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NASCAR Fans E-mail List Felix Sabates talks about Robby Gordon In a recent article, Felix Sabates talked about the rumor that Robby Gordon could be leaving the team. Here are a few of his comments. ''Robby lives in a fantasy world that he...

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Felix Sabates talks about Robby Gordon

In a recent article, Felix Sabates talked about the rumor that Robby Gordon could be leaving the team. Here are a few of his comments. ''Robby lives in a fantasy world that he can come here and kick everybody's butt. It doesn't work that way. Once he makes up his mind whether he wants to be a taxi cab driver or a champagne-and-caviar driver, then he and I will decide what we're going to do." ''If he wants to leave tomorrow, I don't have a problem with that. I don't believe in holding people down because they've got a contract. If he wants to leave, he can leave. But he's got all the intentions of coming back. He just wants to do both, and he can't do both with me." ''He has no patience,'' Sabates said. ''Robby has great talent, but you've got to have a lot more than talent to be competitive in Winston Cup. You have to have patience. And you have to understand that things don't always go right.'' Not very long ago there was a crew chief change on the team because Robby was having a hard time adjusting to Tony Glover. The change was made to Mike Hillman. Here are Felix's thoughts on the change. ''Mike is a lot bigger, and we told Robby if he got out of line with Mike, then Mike has my permission to beat the crap out of him,'' Sabates said. ''He can pull the window net down and jerk him out of the car and whip his butt." ''All I'm saying is, he's got to have patience. You can't come out here and kick Jeff Gordon's butt and Dale Earnhardt's butt or Bobby Labonte or Kyle Petty or Joe Nemechek or Wally Dallenbach. . . . Those guys have all paid the price. ''Robby knows that if he doesn't make it with us, I don't think he can get another Winston Cup ride. We gave him everything he wanted. He wanted to swap teams. We swapped teams. Everything he's asked for he's gotten. ''One owner told me he wasn't talking to Robby any more because he had made the comment he's got Indy in his heart. He told me he didn't want a guy who's not committed. Either he's going to make a commitment with us, or he's going to hit the road with me. I want a driver who's dedicated to winning Winston Cup races and championships. You can't do that with Indy in your heart.'' Sabates says if Gordon doesn't drive for him, he won't be driving for anybody else on the Winston Cup tour for a long time. ''The way my contract reads, he can't go anywhere for six years,'' Sabates said. ''I've got a three-year contract with a three-year option, and it's my option. I don't believe in contracts; this is the first year I've had contracts with everybody. ''If he wants to leave and go back to Indy-car racing at the end of the year, I don't have a problem with that. But if he stays here three years, he ain't going to come to me and then say 'By the way, I'm going to drive for Hendrick.' He might be driving a semi-truck.'' Sterling Marlin on the Rumors that he may be moving

Recently Morgan McClure sat down and talked to Sterling. This is what was said. "I just asked him if he was wanting to leave,'' McClure said. ''He is on the first year of a five-year contract. He said 'No. But a lot of people have asked me.' ''I said 'Well, I think that's a compliment. I'd hate to have a driver that nobody else wanted.' '' Marlin said: ''Yeah, we're looking to be back. I've had people come up and ask what I'm going to do. But as far as I know, I'm going to drive for Larry. I guess when the team gets down and you're not running good, the first thing you think is the driver's going to leave. You heard Earnhardt was going to leave the other day. You hear all sorts of stuff.'' Things have not gone really well for the team this year. ''Our season has been one of turmoil and disappointment,'' he said. ''Went to Daytona and thought we had a chance to win that race but finished fifth. We've just been a little off. We've broken some engines; that normally doesn't happen to us. And last week we spun out the second lap of the race.'' ''We're not as good right now as we were in '95 and '96,'' Marlin said.

Sacks to Sub for Robby Gordon next two races

Greg Sacks will sub for Robby Gordon for Michigan and Pocono.

Quote of the Day

''Hopefully they'll give the Fords a quarter-inch more rear spoiler after this. Obviously they need it.'' ...... Richard Petty after the Dover Race.

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