Roush Racing Quotes Week of June 21, 1999

ROUSH RACING QUOTES Week of June 21, 1999 Three of NASCAR's premier racing series will be competing on road courses this weekend - Winston Cup, Busch and Craftsman Truck. For the Winston Cup and Busch drivers, this will be their first road...

ROUSH RACING QUOTES Week of June 21, 1999

Three of NASCAR's premier racing series will be competing on road courses this weekend - Winston Cup, Busch and Craftsman Truck. For the Winston Cup and Busch drivers, this will be their first road race of the season, while the Craftsman Truck drivers will be competing in their second consecutive road course event. All seven Roush Racing drivers shared their feelings on road racing and the challenges road courses pose.

Chad Little, No. 97 John Deere Ford Taurus: "Road racing has never really been my specialty. I enjoy the occasional road course event, though, because they test skills you don't get to showcase on the ovals. I visited a few road racing schools earlier this year, and I hope to use some of techniques I picked up there this weekend. Going into this race I think I'm more prepared this year, as I have found a better line around Sears Point and I think I will be able to use that to my advantage on race day. I am also more confident because I feel Pocono was a good segue into Sears Point because the tri-oval there is a good warm-up to some of the skills you need at a road course in terms of shifting and braking."

Mark Martin, No. 6 Valvoline/Cummins Ford Taurus: "I really enjoy road racing. It is something that has always come very naturally to me. I'm sure it goes back to learning to drive on hilly, winding roads in Arkansas. I feel we are always competitive enough to win at any road course. I've only won at Sears Point once, but I'm very proud of winning three in a row at Watkins Glen from 1993-1995. I hope to add to my road course career wins this weekend."

Kevin Lepage, No. 16 TV Guide Ford Taurus: "I went to two road racing schools to polish some of my skills, and I came out of there without wrecking any cars- that in my mind is improvement. I hope I can carry that into this weekend's race in Sonoma and walk away with solid finish. I didn't race in either of the road course events last year, so this will be my first road race in nearly two years. I just hope that when the green flag drops and I get into the racing mindset, I remember how to turn right."

Jeff Burton, No. 99 Exide Batteries Ford Taurus: "I like that we have road courses on the schedule. It provides something different for the drivers and teams to compete in. I don't like the trend of having a bunch of standardized tracks. Part of the challenge of winning the Winston Cup championship is you have to perform on different kinds of tracks. I haven't had a lot of luck on road courses. Last year I was wrecked at Sears Point and Watkins Glen, but I'm looking forward to this year. I've got the best in the business in Mark Martin as a teammate who helps a lot. The key will be qualifying well because it is so difficult to pass." Johnny Benson, No. 26 Cheerios Ford Taurus: "I love going road course racing. But I am glad we only do it twice a year. That is plenty. It is fun to go to California. You have beautiful scenery out there. Road course racing is a different pace than other tracks. It is a nice break in the season. We just need to get the car stable and have a good weekend."

Greg Biffle, No. 50 Grainger F-150: "I'll tell you, even before we won last weekend (at Portland International Raceway), I've loved road courses. It's about the most fun a driver can have because you're so busy. It really challenges the driver. You really have to be gentle on the equipment. Even though we won last week, we don't have a great track record with two broken trannies and a broken axle in three races last year. I think we've turned the corner though this year. I think our goal every race is to run ahead of all of the other regular Truck drivers. We can't beat the road course specialists with just driving talent, but we are capable of beating the guys that run full schedules."

Mike Bliss, No. 99 Exide Batteries F-150: "We go out and try to win every road course race we run. I think this Exide team showed they can build the trucks that can win on a road course. I think we have a good shot every time we hit the track. The No. 99 team is the defending champ at the Glen. I really like road racing, because you have to be really precise. You have to nail the braking, throttle, steering input, everything, to be successful. Every corner and every lap is a new problem to solve and the guy who makes the most good laps, usually wins."

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