Sadler speaks out at MIS test

Sadler speaks out at MIS test

Robert Yates Racing's Elliott Sadler spoke to the media today at Michigan International Speedway. RYR was one of four teams at MIS on Tuesday, June 3, 2003 for a test session. Sadler will be moving onto Pocono for the June 8th race before...

Robert Yates Racing's Elliott Sadler spoke to the media today at Michigan International Speedway. RYR was one of four teams at MIS on Tuesday, June 3, 2003 for a test session. Sadler will be moving onto Pocono for the June 8th race before returning to MIS for the June 15th Sirius 400 on Father's Day.

Elliott Sadler.
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Q: Elliott, is it starting to come together with 13 down and 23 to go with Yates Racing ?

Sadler: Yeah, I think it is coming together good. Raymond and I have jelled together very well. The team and I have jelled together very well. We have had some very very fast race cars this year but have had some terrible luck. If anything bad could happen bad, man it happened to us. We've been in wrecks we shouldn't have been in. Blown Motor, Blown Tire and got into somebody's oil at Charlotte. All of them were top 5 finishes, so I am so proud of these guys. We have been fast off the truck, we have been qualifying good, the best I have qualified at these places. Things are going well. We got some areas we need to work on. and. We are not happy the way we ran at Las Vegas or California, neither the 88 or the 38 teams. That is why I am here at Michigan, to try to answer some questions and get a direction to go in when we come back here.

Q: How much different was it or is it with Yates Racing than with the teams you have been with in the past?

Sadler: The biggest difference is that I have somebody here to lean on. Dj is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He is been there done that, won races, won a championship. To me, each week before I go to the track, I got somebody to bounce ideas off of. And it has made me a better Racecar Driver. I'm twice as good a racecar driver as I have ever been this year. I have someone to lean on and I have the right mindset when I get to the race track. If I am struggling with any particular corner on the race track, I can go to him and ease my mind and concentrate on racing. I think having a teammate and an engineering backgroud it the biggest difference I have seen so far.

Q: Every team has a streak of bad luck and you have 13, there is the unlucky number with 23 to go. Do you think the bad luck is behind you?

Sadler: I would hope so as we are just so disappointed right now. We should definitely be in the top 10 in points right now. It is just certain things that just killed us. We think we can get back to it. I've run two or three races where we have been running where we need to be. Hopefully we have had our fair share of bad luck this year, and hopefully we are getting it behind us so we can make a run at the last part of the season.. We are coming up to some tracks that they really like. I have not been all that great at Pocono, but these guys are so fired up, I think because of the horsepower to come back to Pocono and Michigan, places they ran well last year, so we will see if we can get something going.

Robert Yates Racing test car.
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Q: What do you or the team have to change this year?

Sadler: Well we work on the bodies a lot. We got the new body rules. And I think we got a little bit behind the 8 ball. We have had a lot of personnel changes on both teams. When they switched Sean Parker over to the 88 team, we lost a little chemistry on our race team, but we are trying to get that back now. But he is definitely going to be a great asset to the 88 team. Already he had a great run at Charlotte and was going to finish in a top 5 at Dover, but they had some problems. Sean Parker has been a great asset to the 88 team so far, and we are going to find somebody to fill his shoes and get back to where we need to be for the rest of the season. If we get the body straight, we should be ok.

Q: Can we talk about this Michigan race track?

Sadler: This is a great race track, you can run 2 and 3 wide. It is not one of the cookie cutter tracks that everybody relates to where you have to play follow the leader. You can run on the bottom, run on the top and kinda make your car do what you want it to. Today I am concentrating on getting both of our cars (the 88 and the 38) working on the bottom. If I can do that, I know we can make passes come Sunday and that is what we are really working on real hard right now. Anybody can get their car to work here but we are gonna get our car to work on the bottom.that is something Michigan can spread out and the driver can use your imagination to try to create where you can get to the front, and that is why I think this is such a great place to race.

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