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Ron Fellows -- ...

Ron Fellows -- #32 Tide Chevrolet
8th position

COMMENTS ON YOUR RACE It's just so good for these guys. They are a really hard working bunch. And very dedicated and they just deserve better than the finishes that they've had over the last little while. I was hoping we could at least get a top 10. I just about threw it away in qualifying, put it into the tires in practice. I really wanted to get a good finish for these guys. Harold made some great calls on pit lane. We didn't have a whole lot. We could run fairly well on our own, but it was difficult trying to pass people.

SOUNDED LIKE A GOOD STRATEGY ON YOUR PIT STOPS Yeah, we talked about it on the radio-stay out, stay out. We came in once to top it off and then we went 55 laps to the end.

WHEN DALE JR. HAD HIS ACCIDENT, YOU SPUN, CORRECT? I tried to spin and stay in the middle of the road because I knew where he was. Jeff Green got out of it really early and as soon as I got on the brakes I just pushed him a little bit and I locked my rear tires up and I was just hoping to spin it in the middle of the track, because I could see Junior. I got it rolling again.

OVERALL A GOOD FINISH Not bad. This is where these guys belong-top 10.

Brian Simo -- #33 Korbel Chevrolet
10th position

TELL US ABOUT YOUR RACE AND EXCELLENT FINISH Just happy to finish. First half was a little rough trying to deal with the traffic and for some reason I just couldn't get a rhythm in that traffic at all. Had a rough go of it in the first half, but when we got our legs about us we were pretty good.

HOW WERE RACE CONDITIONS TOWARD THE END? Yeah, the cars are a handful when the track goes away from you. But we had a good car for long runs. It wasn't that good on short runs. It paid us back. It was a good thing.


Robby Gordon -- #7 Harrah's Chevrolet
16th position

COMMENTS ON YOUR RACE There was no reason for us to lose this race. Unfortuantely somebody made a decision that I really didn't agree with three weeks ago, and it bit me. That's the unfortunate part. We talked about the last couple days and I've had the same gearboxes for a long time. And this is just a different shifter, and the shifter went bad. Happened on my car, Gordon's car and other cars. The old saying, if it isn't broke, don't change it? That was probably another lesson for us because we gave this race away. I was running third there. Really on and I was good as any of them when I wanted. I could drive to them, save my tires. Can't get a lap behind and run through the field in one fuel run.

EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED WITH YOUR TRANSMISSION Got stuck in third and rode around waiting for the caution. Kept waiting for a caution, finally got one and came down pit lane and we fixed it. We lost the lap.

SO, YOU GOT THE LUCKY DOG AT ONE POINT, THOUGH I wish they would have had the side-by-side race to the caution on the way back, because I would have got my laps back with maybe 70 to go instead of only 50 to go, because there were a couple guys just up the line.

Boris Said -- #36 Centrix Chevrolet
17th position

Yeah, we had a car capable of winning. I kept telling them I wasn't going to push it until the end, but you know, when we had that thing on pit road with the caution coming out. I committed to the line and the light went red right when I got there. It was a matter of a second. The same thing happened to me in Mexico. After that I just decided to run as fast as we can and ran a lot of good times. You know, I feel bad about the deal with Jeff Burton and he came over mad at me and he should be mad at Scott Pruett. Pruett turned him around and I went up through the middle and I was ¾ of a second faster than both those guys. He came down on me and I thought he was giving it to me because he was just getting going. That kind of ruined our day to salvage a top 10.

WHEN YOU COMMITTED TO PIT LANE IT SEEMED TOO LATE TO MAKE A SAFE EXIT FROM THE LINE. WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU TRIED NOT TO ENTER PIT LANE? We would have hit the pit wall. So, then I asked them on pit road-I said, hey, are we good? We asked NASCAR because I could have just had a drive through, but they couldn't tell me, so.

DO YOU THINK WE HAD A TOP 5 CAR? Top two car. In the beginning I know it looked like I was a top 5 car but I knew I had a lot left. That's when the window opens. I passed a lot of cars and even with 30 laps left the car was still fast. I don't know if I had anything for Tony Stewart-he's pretty good here. But I think I would have been second.

WHEN IS YOUR NEXT CUP RACE? Next weekend at Daytona.

Bobby Labonte -- #18 Interstate Batteries Chevrolet
18th position

We struggled early on, got caught up in some things and then went off track. But, we managed to gain some spots at the end and get a decent finish out of it. We we're hoping for a little bit better, but we'll take it.

Jeff Gordon -- #24 DuPont Chevrolet
33rd position

HOW DO YOU AVOID THE PROBLEMS (TRANSMISSION) THAT YOU HAD TODAY? Just got to make sure it doesn't happen again and it's very frustrating. I'm getting the point where I don't care about points. I don't even care about the championship. All I care about is getting our stuff going and getting ourselves to be in these races where we can put ourselves in contention to win. Right now, you know, we've got a lot of other things to get straight before we can even think about a championship.

WHEN DID YOU FIRST NOTICE THE PROBLEM? Right when Tony got by me. He was pretty good in hanging with me and every once in a while I'd pull away from him, he'd catch me. But, it felt like we had things pretty well under control and then, went up into turn 2 and I went to go to second gear and it wouldn't go. It just stuck and it was stuck in third or fourth gear. Rode around and luckily we got a caught a caution, we fixed it and ran the whole race until right there with three to go and it did it again.

DID YOU HEAR THAT THE #48 HAD PROBLEMS AND DID THAT CONCERN YOU? Yeah, I heard him and a couple others were having troubles and we all have the same transmissions. Probably the last time I ever run that transmission. We've won a lot of races with old faithful, you know, I guess that's what we'll go back to. I guess it doesn't do us any good if we're faster if we don't make it to the end.

HOW MUCH COMFORT DO YOU HAVE KNOWING DAYTONA IS NEXT WEEK? None. Right now it doesn't matter where we go. Shoot, this is one of our best tracks and you know, we didn't come out of here with any.there's no guaratees in this business, so it doesn't matter where you go. You know, I'm looking forward to going there because I know we've got a good car, good team and I know that we can win, but I also know that we've got to avoid the big one.

REGARDING THE POINTS AND WHERE YOU STAND GIVEN THE UPCOMING CUTOFF FOR THE CHASE I have no idea. I haven't looked at the points. I don't have a clue and don't care right now. I just want to get out of here and go to the next one and put this one behind us. It doesn't matter how big of a hole we put ourselves in, it only matters what we do at the next race and how we can learn from what has happened and move on.

Jimmie Johnson -- #48 Lowe's Chevrolet
36th position

COMMENTS ON TRANSMISSION PROBLEMS It happened to me, the #7, the #24. A bunch of guys were on the same train.

HOW DO YOU FEEL KNOWING IT WAS SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED TO MANY HENDRICK CARS? IT's all the same train, plus some other guys that were running the same brand had some problems, too. We just won't use it again.

YOU TOOK A HIT IN THE POINTS STANDINGS WITH THIS. HOW DO YOU TAKE THAT? Just keep going. Got to keep your eye on the ball. It's a long, long season.

Kevin Harvick -- #29 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet
37th position

The motor broke. I'm not sure if its another valve spring or what. We had a decent car and had a great chance to gain some ground. Two engines in one weekend just isn't going to cut it in this series.

Kyle Busch -- #5 Kellogg's Chevrolet 40th position

Toward the end of a pit stop, I tried to get it into gear as we normally do, when they go to the other side. And I just kept jamming it and when I jammed it I just heard all this grinding. Pretty much broke it. The guys did a great job, though, and fixed it in about 13 laps and went back out there and ran okay. I kind of wanted a 'do-over' when the race ended, because we were pretty good.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -- #8 Budweiser Chevrolet
42nd position

Note: Accident on Lap 2.

HOW ARE YOU? I'm fine. It wasn't a big deal. We had a good car. It was real fast in practice.

I didn't have first or second gear from the first lap. We tried a new transmission here and it hadn't give me troubles all weekend. Right from the first corner, there wasn't no second gear-I couldn't get into second. Then it just tore it all out.

I just couldn't get out of the guy's way. I'm sorry I got into Mike. I didn't know who was where. My car wasn't in gear at the time I got hit. I don't know. That transmission-the thing must have been made out of aluminum. It tore all to heck. It's really disappointing.

CAN YOU GET BACK IN THE RACE? Yeah, I don't know. I'll get out there if they want me to get out there. I'm just frustrated that we put ourselves in this position. We are in control of this. So, we need to not make these mistakes. The transmission was a new, trick transmission and it didn't work. So, last year's transmission was pretty good.

COMMENTS AFTER THE RACE I'm actually leaving without too much disappointment because even when the car was beat to (death), we were really fast. I knew after the practice sessions yesterday, that was a car that was capable of winning, but that ain't gonna happen when you have no transmission. We had a great set-up and it's really fun to drive a car that's so easy to drive. I was out there just making laps and I was able to pass a lot of the lead lap guys. That's so tough: to have a really fast car but you're just trying to stay out of people's way even when you're so much faster. They're on the lead lap fighting for position, and I'm not going to get in their way.

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