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The first road course race of the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season is set for Sunday at Infineon Raceway, and Ford driver Matt Kenseth spoke about his expectations. MATT KENSETH - No. 17 Crown Royal Black Ford Fusion HOW IS YOUR CAR? "My...

The first road course race of the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season is set for Sunday at Infineon Raceway, and Ford driver Matt Kenseth spoke about his expectations.

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 Crown Royal Black Ford Fusion

HOW IS YOUR CAR? "My car today, most of the day, has not been very good. We had it a little bit better at the end of practice, but, most of the day, it hasn't been very good. We kind of tried some different things in race trim and none of them really worked, so we'll try something different tomorrow."

HOW DO YOU LIKE ROAD RACING? "I enjoy it, really. I don't feel like I'm probably the best at it. I've never really done it a lot. It started in the Nationwide Series. I think Watkins Glen was the only road course. That was the first road course I'd ever seen or been on, so I don't do it a lot. When you don't do something a lot, for some of us it's harder to be good at it than maybe others, so I don't feel like I'm the best at it, but I enjoy it. It's fun. I don't mind it. It's hard to categorize road courses even though there are two of them together because it's like comparing Martinsville and Michigan. I enjoy Watkins Glen a little bit more than this layout because this layout is very tight and slow and technical. We're doing two-wide restarts and there's not enough room for one car much less two, so this one is a little bit more frustrating and tougher in a way than Watkins Glen, but road course racing is alright."

DOES HAVING A SMALL CHILD CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT FATHER'S DAY? "I've always looked at Father's Day as looking at my dad, and I guess your kids look at you. I don't really necessarily back to my kids at Father's Day. It's just one day, but if you're a dad it's a reminder that you're a dad and you need to do the best you can everyday and try to be the best parent that you can everyday, not just on Father's Day, but it's nice that they have a day honoring dads."

THERE IS A BABY BOOM GOING ON IN THE GARAGE? "Yeah, it's been like a little baby boom, so Kalin will have some friends around the track. I think the sport and what it goes through with some of the older guys retired and then you've got younger guys in there that will eventually end up meeting someone and getting married, and naturally most of them end up having kids. It's just that kind of time right now where everyone seems to be having kids, so it's pretty fun."

THEY'LL ALL GO TO DAYCARE TOGETHER? "I don't know about that, but I guess they can all hang out in the trailer park together when they all travel to the track."

HOW OFTEN DOES YOUR FAMILY COME TO THE RACES? Most of the time. Traveling is obviously more challenging when you have kids with you, especially young kids, but that's just part of it."

IN RACING, HOW MUCH DO YOU HAVE TO KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES? "It depends. You want to be the Joneses. You want everybody trying to keep up with you. Obviously, the way the sport is structured and the way the garage area is laid out, and the way they take shocks apart in tech in front of everybody, and they have so many rules, they obviously want to keep everybody as even as they can. With the huge teams we have today and how much information they share, it's probably harder to get an advantage than what you used to - at least a big advantage that other people don't know about - but it's been part of the sport ever since I've been around. Everybody is trying to see what those guys beating you are doing and why they're beating you so you can try to catch onto that."

SO IT'S NOT DETRIMENTAL AS FAR AS KEEPING YOUR EYES ON THAT? "Everybody has their own opinions about it. I think that, at times, it would be more interesting if we had 21 two-car teams and 21 owners, instead of really four or five that control this sport. In a way, sometimes, it seems like it would be more fun or maybe more competitive at times, but if it was like that, maybe you'd be wishing it was the other way, too. I don't know. But with the bigger organizations, you're watching other organizations and trying to see what they're doing to beat you."

DO YOU THINK THE SPORT WILL GET MORE CONSOLIDATED OR WILL WE SEE MORE INDEPENDENTS COMING BACK? "I have no idea. I can't predict or even guess the future, really. The big team thing, they tried to make the cap, but I don't think that really makes a difference because you can still share information and build people chassis and do all that. I don't know. If we can get through the next year or two and the economy gets back to normal, you might have a clearer picture on where the thing is going."

ANY CONCERN THAT ROAD COURSE SPECIALISTS COULD TAKE POINTS AWAY FROM YOU ON SUNDAY AND RACE MORE AGGRESSIVE BECAUSE THEY WON'T SEE YOU NEXT WEEK? "No, not at all. I think that's what racing is all about, having the best cars, teams and drivers show up and try to beat them. That's what racing is. The more competition the better and they should race hard. Everybody should race hard no matter where you are in points. If you're first in points or last in points, everybody has an equal right to be out there and race for that win."

WHEN DO YOU KNOW IT'S TIME TO GO AND RUN HARDER THAN EARLIER IN THE RACE? "I've always been racing really hard. Maybe it's a little different for the top three or four guys. If they've got a chance to win and there's a time where they feel like they got themselves in a spot where they could get a fender knocked in or get wrecked, then they might back out of that spot, but I've been more toward the middle of the pack the last four or five weeks and I've raced as hard as I can race from lap one to the last lap of the race every week all year. I haven't had the luxury to have a car that's been so good where you didn't have to race that hard all of the time.'

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