'm looking forward to it. We had a good run at Daytona. The car is fast. I think all of our cars are fast at RCR. I think it's a breath of fresh air. We need a good run here. We've had two bad runs here in the last two weeks and we need to get it turned around. You know Talladega these restrictor-plate tracks anything can happen at these tracks but you've got to look at it as an opportunity. You can't be scared of it and be scared of being in the wreck. You've got to look at it as an opportunity to try to capitalize on it."

IS IT FAIR TO SAY THAT DAYTONA AND TALLADEGA ARE ALMOST LIKE TWO SEPARATE RACES FROM THE REST OF THE SEASON? "It's definitely different. I like restrictor-plate racing. I look forward to it. I can't wait to get out there on Sunday and have another day of it. It's fun. I learn every time I get out there. I feel like I get closer and closer to be able to win at one of these tracks. I think this is one of these tracks that we have to learn and learn a lot before you ever have your shot at winning. There's a lot of strategy, positioning yourself at the end with the right cars and the right situation to get that good push for the win. It takes time to put all that together and put all the pieces of the puzzle together right. Without a doubt you look at these two tracks. You have to be able to finish these tracks. Anything can happen and it can happen on a big scale so you can stand to gain or lose a lot of ground on a track like Talladega."

TELL US THE STORY ABOUT BUYING THE BOAT AND GOING FISHING. "Talladega is great you guys (laughing). No that's way not for you. I slipped up in Texas and they made me say it in a fan forum. I can't be talking about it too much I won't be able to do it again. It's too much fun.Long story short, we have a fish boat where we go back behind the river at Richard's (Childress) and do some cat fishing. We have a lot of fun. (laughter)."

YOU TALK ABOUT LEARNING HOW TO DRIVE THIS PLACE, HOW DIFFERENT DO YOU DRIVE THIS TRACK AS OPPOSED TO DAYTONA BECAUSE OF THE SURFACE IS SO SMOOTH AND WIDER THAN DAYTONA? "There's a lot of things that you can do and get away with here. I think that's what causes a lot of the wrecks that we see here. You can get away with so much. Your car can drive up and you know we were four wide in practice there. Believe it or not it didn't even bother me. Usually when the spotter says four wide you're lifting quick to get out of there. It seems like it's got so much grip and the track is so smooth there's nothing that interrupts you unless we get into each other and we all know when we get into each other what happens when you're running 200 miles per hour. It's just very unbelievably smooth. To be that big it's unbelievable how smooth it is and easy as it is to drive until you get four wide and stuff like that."

YOUR DOING BOTH EVENTS THIS WEEK, IS THE APPROACH AND STRATEGY THE SAME OR COMPLETELY TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT RACES? "I think so. Obviously the Nationwide cars suck up and draft a lot better than the Cup cars but it's still the same thing. You still strategize. You still throughout the race try to figure out what cars your car is good with. What cars are probably going to help you at the end and what cars are going to try to take advantage of you. Try to pair yourself up and put yourself in that position whether you know it's the Nationwide car or the Cup car. It's a lot of fun in both. There are a little bit of different things about the two but overall you still take a lot from Saturday into Sunday. Coming onto pit road, working together with people and bump drafting, using that correctly. You just learn a lot and take that from Saturday."

THE SWAP WITH YOUR TEAMMATES, YOU WENT THROUGH THAT CAN YOU KIND OF PUT INTO PERSPECTIVE WHAT THEY SHOULD BE EXPECTING AND WHAT YOUWENT THROUGH? "Well I don't even think that it will probably be as big of a deal as our swap. We truly swapped and started from the ground up. I had a totally different group of guys. They did change yes but it wasn't a huge change. It was just the drivers. All the crews are still the same and everything else. It wasn't like they had to build a team or brought in anybody else to learn the operation, learn new people and everything else. Everything is still the same. You know change isn't always bad and I think they probably used us and Shane (Wilson) and I and everybody on the No. 33 car as a good example. I think we're just one of those examples that worked."

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