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TONY STEWART, NO. 14 OFFICE DEPOT/MOBIL 1 CHEVROLET, met with members of the media and discussed racing at Martinsville Speedway, the points system and other topics.

Tony Stewart, Stewart-Haas Racing Chevrolet
Tony Stewart, Stewart-Haas Racing Chevrolet

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TONY, HOW IS THE TRACK? HOW IS THE CAR? “The track is the same as it was. I don’t think the car is very good, but we have another hour and a half to work on it.”

IS THIS ONE OF THE MORE DIFFICULT TRACKS TO GET CONSISTENTLY GOOD AT? “Well, not if you look at the guys that won the last eight or nine races here. We just haven’t been very good here for some reason lately. That’s why we’re working on it today, just trying to get it better and see if we can find something the car likes.”

WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR A DRIVER TO EXCEL HERE? “Well, you have got to have some patience because it is easy to caught up or get your car tore up at a part of the race where it really doesn’t mean anything. That is probably the biggest thing. A lot of that is dictated by how your car is driving.”

You go out and try to win races and get as many points each week as you can.

Tony Stewart

ON THE NEW POINTS SYSTEM: “I don’t even worry about it Bud. I look at where I am at and I go to the next race. Everybody wants to analyze it. Nobody is worrying about it but you guys. You guys are the only ones that ask any questions about it. We don’t care. It is what it is. We know what it is to start with. It doesn’t matter whether we like it or dislike it. This is what we have got. I don’t think anybody has complaints. I don’t think anybody cares really right now. You go out and try to win races and get as many points each week as you can. It’s not…it doesn’t matter whether we tell we like it or dislike it. Nobody is going to change it, right? So why are we talking about it? It doesn’t matter.”

WHAT HAPPENED LATE IN THE RACE AT CALIFORNIA? YOU WERE FAST ALL DAY: “We just got loose. We stayed out when we probably needed to come in and get tires to try to make it better. We were hanging on to third when the caution came out as it was. We just kind of backed ourselves in a corner.”

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