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Tuesday, July 6, 1999. Highlights of Winston Teleconference with Team Monte Carlo driver Sterling Marlin and crew chief Scott Eggleston. Chevrolet notes and quotes. STERLING MARLIN (No. 40 Coors Light Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "We...

Tuesday, July 6, 1999. Highlights of Winston Teleconference with Team Monte Carlo driver Sterling Marlin and crew chief Scott Eggleston. Chevrolet notes and quotes.

STERLING MARLIN (No. 40 Coors Light Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "We sat on the pole at Pocono and ran fourth. We've been running good. We kind of missed the setup at Michigan a little bit. Scott (crew chief Eggleston) has been doing a great job for us. We were real tight Saturday night (Pepsi 400 at Daytona) and got it freed up a little bit toward the end and wound up 12th. "I've known Scott a long time. I think it's good sometimes to get fresh ideas. Scott is a really, really hard worker and knows a lot about the cars. I enjoy working with him. "I didn't know nothing about it (NASCAR inspection after race). I got on the plane right after the race and I knew they tore the car down. I guess they talked to Scott and them and went on. I was probably in Wrightsville Beach by the time Dale Jarrett got out of the winner's box."

NASCAR spokesman Tim Sullivan said, "We're still reviewing the matter. Sterling's car was legal following the race. This was found in pre-race inspection. Gary Nelson, Mike Helton and Kevin Triplett are still reviewing the subject at hand. I'm not sure if they'll make that announcement today or later this week. They'll contact Sterling and the crew before making the announcement for sure."

"Racing has taken off the last few years for sure," Marlin said. "Without the fans, Coors Light wouldn't be in it and I wouldn't have a job. Sometimes they've got to understand that's our office. That's where we make our living. I love giving autographs when it's the time and place to do it, but sometimes at a few of the tracks, it's like, 'man, where did all these people come from?' It's hard to get from the car to the truck, but that's part of it. Fans made it happen, and that's part of it. What they're going to do about it, I don't know. A few of the tracks we go to, I don't know if the tracks sell garage passes or what, but it gets pretty full. Sometimes if you're in the middle of the conversation with the car and the crew chief or whatever, anywhere you're going to be, somebody is going to walk right in the middle of you and say how about signing this or want to talk. That gets under your skin sometimes when you're trying to do your job and somebody walks up and interrupts you. "I sat on the outside pole in '93 up there (New Hampshire) and led half the race and had a shot at winning and had a little problem at the end. I think we wound up eighth. It's a hard place to pass. It's really a one-groove track. Really all it is is a big Martinsville. It's a real nice area. The fans are great, and I enjoy going up there. We're taking our Martinsville car. It's real hard on brakes and you run just about the same setup you do at Martinsville. Like I said, it's really just a big Martinsville. You rev it up and try to let the car carry a lot of speed through the center of the corner. They sealed it last year. It was real slick. The more we ran on it, the better it got. I don't think they've done anything to it. It should be in good shape when we go back. "I know the Tracphone people are interested (in running third SABCO team for 2000). I know they're going to run Jeff Green in three or four more races this year, so we'll see what happens." STERLING MARLIN (No. 40 Coors Light Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "Sometimes you try to get some things by. I know they got Gordon a couple of years ago with titanium stuff and Rusty with stuff. Everybody tries it. You're going to try something. I don't know what came about on it. I guess they'll make a decision today and we'll just have to take our lumps and go on. They've got 'em before and they'll catch 'em later on. You just try to get a little advantage. Sometimes you get by and sometimes you don't. "I really always had an interest in cars and race cars and grew up working on his (father Coo Coo Marlin) race cars and towing them to the race track and changing tires, but to finally get a win and he was there. He really helped me out on my career. He didn't help me out financially, he didn't have any money, but the knowledge to work on the cars and be raised in that environment was great. Hoss (Ellington) that's where I'm at today. I'm down here in Wrightsville Beach staying at a friend's house and Hoss is right up the road. Hoss really gave me my first big break. His cars has won races and he gave me an opportunity to drive his car for 10 races. We ran real fast in the car, and that led me to get a ride with Billy Hagan. I'll always be thankful to Hoss for giving me a chance. "I got to the Fiesta Bowl, I don't get to go to many (Tennessee regular-season games), but we watch them in the truck on Saturdays. I just always enjoyed playing football. I played wide receiver and quarterback. We had a real good coach and a real good team. We went to a bowl game every year I was in school. "It's great with Felix. He's a great owner. He's a lot of fun. I've got one more year left on the contract. I guess we'll just sit down next year and see what we want to do, but I enjoy it where I'm at. At the time, we were winning races (at Morgan-McClure's). The guys were great, but things just weren't working out. Larry (McClure) was good enough to release me from my contract and I went over and drove for Felix. "He (Steadman Marlin) is running Late Model Stock in Nashville. He won about a month ago and ran third this weekend. I don't see him much this summer. I come in on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but he's staying home on weekends and racing at Nashville. "Sometimes your deals get stale or the driver and crew chief don't get along. You'll see a dream team come along with a real good driver and a real good crew chief and good engine builder and it looks like it never gels. It never really takes off like it should. I think sometimes changes are good. You get fresh ideas and get more fired up and see what happens. You see people more upbeat or whatever. I think sometimes it's good for teams and sometimes it doesn't work out. This seems to be working good for us. "I usually get home on Sunday night, but Mondays, I've got my son racing, so I spend most of my time fixing his cars. I've always enjoyed working on race cars. I've got a Chevrolet dealership in Tennessee and go up there one day a week. If we're not testing anywhere, I'm usually at home Monday through Thursday. Sometimes we've got to test or go to the shop or do something for Coors. I enjoy every minute of it. That's what I've always wanted to do. The travel sometimes gets a little old, but I really enjoy racing and going to all these places. Coors is really good about doing their deals on Thursdays or Friday evenings. You can do that when you go to the race track and just stop by and do it instead of dragging somewhere on Tuesday and having to come back home. Coors is really great to work with. I really enjoy my association with them. "You look at it and basically you've got five guys winning races this year. The 24, 18, 88, 99 and 6, them guys just seem like on any Sunday one of those guys are going to win. Down the road, NASCAR is going to have to look. We just can't keep going to sponsors and saying we need another two million because somebody else is getting it. I think they're looking now at doing away with the qualifying engines. That would save us about a million dollars a year. Somewhere you're going to have to cut back on expenses. It just keeps growing and growing and growing. Right now, we're in the middle of the contract deal with Coors. When somebody in the garage stall next to you gets $8 million, you're going to need $8 million to run your program, but it's hard to keep going to sponsors and saying we need more money. I think the qualifying motors, cut back on that a little bit, and a few odds and ends to cut the expenses a little bit."

SCOTT EGGLESTON (Crew chief No. 40 Coors Light Monte Carlo) "It's been great (since switching over to become Marlin's crew chief at Dover on June 6. I really didn't have to move a whole lot, actually just across the shop here. Joe and Sterling are almost complete opposites, but they're the same. They're both racers and they want to do good. As far as one to the other, they like a little different things in the cars to go fast. "I started racing motocross when I was 14. I raced at quite a few places there in Virginia. I raced at White Oak and Cedar Ridge and SME and then as I got older, I went to Old Dominion in Manassas and worked on a few cars up there before I came down here. "I started in 1989 with Richard Petty and I stayed there until '96. I came to SABCO in January 1997. "Every team I know of has the same pieces to work with. Other teams can go further with their budget with these pieces and make them better than other teams can. I really don't know how you could make it fair as far as that goes. One team will always have more resources than others. I think it's a combination of all things put together that makes one team better than others. Just making parity, that'd be hard for me to say (how to do that). "I was there and they took our manifold and X-rayed it. I'm not really sure what the problem is. There was something they didn't like, but I'm not really sure there is a problem. They (NASCAR) just informed me there was something they didn't like. We're not quite sure if we did something wrong or not. We'll continue as usual. I really don't know that there's any problem. "I really don't have a problem with the fans. They don't bother me a whole lot. Sometimes they'll ask questions, but that's not really a big problem. I think that's what's made NASCAR good, the fans being able to be right there. The one thing that concerns me is sometimes the fans not knowing the way things work in a garage, they're kind of in the way and sometimes I think they can get hurt, especially with drivers coming in and out during practice. It seems like they sometimes don't know how it works and they get in the way. I'd hate to see someone get hurt in the garage area like that. That's really not my call, but that's what makes NASCAR different from other sports. They do let them come in and they get to see what goes on. That's Tuesday, July 6, 1999. Highlights of Winston Teleconference with Team Monte Carlo driver Sterling Marlin and crew chief Scott Eggleston. Chevrolet notes and quotes. Page 4 of 4.

SCOTT EGGLESTON (Crew chief No. 40 Coors Light Monte Carlo) something different than any other sport, but I think if it continues, someone might get hurt. "Sometimes when you make a change, it tends to change attitudes, maybe. I'm not sure that I brought anything different to Sterling than what he had access to. Maybe just different ways of looking at race cars versus the other person, but as far as assets, I doubt there's any. We get along great. The difference between Joe and Sterling is maybe the communication. It's hard to say. There's a little bit of difference, but Sterling and I get along great. He cuts up a little bit more than Joe (Nemechek) does, and that's about it. "They (NASCAR) didn't like something and we took care of that. Then after the race (Pepsi 400) they just wanted to look at everything again."

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