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Carl Edwards solidified his sixth-place position inside the Top 12 last weekend with a fourth-place run at Michigan. He spoke to the media after Friday's practice session and before qualifying got started. CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Aflac Ford...

Carl Edwards solidified his sixth-place position inside the Top 12 last weekend with a fourth-place run at Michigan. He spoke to the media after Friday's practice session and before qualifying got started.

CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Aflac Ford Fusion

TONY STEWART SAID IT HELPS TO BE A NATURAL WHEN IT COMES TO ROAD RACING. DO YOU AGREE? "I don't know if I can agree with that completely because I was terrible at it and Boris Said helped me out a ton. I feel like I'm a lot better at it now. I've been fortunate enough to race up there with some of those guys that are really good, and maybe some guys it comes to naturally, but, for me, I had to work at it pretty hard. I'm still searching for that first win, so I've still got something to learn."

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE DOUBLE-FILE RESTARTS HERE? "It's way to early to have a strategy for that double-file restart. Towards the end of the race there may be a strategy, but you could only strategize if you knew the caution was coming, so it's gonna be pretty tough."

SOME GUYS HAVE SAID THEY WILL BE VERY CHALLENGING. "Yeah, the first turn is not that big of a deal, but it's that second turn at the top of the hill, where you can't see over the hill. It's about a 110 or 120 degree radius and that's gonna be wild on the restarts."

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE INDY TIRE TEST? "The tire test at Indy went really well. That Goodyear tire felt good, it felt good to drive. You could get the car a little bit sideways and it didn't feel too treacherous, and the wear looked good -- the wear that I saw -- so I think it's cool that Goodyear is putting so much effort into it. I'm glad they included me out there because it's nice to see a few laps around the place."

IS THE ISSUE DEAD AT THIS POINT? "I guess you never know until the race starts. You get to see some long green-flag runs in groups, but it felt pretty good out there testing. I didn't have any trouble with the tire."

SOME DRIVERS COULD SENSE A DIFFERENCE IN THE TIRE IN A COUPLE LAPS. "I don't remember much about that tire last year. We never got a real good feel for it because you never ran it hard. This tire, I ran as hard as I could. I did a couple of 10-lap runs, but mostly we did five-lap runs. There were other guys doing longer runs, and it felt good to me. It felt like a tire should. I didn't have any issue with it. The thing I was nervous about is it would be so hard that it would be real treacherous to drive on, but it didn't feel that way. It felt pretty good."

DID YOU THINK THEY WOULDN'T HAVE DOUBLE-FILE RESTARTS ON ROAD COURSES? "I didn't even think about road courses when I heard that double-file restart thing. I was thinking about Martinsville and Bristol and those places, but I have a feeling that the places where that double-file restart is gonna have the biggest impact will be here and then Watkins Glen will be second. It's gonna be interesting. It'll be great for the fans. It could be extremely frustrating for the drivers if it goes bad."

DID YOU THINK THEY MIGHT NOT DO IT? "I didn't really think about it. The whole idea is to make it exciting and it'll sure be exciting (laughing). If I happen to be leading this thing or running second or third that's the last thing I want to see is a double-file restart, but if I'm running eighth or something, it'll be just fine."

HOW WAS YOUR CAR IN PRACTICE? "My Aflac Fusion is alright. I'm not quite as fast as my teammates. We're working on it right now with the setup, so, hopefully, it's good in qualifying. I go out early, so I won't have to sit around and stress about it. We'll go out and run a lap and take what we get."

HAVE YOU EVER NOT RACED ON FATHER'S DAY? "The coolest Father's Day race we had was at Michigan a couple years ago when I won and I got to give the trophy to my dad. He's got it sitting right there in the shop where they watch the races and that's pretty cool."

WHAT ABOUT THE LOGISTICS GOING BACK AND FORTH TO MILWAUKEE. DID YOU HAVE PLANS TO GO WITH KYLE? "No, I'm gonna fly with Jack tomorrow right after practice. We'll get as much practice as we can get in and then try to make it to Milwaukee right before the race starts. I think they're gonna let us land the helicopter in turn three there at the race track, so that will be fun."

SO THERE WAS NO TALK ABOUT GOING WITH KYLE? "We talked about it a little bit, but we've got enough people that it's just better for us to take Jack's plane."

DENNY HAMLIN HAD AN ISSUE GETTING THERE ONCE. "I remember I think we were on pace laps there and I remember seeing Denny's helicopter kind of hovering like they were gonna land and then they didn't. I thought, 'Man, that's terrible,' and then he ended up winning the race. I don't think even missing the beginning of the race is the worst thing. For us, it would be the points that would be bad, but it worked out for him that night."

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